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Zombieland SJ Evolution

Donghae has received the task of writing a song for Girls' Generation. But while he managed to write the melody, he's struggling with the lyrics.

"On the road that's in front of us... No, that's not right!" (Donghae)

"Still having problems?" Hyukjae can tell that his boyfriend is still struggling.

"Yeah... Maybe it's because I never wrote for a girl group before." (Donghae)

"Well, maybe we need some inspiration." (Hyukjae)

"Inspiration?" (Donghae)

"Get the makeup box. We're going out." (Hyukjae)


They went out to get inspiration for lyrics. While they do that, they arrived at a very special place.

"This playground..." (Donghae)

"Yep. I thought we should start here. The very place where everything started for us." (Hyukjae)

This is the playground where Hyukjae and Donghae first met. And their friendship and eventually love blossomed from there. The swings, the slide, the monkey bars... Everything's the same as it did 40 years ago.

"So, what are you thinking?" (Hyukjae)

"A start of a new world. Like what we experienced when we were alive." (Donghae)

"Yes! That's the Donghae I know. Now let's go!" (Hyukjae)

"You wanted to go on a date, didn't you?" Donghae asked while laughing.

"Maybe?" Hyukjae replies playfully.

So while taking a walk trying to come up with lyrics, they also started going on a date.


While on their date, they did all sorts of things. Shopping, watching a movie, going to the arcade. It was during that time when Donghae sees different types of people. People he would never see back in the 90s. After a new hours, Donghae got an idea of what to write about.

I love you, just like this

The longed end of wandering

I leave behind this world's unending sadness

"Finally!" (Donghae)

"You got the lyrics?" (Hyukjae)

"Yep. Now I just need a title." (Donghae)

"Well, it says 'Into The New World'. So, how about that?" (Hyukjae)

"It's perfect. Thanks for helping." (Donghae)

"No problem." (Hyukjae)

"Well, well. Look who's here." They turned around to see Homin. That's not good.

"(Why is he here?!)" Hyukjae was screaming internally in fury.

"(As expected...)" (Donghae)

"And you refused to write a song for us. Look at this, you're writing for someone else." (Homin)

"It's for a new group in our... agency?" That's the best word that Hyukjae could come up with. "So that argument is not valid. And Donghae was asked politely to do this. Didn't you try and force him to write a song that day?"

"That's..." (Homin)

"And you were the ones who spread that fake rumor about us, right?" Looks like Hyukjae figured this out when the article about him and Donghae being undead first came out. "And don't try and dance around it!"

"(Nice...)" (Donghae)

Seeing as Jewel initially started out as a dance group, that was a very fitting choice of words.

"That was..." Homin tries to play the victim but... "We have a good detective and a very good lawyer. So if you don't wanna lose, then just give up!" Hyukjae screamed his lungs out (not literally) to his former groupmate (unknown to Homin).

Then he and Donghae leave the cafe leaving everyone around then stunned.


The next day...

Jewel's Homin threatened SJ's Eunhyuk and Donghae?! What do Jewel have against them?

"Again?!" (Hyukjae)

"Well, that was bound to happen..." (Donghae)

"Seriously though, Jewel is starting to be more of a pain then last time!" (Ryuah)

"Sorry for getting you into this mess, Hae-ah." (Hyukjae)

"Hey, don't fret. They succeeded in lying back in the 90s but not anymore." Donghae assures him.

After Hyukjae and Donghae's deaths, Jewel has been lying about them grieving them to the public. Since then, their company has been known for lying to the public until they announced their hitaus back in 2010 and resumed in 2019. During that time, they changed labels and managed to keep their name, which made Hyukjae even more mad when he saw the article about this. And in fact, it was later revealed that they were at the same department store where the building shooting that killed Hyukjae and Donghae took place. They managed to survive but Hyukjae didn't. And they saw that Donghae was with him. So that would explain Hyukjae's growing grudge against his former group.

"Thanks... But I still can't forgive them. Lying to the public is bad enough, but framing the company to not disappoint their fans?!" (Hyukjae)

"Okay, we get it! You're mad because they treated you and Donghae horribly and that they were in the same building where you two died. But what happened in the past will be in the past. It can't be changed." (Ryuah)

"I know... Sorry, I'm just so..." (Hyukjae)

"Mad, I know." Donghae knows how he's feeling, as he also suffered from horrible treatment from Jewel. "And so am I. But since we're in the same industry, we can't do anything about that."

"Why can't they just leave us alone..." Hyukjae starts to cry, which is kinda unusual for him.

"Hyukkie. I have an idea." (Donghae)


Girls' Generation's debut was a big success. The melody and lyrics got great reviews and the girls performed it perfectly.

"We would like to thank Eunhyuk oppa and Donghae oppa for writing this song for us." (Taeyeon)

And now it's their turn.

"And now, here to perform their new song 'Danger', it's Super Junior D&E!" (MC)

While Donghae was writing for SNSD, he was also writing a new song for him and Hyukjae. And unlike Growing Pains, this one has more of a rock feel to it.

"Wow... That was powerful." (MC)

"Thank you. I wrote this for us to send a message." (Donghae)

"That we shouldn't be messed with." (Hyukjae)


And that message reached Jewel, who were watching it from their dorm TV.

"Yikes... Maybe we should stop approaching them." (Danwoo)

"No..." (Homin)

"WHAT?!" (Junhyung)

"Hyung, are you crazy?!" (Injoo)

"This is what they want us to do. But I say, let's keep messing with them. Something tells me they're keeping something from the public. And we're going to find out what that is!" (Homin)

I got the lyrics from this site : Girls' Generation (소녀시대) - Into The New World (다시 만난 세계) Lyrics » Color Coded Lyrics | Lyrics at CCL

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Chapter 1: Zombie Super Junior sounds interesting, they don't seem like zombies because they don't attack people but it might be because they are different kind of zombies.

Taeyeon will have a chance to become an idol , Yay!