Reconnections with the past

Zombieland SJ Evolution

Another day, another...

"Catch him!" (Jonghyun)

"Who has a net?!" (Yuri)

"Someone lock the front gate!" (Zhou Mi)

Another round of chasing an escaped, feral Heechul... It's already been 2 and a half months since the incident and they haven't been able to snap him out of it.

"No more... I'm beat..." (Donghae)

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" They went as far as pad the walls of Heechul's room and can still clearly hear his load shouts and roars.

"When is Han Geng hyung coming back?" (Kyuhyun)

"Around..." Sunny checks the clock. "2 o'clock?"

"That long?!" (Taemin)

"I can't take this anymore!" (Key)

"Sungmin, package... for you." Youngwoon came in with some packages. "Again?"

They all nodded to confirm his question.

"Anyways... you got a package, Sungmin-ah." (Youngwoon)

"Package?" Then he remembers, "Oh! The limited edition Lacey Rabbit Plushie! Dad said he ordered it for my birthday!"

"That was months ago." Taeyeon commented.

"Like I said, limited edition. Only a few of these have been made. And when dad told me he managed to get me one, I waited since that phone call!" (Sungmin)

Ever since Sungmin's father found out about his son being resurrected, he's using his spare time to make up for lost time. Also, after their first reunion encounter, he divorced his then wife, saying that he's fed up with her constant and unrealistic demands.

"Well, it's nice to hear that he's happy now." Jungsoo just came back from work. "I guess all our families are now that they know that we're somewhat alive again."

"'Alive' as in we're fuctioning like normal people but our skin is all blue and our hearts beat at a slower rate?" (Hyukjae)

"You know what I mean." (Jungsoo)

And he's right. They all lost their friends and families due to their deaths. And while they managed to reunite with most of them, they couldn't reach with some of them.

One example is Kibum's old best friend, Yusung. They parted ways once they started high school and haven't met each other since. Han Geng and Zhou Mi haven't even met at least one person in their families. But since their partners' families treat them as their own, they don't feel any less lonely.

Speaking of lonely...

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" (Heechul)

"Where's Heebum?" (Jinki)

"He's in our room. Sleeping in our bookcase... Again." (Siwon)

"What time is it?" (Seohyun)

"Um... 11:27." (Tiffany)

"We have to put up with him for another 2 and a half hours?!" (Jongwoon)

"We're back!" (Han Geng, Ryuah)

That was unexpected...

"I thought you guys were coming back at 2." (Minho)

"We were but we asked the staff if we can go home early." (Ryuah)

"Well, the sooner the better. What should we do for lunch?" (Jungsoo)

While everyone's thinking about what to eat...

"Why do I have a sudden craving for an egg sandwich?" (Ryeowook)

"Actually, I do too." (Key)

"Me too..." (Sooyoung)

"Then it's decided. I'll call Jinho to order for everyone. You guys okay with the same sandwich and orange juice?" (Ryuah)

As they all nodded, Ryuah went to make a few phone calls.

"I guess we need to try harder..." (Han Geng)

"Han Geng oppa, I know this is hard for you." (Taeyeon)

"It's hard of all of us." (Yoona)

"And his family too." (Hyoyeon)

"We all miss him, Hankyung-ah." Jungsoo reminds him that he's not alone. "We all do."

"I know... But he missed on so many things. His birthday, the first airing of his segment on Music Views... This summer was a disaster!" (Han Geng)

They all know how he feels. But they also know that they can't stay mad forever. If they do, then the chance of Heechul coming back is close to nothing. And Han Geng knows that. And that's why he's trying his best juggling between his schedules and coming up with ways to bring Heechul back to them.


Meanwhile in China, a couple is in the midst of watching a movie.

"This boy... He looks so much like him." Mei Se, the wife, comments when she sees one of the main characters.

"Mei Se, our son's gone." Yue, the husband, comments on that.

"I know, dear. But this boy... His smile reminds me of him. Did our son ever smile like that?" (Mei Se)

"Not since he started high school. He hasn't smiled naturally since." (Yue)

"And with this boy next to him..." (Mei Se)

Yue sees the two characters interacting with each other. "They're made for each other."

Then suddenly, Mei Se starts to cry. "I miss him..."

"So do I, darling. So do I. But we have to put up with it. He died 27 years ago." (Yue)


At the same time, in a small house in Korea, a man in his late 30s is watching an old drama on TV.

"Kibum... I should've been there..."

It was Kibum's old friend, Yusung. They haven't heard from each other since they parted ways. But when he heard that Kibum died while saving a child actor, he wanted to be there but couldn't. He found out that his wife was having an affair, abused their son and decided to file for a divorce. He gained full custody of his son.

Just then, he heard the door slammed.

"Sowon, I told you not to slam the door." (Yusung)

"Shut up, you loser of a father!" (Sowon)

"Sowon, I told you. I never wanted to be in the biker gang business. My parents forced me to." (Yusung)

"Yeah yeah, enough with the lies. And it's funny. That guy from the other day? He said the very same thing as my so-called father." (Sowon)

"Guy from the other day?" Then he remembers the day at the shopping district. "Again? Sowon, I told you not... Wait... How did he know that?"

"Just admit it. You weren't even that tough to begin with." (Sowon)

"I was. But only in the right situations." And then... "Your mother was cheating on me and abused you! You were too young to realize it at the time, but what she did was heinous!"

"So what?!" (Sowon)

"You're becoming more like her. Like a criminal." (Yusung)

"What..." (Sowon)

"I heard from the principal. You skipped a month's worth of classes, you didn't even bother to attend summer school, and you beat up the student council president! You're going to be held back a year if you don't change your ways." (Yusung)

"DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, YOU COWARD!" With that, Sowon went up to his room and slammed the door.

This has been going on for years and Yusung doesn't know what to do now.

"Kibum... What should I do now?"


Where was Kibum in all this?

"A month's worth of bandages, extra strong fishing nets... Why jerky and dried squid though?"

He was out shopping to prepare for the worst events to come. Of course, having a feral zombie in the house is bad enough. But he just wants to make sure that everyone is safe and the outcome will be too.

"Siwon's father said he's going to send another load of medical adhesive, Sungmin hyung ordered more waterproof makeup spray..."

While checking his list, Kibum sees that he was just about to pass a motorcycle shop.


"Hey kid! Wanna take a look?" The owner asks him.

Despite formerly being in a biker gang himself, Kibum never really rode a motorcycle before, as he and Yusung used to always ride scooters that, luckily, look like real motorcycles.

Then he takes out his phone and makes a call. "Hello? It's me. I'm breaking my in case of emergency glass."

He hangs up and calls the owner. "Excuse me! How much are those bikes and 28 helmets? 15 sapphire blue, 5 aqua green and 8 pastel rose."


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Chapter 1: Zombie Super Junior sounds interesting, they don't seem like zombies because they don't attack people but it might be because they are different kind of zombies.

Taeyeon will have a chance to become an idol , Yay!