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A body lay on top of the soft bed, its gaze pressed against the bedroom window where the sky was full of gray clouds, but with just a ray of sunshine trying to pass through them. 


 The man sat against the headboard wrapped in a warm, comfortable comforter that kept him warm on those winter nights. He thought about last night's event in the kitchen. 


 From a very young age, Donghae had always known that he had feelings for Hyukjae on a higher level than he had for any other alpha. And when Jiwoon sent the older man to negotiate between the packs that existed, his heart ached to lose the alpha, but he was even more heartbroken when they announced that he had an intended from the Park pack. 


 Meeting Woojin at first was just a distraction for the omega who missed his love so much, but when he realized that Hyukjae was out of his reach, the pressure from his family and the Park family, and the words of promise that Donghae loved to hear, he let himself be deluded by the idea of a prince's wedding. 


 In the early days, Donghae imagined someone else in Woojin's place, but his reality came crashing down when he really got to know the man who played his role as husband. 


He was just another spoiled alpha who bragged about his achievements and the vanity he held was his greatest sin. Woojin was just another alpha who made false promises with a dual personality, unlike Hyukjae, an alpha of his word and who was what he seemed. 


 And by a wrong choice of words, he felt he had pushed the older man away from him. Everything he didn't want. 


 He was so caught up in his thoughts that he barely noticed the door opening and only realized when the person walked into his field of vision. 


 XXX : Too thoughtful (he commented affectionately)


 Donghae : Omma (let out a smile)


 SunHo : What's wrong with my Hae that he's so distracted and doesn't even hear me knocking?


 Donghae : Sorry (sighed)


 SunHo : What happened?


 Donghae : Nothing much (shrugged)



 The older omega stared at him and sat down next to the younger one, who took the opportunity to lie down on his father's lap. 


 SunHo : Should I pretend to believe you? Or should I insist?

Donghae : You must pretend to believe (the two omegas laughed) 


 SunHo : I don't like to see you sad (silence reigned) Don't you want to tell me what's making you this way?


 Donghae : Why did you marry appa? (glared at him) 


 SunHo : Because I lov

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1455 streak #1
Going back here again. I think this is one of my fav stories from you :))
1455 streak #2
Thinking of reading this again ^^ esp the part where hyuk and hae reunited and doesn’t give a damn abt the world esp that jerk of a husband of hae..
1455 streak #3
feels like reading this again ;))
1455 streak #4
Chapter 17: Yey. An ending they both deserved. :) thank you for this story. ^^
1455 streak #5
Chapter 17: Yey. An ending they both deserved. :) thank you for this story. ^^
1455 streak #6
Chapter 17: Yey. An ending they both deserved. :) thank you for this story. ^^
1455 streak #7
Chapter 16: Oh so Woojin is not infertile at all?
Guess it was just a prefect timing that he got his omega pregnant even knowing hae’s real condition.
But guess things end well. Hae got out of that marriage and will be able to be w the one he truly loves
1455 streak #8
Chapter 15: ohh is har pregnant??? 👀
1455 streak #9
Chapter 14: Good choice hae. Lols. But I think Hyuk would be more than willing to fight in the arena. But thankfully he doesn’t need to.
Woojin will get what he truly deserves. whatajerk he is.
1455 streak #10
Chapter 13: feels like the pressure is on hae. choose wisely, haeee~~