Artistic? Of course NOT!

Zombieland SJ Evolution

Everyone's getting ready for their next tour spot. After cleaning up, they decided to spend the next few hours downtown to have some fun. With Ryuah's permission, of course.

Some of them went shopping, some went to the movies, and some went to the arcade. But Heechul and Han Geng already had something planned.

"At last, we can finally have a peaceful date." (Heechul)

"Yeah. After what happened last time..." (Han Geng)

Their last date was a total disaster. They disguised themselves so no one would notice them, but some girls figured it out it was them and followed them the entire day. They did call the police on them for stalking but who knows what those girls are doing now.

"Well, they were still teenagers..." (Heechul)

"But aren't teenagers old enough to know what's good or not?" (Han Geng)

"... Good point." (Heechul)

As they went downtown, they did some shopping and saw an ad for a art gallery just down the street.

"How about we go there? You might get some inspiration for your show segment on Music Views." (Han Geng)

"Good idea. The first filming is not until September so it might give me some ideas." (Heechul)

After their coffee break, they went to the art museum where the art gallery is taking place. But as they were about to cross the street, they were handed a newspaper.

"Hand given newspapers? Haven't seen that since..." But then, Han Geng cut him off. "Look!"


Assassin broke out of jail! Out for revenge?


"A-assassin?" (Heechul)

"You don't think..." (Han Geng)

"I-it can't be. I mean, that prison is way up north. And even if it is him, he can't take any sorts of transportation." (Heechul)

Public buses and trains are impossible for on-the-run criminals to get on. And even if he did escape, it would take at least 3 weeks to get to Busan from Seoul by foot.

"Let's be careful, though. We can't be too sure." (Han Geng)


They arrived at the art museum and took the time to admire the art displayed there.

"Wow..." Han Geng is amazed at a painting in the far corner of the gallery.

But Heechul wasn't that amazed. Why? Because... "Why?"

"Hmm? Chullie?" Han Geng had a bad feeling about this.

"Why is this painting here? I abandoned this after..." (Heechul)

"Chullie..." Han Geng couldn't believe it when he saw the artist's name. This is one of Heechul's paintings from when he was still in university that he abondoned after getting assulted. But why is this here?

"Excuse me!" Han Geng called the director of the gallery. "Where did you get this?"

"Oh, this painting. It was given to us anonymously a few years ago." The director explained. "No note whatsoever. Only the name of the artist. We were surprised that this was from 2002 and the artist abandoned it. Of course, we were all surprised at the news that Mister Kim Heechul was murdered by his professor at the time."

"(Yeah, right...)" Looks like Heechul's not buying it.

Then Han Geng pulls out his phone to check the time.


"We should get going. We can solve the mystery of this painting once we get back." (Han Geng)

"Yeah... Sure..." (Heechul)

But as they were about to leave, screaming can be heard from the exhibit right next door.


That's not good! Out of all the odds they could think of, the worst has come to them.


"Oh no..." Heechul was starting to panic.

"Come on. We can go out the other way." Han Geng pulls his arm (but tries to be careful as to not tear it off, as it happened several times before...) and heads to the back exit. But...

"Ah!" (Heechul)

"Got you..." It was the assassin who killed him.

"No..." The two zombies tried to escape, but the assassin was just too strong for them. He tossed Heechul so hard that some of the art pieces got destroyed and some parts of the floor formed cracks.

"Hee... chul..." Han Geng was pretty banged up too and could barely get up by himself.

Just then... "Hankyung!" It was Ryuah and Jungsoo. They just so happened to be passing by and rushed straight in when they heard the commotion.

"Jungsoo... Ryuah..." Heechul could speak, as he was beaten up so much. Then the assassin dragged him to his abandoned painting.

"You remember this, don't you?" The assassin said in a very horrific tone.

"N-no... No, I don't!" Heechul tries to stand his ground while trying to hide his trauma from this painting. "You're only after me because I exposed you and your wife. isn't it! You could've gotten a lighter sentence from all the child abuse you two did to Seonju... But you killed people for years! In public! You killed my cousin and Seonju's father!"

