Unexpected Past

Zombieland SJ Evolution

Heechul and Kibum were out shopping for everyone. And as per the usual, they have a ridiculously long list. And they had Heebum with them.

"Extra guitar strings for Donghae, new gardening scissors for Siwon, pink sewing thread for Sungmin..." (Heechul)

"At least the items are cheap this time." (Kibum)

"If you can count guitar strings and specialty gardening scissors to be cheap. Oh! And we also need more cat treats." (Heechul)

The two laugh as they continue shopping. But that came to halt when Kibum bumped into someone.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Are you okay?" (Kibum)

"Watch it, buddy!"

"Huh?" (Kibum)

It turns out that the person he bumped into happened to be a member of a biker gang. Things are not looking good.

"You think just saying sorry is going to cut it? Where do you go to school, huh?"

"(School? We graduated years ago.)" Based on how this guy was talking, Heechul knew he's just a teenager. "Listen, kid. We're already adults and you're like what, still in high school?"

"(This guy...) I suggest you shut your mouth. You don't wanna mess with us."

"Are you sure? We have a very good lawyer with us." (Heechul)

"(L-lawyer?) Alright, you asked for it!"

"And our manager won't like it if we get beaten up by the likes of you." (Heechul)

"Why you..."

"That's enough!"


Everyone was surprised when a man in his late 30s to early 40s stopped the fight.

"That's enough, Sowon."


"I keep telling you. Being in a gang isn't worth it."

"And you say that you're the first boss of the Night Riders."

"(The Night Riders? No way...)" Kibum was shocked when he heard the name of the gang.

"You okay, Kibum?" (Heechul)


"Yeah, I'm fine." He manages to get up, dust himself off and carry his portion of the shopping. "Take good care of your son, mister." After that, the two zombies leave the scene.


Once they got back to the mansion...

"We're back!" (Heechul, Kibum)

"Welcome back." (Han Geng)

"No troubles this time?" (Zhou Mi)

"Well... If you count almost getting beaten up by a biker gang leader, then..." (Heechul)

"WHAT?!" (Han Geng, Zhou Mi)

"Don't worry, the leader's father came just in time to stop the fight." As Kibum said that, Heechul knew he was hiding something.


Later that night, Kibum couldn't get any sleep, so he went up to the roof and stared at the night sky.

"Just like old times..." (Kibum)

"And what do you mean by 'old times'?" Siwon also came up to the roof.

"How did..." (Kibum)

"Heechul hyung told me to watch out for you. Said that you've been acting funny since bumping into that gang leader." (Siwon)

"Yeah... Can't fool Heechul hyung. He's too good." (Kibum)

"So, what's up?" (Siwon)

"It's just that... It reminded me of my past before I started acting." (Kibum)

"Your past? Come to think of it, you didn't really mention anything about your past before your acting debut." (Siwon)

"That's because... Uh, you see..." Kibum took in a deep breath and, "I used to be in that biker gang."

"You WHAT?!" That took Siwon by complete surprise, as would anyone else when they hear that. "But you don't look the type."

"You're right. I'm not." Then Kibum explains his past in more detail.


Once Kibum started middle school, he was starting to get into his rebellious phase. Although he did okay in school, he started to get more cautious of his surroundings and gained trust issues.

Then in May of 2000...

"Oh man. Dad's going to start nagging when he sees this." (Kibum)

"Hey," Another teenager riding a motorcycle apporached him. "you lost?"

"Nope. Just preparing for another round of nagging parents." (Kibum)

"Oh, I know how you feel. My parents always do that to me too. I'm Yusung, by the way."

"I'm Kibum." Kibum still wasn't sure to trust this person, but since he was listening to his problems, he decided that he was a good guy. "I know, right? They always say they have my best interests at heart. But they don't. By the way, aren't you too young to be in a gang?"

"Maybe. But it's what my parents expect me to do." (Yusung)

"Your parents?!" (Kibum)

"My dad was also a gang leader. Ever heard of the Moon Eagles?" (Yusung)

"The Moon Eagles?! Your dad was their leader?!" (Kibum)

"Yeah... And my mom was also in a girls' gang." (Yusung)

"Yikes..." (Kibum)

"I know, right? And they expect me to also make my own gang and take over the city, and then eventually, the country. I mean, no one does that anymore! That's like something out of a 70s or 80s movie." (Yusung)

"Yeah, who does that?" (Kibum)

"Exactly!" (Yusung)

Since then, it didn't take long for the two to become best friends and Kibum eventually joining the Night Riders gang. But they don't beat up people like what you would expect of a delinquent biker gang. Instead, they just ride around town on scooters that look like motorcycles and just gaze up at the sky. And when they have to show that they've been dealing with rival gangs, they just smear fake blood onto themselves to look like they've been doing that.

Then a year passed since their first meeting.

"I can't believe they fell for that again." Yusung was trying not to laugh.

"I know, right? Maybe they were right that gang members who only cause trouble are truly idiots." (Kibum)

"You know, one day, we'll have to stop this act. And maybe, this whole gang." (Yusung)

"Speaking of act, I've been wondering." (Kibum)

"About what?" (Yusung)

"I thought about taking up acting." (Kibum)

"As in TV and stage plays?" (Yusung)

"Yeah. It looked like fun, so I thought I'd give it a try." (Kibum)

"That's good." (Yusung)

"What about you?" (Kibum)

"Me? Of course, I wanna do some real work and have my own family. And I wanna get away from the biker gang business as soon as I can." (Yusung)

"But what about your parents?" (Kibum)

"They never care about my interests, so what's the point? Once high school rolls around, I'm gonna live my life the way I wanted." (Yusung)

"Yeah, that's probably for the best." (Kibum)

Once they got into high school, the two went their separate ways. Kibum started to audition for roles and got his big break after a few months of trying. From what he heard, Yusung did retire from the Night Riders and began living alone after cutting ties with his parents. They both acheived their dreams. Well, except that Kibum's was cut short due to a filming accident.


"Wow... All that happened to you?" Siwon still couldn't believe it.

"Yeah. Yusung did managed to leave his past behind, but I don't get why his son got into this." (Kibum)

"Maybe he heard stories about the Night Riders when Yusung was still the leader." (Siwon)

"But those stories are all false. Even to all the other members in the gang at the time. It was always just the two of us and we'd always fake that we dealt with other gangs." (Kibum)

"Yikes..." (Siwon)

"I know... And Yusung just wanted a normal life. I wonder what happened." (Kibum)

A former biker gang leader who just wanted to have a normal life and his dead best friend who was resurrected as a zombie to be in an idol group. People always say that these kinds of stories can't be true. However, things may not be what they seem at first glance.


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Chapter 1: Zombie Super Junior sounds interesting, they don't seem like zombies because they don't attack people but it might be because they are different kind of zombies.

Taeyeon will have a chance to become an idol , Yay!