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Zombieland SJ Evolution

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"ARE YOU READY?!" (Heechul)





"Was that really only 2 years ago?" (Heechul)

Heechul was an ordinary 22 year old who was killed and resurrected as a zombie 16 years later to be in an idol group. Along with 14 other zombies from different periods of time, they managed to be successful despite a few problems from here and there.

"And it's been 18 years since then." Heechul says that while petting his cat Heebum, who was kill with him and also resurrected by Super Junior's manager, Jung Ryuah.

Just then, they doorbell rang.

"Yikes!" Heechul starts to panic as he doesn't have his makeup on at the moment.

"Don't worry. I'll get it." Thankfully, Han Geng was wearing his makeup for a photoshoot later.

Han Geng opened the door and saw a young woman. He thought that no one but their friends and families knew their address.

"Uh... May I help you?" (Han Geng)

"Yes. Does Jung Ryuah live here?"

"Yes and you are?" (Han Geng)

"Who's at the d... Taeyeon? What are you doing here?" (Ryuah)

"You know her?" (Han Geng)

"We're cousins." (Ryuah)

"Well, her father and my mother are first cousins, so that would technically make us second cousins." (Taeyeon)

"Oh..." (Han Geng)

"So, what are you doing here?" (Ryuah)

"I'm here to check on you. Just because you're older doesn't mean I can't check up on you from time to time. And I hope you're still not at that necromancy faze again. I mean, seriously. Just because our great aunt did it doesn't mean you need to do it too." (Teayeon)

"What?" (Han Geng)

"It's just a thing we talked about when we are younger. And I told you before, it wasn't a faze. AND I'm doing it for a good reason." (Ryuah)

"Well, just remember grandpa's memorial day is coming soon." (Taeyeon)

"Don't worry. You thought I'd forget?" (Ryuah)

"What's going on?" Heechul calls from the living room, knowing that he can't go to the stairs right now.

"Uh... how many men are you living with?" (Taeyeon)

"They're my idols. So of course they live here with me so I can keep my eye on them." (Ryuah)

"Idols? Since when did you become a entertainment manager?" (Taeyeon)

"Oh, come on. Didn't you wanted to be an idol too?" (Ryuah)

"Huh?" (Han Geng)

"That was until dad kept saying no, even after I graduated from high school. That's when I gave up on that." (Taeyeon)

"And are you happy with being a magazine editor?" (Ryuah)

That seemed to silence and distract her to make Heechul sneak passed them to the stairs. But unfortunately...

"Uh... Isn't it too early for zombie makeup?" (Taeyeon)

"Ah..." (Ryuah)

"Oh no..." (Heechul)

And what Taeyeon is seeing is real. A zombie with his zombie cat. But since she and Ryuah are family, the rules don't seem to apply here.


After getting everyone (expect Han Geng, whose at his photoshoot) down to the living room, they explained everything.

"So, you were managing Super Junior this whole time?!" (Taeyeon)

"Yeah and no need to shout..." (Ryuah)

"And they're undead." (Taeyeon)

"Correct." (Ryuah)

"And you were also managing SHINee, who are still alive?" (Taeyeon)

"Also yes. But that one was due to circumstances." (Ryuah)

"I thought your family knew about this." (Jungsoo)

"I tried to tell them. But they thought I was crazy when I told them that I managed to resurrect 7 guys at the time." (Ryauh)

"And that 7 became 15..." (Youngwoon)

"Who did you find and tried to resurrect first?" (Kibum)

"You and Jungsoo were at the same cemetery so finding you was easy part. Getting your consciousnesses back was not!" (Ryuah)

"So, you found 15 random guys from different periods of time to make this idol group? And 3 of them are from different countries!" (Taeyeon)

"I needed some variety. And no, I didn't pull off something illegal to do this." (Ryuah)

"Even so, just that sounds so illegal..." (Sungmin)

And everyone else seems to agree.

"By they way, she said that you also wanted to become an idol, right?" Heechul asked Taeyeon, but she's still a little freaked out. "Well, that's to be expected. I mean, dead skin and deep red eyes. What else?!"

"I... I'm fine. It's just going to take some time to get used to, that's all... And yes, I did want to become an idol but my father wouldn't let me." (Taeyeon)

"Don't mind me asking, but how old are you?" (Taemin)

"I just turned 20. And while I can't find any audition within my age rage, I still managed to land a job at a magazine company." (Taeyeon)

"And the last time I checked, you were certainly miserable." (Ryuah)

"Really? Didn't you say the last time you talked to each other was via a phone call?" (Jonghyun)

"Yes and not just by looks. I can also tell a person's emotions by their voice too." (Ryuah)

"What are you, psychic?" (Jinki)

"That's was I thought..." (Henry)

"Anyways, don't you have a group of friends who also wanted to become idols? Why don't I manage that for you?" (Ryuah)

"Wait, what?" (Taeyeon)

"Hold on! Are you..." (Heechul)

"Same thing with SHINee, remember?" And with that statement, they couldn't argue. "Call your friends, Taeyeon. I promise you, this will work."


Taeyeon called her friends and a few hours later...

"Uh..." (Yuri)

"This..." (Sunny)

"Are they..." (Tiffany) Of course, this is alluding to Super Junior.

"Uh, yeah. So, this is my second cousin, Ryuah unnie and she's also a necromancer... Which, until now, I thought that she had loose screws..." Taeyeon tries to explain in the best way she can.

"And you can really make us into idols?" (Yoona)

"Of course. And Donghae and I will write your songs." (Ryuah)

"Despite how Ryuah noona is saying that, please be assured. And I promise you we'll write really good songs." (Donghae)

"Okay?" They were still not so sure about this.

"Well, this will be interesting..." (Heechul)

And this might be. But at least they got more reinforcements...


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Chapter 1: Zombie Super Junior sounds interesting, they don't seem like zombies because they don't attack people but it might be because they are different kind of zombies.

Taeyeon will have a chance to become an idol , Yay!