Exchange: Reedition


A reality dating show featuring Korea's famous actresses, actors, idols, and singers. 

A gateway for Song Jihyo and Jo Insung to reunite.


Kang Ho Dong: Good evening Republic of Korea. Tonight marks the opening of the biggest Korean reality dating show of the country.

Yoo Jae Suk: I'm sure the viewers of Korea, even international fans are anticipating this show. Seriously, when I learned who are the people involved, I thought "Woah. This is big."

Kang Ho Dong: There's a lot of familiar and famous celebrities who accepted the offer in joining the show. So it's not surprising that we are currently trending and continue to make some noise by including the #Exhange:Reedition to your tweets. 

Yoo Jae Suk: Woah. So let's not wait any longer. This is Exchange: Reedition.

A video telling what the show is about started playing, as well as its rules.

5 actresses, 5 actors
5 female idols, 5 male idols
5 female singers, 5 male singers

15 women, 15 men

30 participants who will live in the same house for three months. 

Every week, series of group activities will happen.
Group activities will be the way for each participant to determine whom they wanted to have a solo date. 
The participants who managed to choose each other will become a pair and have their solo date.
While those whose choices are entangled, will participate in a group date.
Yet the unchosen participant from each male and female groups, will be eliminated.
In a situation that there are more than 1 unchosen participants from each male and female groups, viewers of the show will decide on who they want to stay or be eliminated.

This will continue until the end of three months. No matter the number of pairs, at the end of the last week, those who chose each other will be given a chance to decide if they want to leave the show as an official couple or not. 

Yoo Jae Suk: And there it is, the rules of Exchange:Reedition. This is exciting. I mean, we never know. Those pairs that will become a couple after the show ends might really result for wedding.

Kang Ho Dong: That's right grasshopper. So let's start! Let us welcome one by one our participants.


Another idea, another story lolz. I wanted to continue this but I know this will be hard since there's a lot of people involved so bear with the very slow update. Please support this  oneee. And comment who you wanted to be in this story since I am still finalizing the names of artists. But one thing is for sure, this is an Insung and Jihyo story <3

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