Irrational Hatred

Zombieland SJ Evolution

Usually, when Super Junior get hate, it only occurs twice at best each time. However, there has been one person who has been posting hate comments about them to the point where it got to their nerves.

#SuperJunior DESERVE TO DIE!!!!! - @SH_FOREVER


Why don't they just kill themselves already? - @SH_FOREVER

"This person again?" (Heechul)

"Who is this person? They've been posting these pointless hate comments about us for more than a year." (Kibum)

"Jinho and Ryuah noona are still looking into it." (Youngwoon)

"I mean, we can get hate comments from time to time, but so much from one person? This person has got some serious problems." (Sungmin)

"Yeah. Don't they have better things to do?" (Henry)

"And look. A lot of these at towards Jungsoo hyung." (Jongwoon)

As they were re-reading those comments, most of them are towards Jungsoo. While they were discussing the identity of the person commenting these hate posts...

"Guys, we got a lead!" (Jinho)

"Took you long enough!" (Jungsoo)

"Sorry, but we had to make sure that all of these came from the same person." Then Jinho showed them the documents on his laptop. "It took some time but we managed to find the hater. Her name is Nam Dohee and she has been hating you guys since November of 2021."

"Nam Dohee... November of 2021..." It seems that Jungsoo has a hunch about where this is going.

"Jungsoo?" (Heechul)

"Is something wrong?" (Youngwoon)

"This girl... She's Dohwan's younger sister..." (Jungsoo)

"WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!" That took them by complete surprise.

"Dohwan... As in Shiny Heaven's Dohwan?" (Kyuhyun)

"Yeah, and look. SH_Forever. SH, as in 'Shiny Heaven'."

"Oh, brother..." Dealing with the actual Shiny Heaven members were bad enough. Now they have to deal with one of the members' family.


"So, Leeteuk-sshi. Congratutaltions on your 2nd anniversary. How does it make you feel?" (MC)

"Thank you. I feel great because we have our fans who support us throughout everything." (Jungsoo)

"Just you wait. You'll be sorry for ruining our family!"


Jungsoo, Sungmin and Donghae have been selected to model for a new product from Choi Enterprises. Their new series of commercials have earned great views on SNS and the product keeps getting re-ordered by several stores.

"Looks like our commercials are a big hit." (Sungmin)

"Siwon talked to his father and sister about the current trends and what teenagers these days like. So no wonder." (Donghae)

"Guys..." (Jungsoo)

"What is it, hyung?" (Donghae)

"See that girl over there?" Jungsoo points to the lamppost where the girl is spying on them. "That's Nam Dohee."

"What?!" (Sungmin)

"Are you sure?" (Donghae)

"I'm sure. Although she was only around 9 years old when I first met her when I was alive, it's clearly her. I mean, she and Dohwan kinda resemble each other despite their ." (Jungsoo)

"So, what do we do about her? Who knows what she'll do." (Donghae)

"For now, we let it slide." Even Jungsoo knows they can't do anything about this right now. "Jinho and Joomin will take care of the legal stuff. We just have to catch her in her own trap."

"How?" (Sungmin, Donghae)

"With the only tactic I know." (Jungsoo)


For the next few weeks, Super Junior, SHINee and Girls' Generation have been planning a charity concert to raise money to help rebuild the local library. While the charity event is happening, there's another reason why they're doing this...

"Are you sure she'll come?" (Heechul)

"I'm sure. If there are fans here, there will also be haters hiding within the crowd." Jungsoo knows from experience. "Joomin and his team are on lookout, so we don't have to worry about her too much. But be on your toes. Who knows what she might do."

"Got it!" Every idol here got the message.

"Alright, you lot. GET OUT THERE AND MAKE THE PEOPLE HAPPY!" (Ryuah)


As everyone was heading to the stage, Jungsoo stopped right next to Ryuah. "Watch out for her."

"Don't worry. Jinho told me that Joomin got extra reinforcements." And with that, Jungsoo went to the stage with everyone else.


The charity concert was going great. Other than the three idol groups singing and dancing, they also did different activities with their fans.


Girls' Generation hosted a fashion booth, where everyone gets a makeover and special photos.

"And... Ta-da!" (Taeyeon, Sunny)

"Wow! This dress is so pretty! Mom, how do I look?"

"You look great, dear. Let's go show your father and we'll take some pictures."


"Another happy fan." (Tiffany)

"That's the power of entertainment." (Hyoyeon)


K.R.Y were still singing. Some of the kids loved K.R.Y's harmonies and started to sing along with them.

