Reborn: Tale of a concubine.

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Sehun lived through two timelines. In the first, he was a simple paladin in training, from a low-key noble house, before his life took a turn and found himself as one of the emperor's concubines. The same emperor that found his way into Sehun's heart, only to be brutality and unjustifiably killed by his hand.

The heavens took pity on him and gave him a second chance.

In the second timeline... Well he's trying to escape and prevent history from repeating itself, by keeping as far away from the emperor as possible. Unfortunately some things cannot be rewritten and are bound to happen. And then there are other secrets, that will surely complicate things if known and Sehun is trying his damn best to keep them buried. In other words, Sehun is in for , even in this lifetime, especially when he comes to the realization; all it's not as it seems, because there's someone or probably someones pulling the string behind the scenes.


This story is a mix between modern and ancient times. There's technology and magic and they wear robes and modern clothes too.




A mini theater that sums up their romance. Second lifetime.

Emperor "You're beautiful. I want you as part of my Harem."

Sehun "I am just mediocre. I am better off as a guard."

Emperor smiles "I still want you."

Sehun frowns."You have a lot better opinions to choose from."

Emperor's smile grew wider "But none are you. So stop being stubborn, come and warm your husband's bed ."

Sehun looks away, shaking his head, pretending to be suddenly deaf. 

Emperor "I like your hair."

Sehun "I will make sure to cut it and deliver it to you as soon as possible." He attempts to walk out only to end up in the emperor's arms.

Emperor "Now I've caught you, there's no letting you go."

What kind of rebirth is this? It isn't the second chance he'd been promised. He'd been duped.



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XiaoShixun 0 points #1
Chapter 40: Kai has proven that he is worthy and he can and will be able to keep his mate and family safe
arynpinks #2
Chapter 40: Chapter 40: After all these wars and conflicts, can't wait to see Sekai domestic life with their babies.
Kai 's dragon playing with bubbles to impress Sehun remind me that everyone have inner child within ourselves. I love each part of different Sehun interaction among themselves in all your stories. You always made their interaction a funny and playful one. Can't wait to see how their interaction will be in your demon Sehun version universe too.
The part of High Mother with her youngest children made me think " will there another side stories about them?". If it is there I would love to read about them too.
Pshintani #3
Chapter 40: I loved the connection between sehun and kais dragon... and I loved that Kai showed off for sehun with the bubbles, it was so cute! Thank you for the update
charinamus #4
Chapter 40: Goddamn Kai is powerful
653 streak #5
Chapter 40: Kai with his dragon is really a force to be reckoned with, I can’t believe he was able to destroy the demigod and the yin angels all by himself. Yet, I love how protective he was over Sehun in the midst of all that was going on.

Little Mina is definitely more than meets the eye, I can’t imagine what the Byun’s are thinking right now. To think her powers actually exceed theirs.

Since the hellacats are now humanoid, I am wondering if they can also turn back into cats. Zia will also need to find a mate soon, so she will no longer be jealous of the others.

I can’t wait for the extras. I am hoping we get to see more of Sehun’s guardians, especially Baekhyun and his parents. Also, more of the bickering Sehuns would be a nice touch. Thank you so much for this update, Yasmin, it was a joy to read.
Exoleris1485 #6
Chapter 40: Kai finally got his dragon back..yayy!
Enjoyed reading this chapter.
Chapter 40: Wow just wow. I want extra chapters, Please, Pretty Please! This is so good I don't want it to end yet I'm also curious about Demon Sehun.

My favorite part was how Sehun was upset all the spirit animals/people were so good-looking. Not sure if that is jealousy or insecurity that he won't measure up and be less good-looking to Kai. Zach tells Sehun that the spirit animals are only acknowledging him because he is Kai's mate. Is he teasing or taunting Sehun? I like how this chapter gave me so many answers yet gave me so many more questions.

Well, it seems the battle is over now, still seems the two worlds are connected by a narrow passage. wonder if the two will reblend into one? Or just have the open connected passage? Or if one will fade from existence? can they get the evil goddess out of the other goddesses' body? Is the spirit of the goddess still alive just subsumed or did it fade away? Had it done so shouldn't the mother goddess have known thereby knowing the traitor had taken her over?

Looking forward to the next chapter. I wonder why Mina was a goddess here? When they first meet Mina she is clearly human. Was she a reborn goddess that had been killed? I thought she would have to have a human death to come into her goddess power or is what was done to her start the process instead of death? A rainbow power goddess, does that give her dominion over all animals? Wait she seemed to be using her full powers on the earth realm, how? Is it because she is human-born? Or the type of goddess she is? Or are both factors combined to give her this ability? Or is she this realm earth goddess with access to the heavenly realm when dealing with animals or matters of the earth?
Chapter 38: woww Kai getting is dragon back have been an intense moment! the story building up to an exciting as usual coming from you *wink*
arynpinks #9
Chapter 38: Atlast!! Kai got his dragon back. I really love how Sehun broke the curse and leading to Kai gaining back his dragon. I love how you make Kai sacrificed his dragon to bring back Sehun and Sehun breaking the curse resulted in Kai regaining his dragon back. It's like their love for one another is the only way to save Varal and Kai 's dragon. Now that everyone got their true power back , I really want to see how the next part of story will continue. If the transformation of all the characters and spirit animals after breaking the curse were picturised like a movie I wonder how beautiful it might be. Your writing makes us easy to vividly picturise all the things happening in this story like watching a movie. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome story with us.
I can't wait to see how Kai is going to kick his . I hope you will write more of Sekai domestic life after war how they finally mated or their life with triplets.
And lastly I wonder why demon Sehun need Wendy for, making it more curious about the story of demon Sehun and his universe Kai. Can't wait for their story too.
Pshintani #10
Chapter 38: Woah.... this chapter was amazing! I can't decide if my favorite part is Sehun connecting with the tree or Kai finally getting his dragon back... thank you for the update