"Shouldn't you know something?" The assassin keeps taunting him as he grabs on to his hair and forcefully opens his eyes. "This painting... It was you!"

"No... It's not..." As Heechul started to panic even more as he is force to stare at the painting.

Then, Jungsoo gets a hold on the assassin. "Let! Him! GO!" But the assassin kicked him on the stomach and Jungsoo hit the wall behind him. Han Geng, who just managed to get up on his own, and Ryuah helped him up. Then Ryuah shouted, "Don't you dare!"

"It's not... I'm..." (Heechul)

The assassin then smiled, "Meet your fated ending... Kim Heechul."


"The City Assassin has been arrested in Busan after escaping prison. Somehow, he had heard that Super Junior, SHINee and Girls' Generation were going on a summer tour and he tracked them down in order to kill Super Junior member Heechul. Heechul and the City Assassin also have some history with each other, with the latter killing the former's relative, who was also the father of Finale member Seonju."

"The Triple S summer tour has been temporarily postponed due to Super Junior's Heechul getting severely injured by the City Assassin. Fellow members Leeteuk and Hankyung also received minor injuries from the assassin's attacks."

[Super Junior members get attacked by the City Assassin!]

[Bloody sight at Art Gallery!]

The news of the murder attempt at the art gallery made national, and by extent, international headlines. Of course, they couldn't go to a hospital due to Super Junior being zombies. But thankfully, Ryuah, though who knows when or how she did it, also has a medical degree so they brought to him back to the mansion.

"I can't believe this..." (Youngwoon)

It's been hours since everyone came back. Of course, they had to postpone the tour until Heechul recovers. Jungsoo and Han Geng only got beaten up a little, so other than that, they're just fine. They just put on extra bandages to look like they're wearing casts to assure their fans.

"And after all this time, he went after Heechul hyung again?!" (Ryeowook)

"And he tortured him by looking at an unfinished painting that he drew." (Kibum)

"And worst of all..." (Han Geng)

Right before the assassin shot Heechul on the head, he said his name. That means he was at least suspicious of him for a while and slowly put the clues together. But, to the general public, this was not true and he was deemed to be insane. But in Super Junior's case, this is all true.

And after what felt like days, Ryuah came into the living room, looking all bruised up herself.

"So..." Everyone asked worrily.

"He's fine. He just woke up." As Ryuah explained, everyone was relieved until, "But..."

"But what? IS HE OKAY?!" Of course, Han Geng is the first to be worried.

"Don't worry. He is okay. It's just that..." (Ryuah)

"It's just that WHAT?!" (Han Geng)

"Uh... Could you come with me? And could one of the rest of you come too?" (Ryuah)

This doesn't sound good... But seeing as they need answers, Youngwoon volunteered. They went upstairs and the others waited again. But suddenly, they could hear growling and screaming from one of the upstairs rooms. After a few mintues, they came back into the living room, though only this time, Youngwoon was bruised up as much as Ryuah, with Han Geng being the only one who's in okay shape.

"What..." (Taeyeon)

"Heechul hyung... He's gone feral..." (Youngwoon)

"Feral?!" (Sungmin)

"You mean like... Aggresive?" (Key)

"Something like that?" (Youngwoon)

"Or to be more specific, he lost his memories again." (Ryuah)


"It must have been the gunshot towards his head..." Han Geng started to cry.

"But why are you unscathed?" (Donghae)

"He might still retained some of his memories. He didn't attack Han Geng or Heebum," Ryuah remembers as the once tried this with Heechul's cat. "so maybe he felt some familiarity with them."

"So... maybe his family too?" (Yuri)

"Maybe. But we can't risk it." (Ryuah)

"And he forgot the rest of us..." (Kyuhyun)

"Why... WHY?!" (Han Geng)

This is the start of Super Junior all over again. Only this time, it's the reversal, where the rest of them regained consciousness and Heechul lost his. What's going to happen to them now?


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Chapter 1: Zombie Super Junior sounds interesting, they don't seem like zombies because they don't attack people but it might be because they are different kind of zombies.

Taeyeon will have a chance to become an idol , Yay!