Life after IZ*ONE

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Today was full of tears for all Twelve Members of IZ*ONE. Two and a half years was now done. IZ*ONE Promotions are over. They all bowed and when the lights cut off and the live video feed was cut off. Hyewon finds Minju backstage, Minju was inconsolable, Hyewon the same. The whole team the same, but Hyewon knows they need to keep moving forward for the fans and themselves. The journey ahead looked bleak but Hyewon and Minju should continue as actresses.


Hey, Author-nim would like to thank @hyemstar for designing these three book covers. I love her designs so much that I decided to show everyone all the designs she submitted to me. Including the final Book cover design. She's cool for designing these three covers because otherwise, I would be anxious in designing my own covers for these stories. 🥺 Before we start with this story, I would like to thank you hyemstar from the bottom of my heart. You encouraged me to write through my struggles while I was in hiatus, you always ask how I was doing with my writing. You never failed to cheer up Author-nim although we disagree on certain things, you are still very patient with asking me how I was holding up in writing. I don't think I would've continued to write for the next six years if not for you. So, as I promised, this book is dedicated to you and to your talents in designing. Author-nim wishes you all the best in life and the best love you could ever find. All the best things for you hyemster. Thank you for making me a great book cover and thank you for always being my stan friend. Let's Ije Gati Naraga! 🤣😂👋

First Book Cover

Second Book Cover

Third and Final Book Cover


Thank you all so much for your support and to @hyemstar cheers to more out of life! 🥂🍻

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