Love and Fame


What happens when Kim Taehyung, a member of the most famous K-pop group ever starts a forbidden relation with Kim Yoohyeon, an idol from the little-known group Dreamcatcher?


Will he fight against the rules for this new relationship or will he turn to fame and fans?

Will she stay with her group or will she risk everything to follow him in this new world of fame?


A JiYoo, Vkook, Vyooh? fanfic with a little bit of Suayeon, enjoy!


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Pinkverse_Shianne #1
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Siyeon_10 #2
Chapter 13: This story is great so far, I really hope Yoohyeon and Minji end up with each other and work though their problems
siyeonsgf #3
Chapter 4: i dont ship them but this story is SO SO cute omg