"Wow, you're good." (Ryeowook)

"Thanks! When I grow up, I want to be an idol just like you."

"I'm sure you'll be great." (Ryeowook)


Heechul, Han Geng, Siwon and Kibum have been reading stories to some of the kids.

"And the prince and the dragon knight lived happily ever after. The end." (Han Geng)

"Mister. What happens next?"

Han Geng didn't think about this. "Uh..." Until Heechul came in with, "After they defeated the evil wizard, they continued to have great adventures. They met fairies, mermaids, and even the legendary Sky Spirit."


"Thanks." (Han Geng)

"No problem. Next time, think of some continuities for each story." (Heechul)

"Heechul hyung!" (Siwon)

"Heebum won't get off the boxes we need." (Kibum)

"Coming. Let's go help them."

"Yeah, good idea." (Han Geng)


So far so good. But they still need to be on alert.

"Did you find her yet?" (Ryuah)

"No, not yet." (Jinho)

"But what does she have against Jungsoo? I mean, it's completely her brother and his band's fault for getting themselves arrested." (Joomin)

"But she might still believe that Shiny Heaven's innocent and is trying to prove that." (Jinho)

"Even though it's clearly evident that Shiny Heaven committed murder 18 years ago and tried to again years later?" (Joomin)

"There's just no thinking within that family." Just as Ryuah said that, she noticed a girl staring at Jungsoo. "Hey, I think I found her."

"Where?!" (Joomin)

Ryuah points to the girl and then Jungsoo, who is currently helping Heechul to get Heebum off their luggage. Then she sees that the girl has a gun with her. "HEY!"

"Huh?" (Dohee)

"Nam Dohee, I believe? Sister of Shiny Heaven's Shin Dohwan?" (Ryuah)

"What if I was? It's none of your business." (Dohee)

"Is that a toy pistol or is that real?" (Joomin)

"Relax, will you? It's just plastic." (Dohee)

But then Jinho sees something shiny in the gun. "Plastic pistols don't carry shiny, steel bullets."

Now the jig is up! "I-it's not..."

"Get her!" (Joomin)

Dohee dropped the gun and tried to escape. But the special investigation team were already in position and stopped her from escaping the event hall. Joomin checked to see if the gun was real or fake, and it was real. These bullets were specialty made ones for taking down the user's targets in an instant. Even though Super Junior are already dead, if one of these bullets hit either their brains or hearts, they could've lost their lives again.

"Let... me... go! He deserves to be killed! He's the one who ruined my family!" Of course. this was all towards Jungsoo. Then, Jungsoo walks towards her and starts to spill the truth. "I ruined your family? That's all your brother's doing."

"Why you little..." (Dohee)

"AND! He also tried to kill me and my members repeatedly. In public!" (Jungsoo)

"He had to rights to do so! He was doing what was right! He and Shiny Heaven are innocent!" (Dohee)

"(Seriously?! After all that's happened, she thinks that those devils are innocent?!)" Now Jungsoo has had it with her. "(What the heck is wrong with her? Must run in the family... I mean, their father did have quite a negative reputation...) Do I need to remind you that your brother killed one of his groupmate 18 years ago?!"

"That's not true! That was a complete accident!" (Dohee)

"If you still want to believe that, then go join your brother in prison!" (Jungsoo)

And with that, Joomin took Dohee to the station and peace returned to the charity event.


And in the following day...

"Just yesterday, 27 year old Nam Dohee was arrested for attempted murder of Super Junior's Leeteuk. After investigations, it turns out that she's the younger sister of Shiny Heaven's Shin Dohwan. And both are the children of a former IT company president, who was also arrested on charges of power harassement and embezzlement years prior to Shiny Heaven's debut. Nam states that her brother and his band are innocent and that..."

Jungsoo switches off the TV, knowing that Dohee still believes in her sense of justice and her brother's innocene. "Seriously, they must get their criminal minds from their father..."

"And the father got arrested years prior." Youngwoon was watching the news with him. "How did your old company miss that information?"

"During the late 90s to early 2000s, the entertainment industy didn't really care about their talents' pasts." Jungsoo tells Youngwoon about how entertainment industry worked since the latter's death. "I found out that it was only until the start of the 2010s when bullying accusations towards celebrities started to arise. That's when entertainment companies, and other types of companies, started to look into their applicants' pasts before letting them in."

"Yikes..." (Youngwoon)

"I know, right? But I'm just glad everything regarding them is over. Shiny Heaven's long gone, and will be known as 'the band who murdered their member' for the rest and beyond their lives." (Jungsoo)


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