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And YES ! JACKSON the WANG is in HERE !!!! - Hello! It's my first time writing . Basically my first book .... if you want to call it that . Anyway, My fried brain cells and I worked really really hard on this . I started writing this story in 2018-2019 and I decided to put it on here just now ... It took me that long because I've been slacking off and there were too much writer's blocks !!!! I needed inspirations and I kind of found some through music, movies, and real life situations . :D

Anyway, DISCLAIMER : - I do NOT own BTS . :D (NO ) , my characters are MINE . AND , the picture(s) are MINE that I DREW hence the signatures on them!!! - Some of the scenes I put on here are based on some movies I watched . Credits to the rightful owner . I had reimagined those scenes with my characters and had put them on here . - Any similarities to other stories are COINCIDENTAL . - Will write more disclaimers later . :] Not everything here will make sense cause I don't even make sense myself . My fried brain cells thought of some "cool" stuff so I just wanted to put it on here ... :P


ANYWAY - There will be mistakes but I'm too lazy to go through the whole thing . If there's any grammatical error . Oops . :D

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