Invisible Scar

Sweet Like Ice Cream
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Byulyi stayed for one more night at the nurse's apartment, she even did laundry and left her clothes there to dry. She would pick them up later when she took the nurse home in the evening. They went to the school with a cab on early Monday and they even bought the sandwiches together. The couple walked side by side to the school building and before parting ways in the hallway, Coach Moon interlocked their fingers and said as they're holding hands, "I'll see you at lunch."

Nurse Kim had a smile on her face, "Take it easy with your body. What's your schedule for today? Will you be busy?"

"Hmm... Not much, I'll submit our team for the tournament and I'll try to talk to Eunseong later."

"Okay. If you need anything, you know where to find me."

The brown haired woman held her left chest, "Here?"

"Aish..." Yongsun rolled her eyes because it's cringey but she was laughing as she joked, "I'm starting to regret this."

"Why? Why? It's true! You are in my heart," Byulyi caressed the nurse's hand with her thumb, "I can't believe you are my girlfriend now."

The nurse just smiled shyly and said, "You should go now."

"You first," Byulyi let go Nurse Kim's hand, "I'll watch you leave."

"No... You go first. The infirmary is closer than the gym."

"If you insist then," The coach held the nurse's hand one more time and blowing kisses as she's leaving, "See you later."

Yongsun found her girlfriend was corny but also adorable. She laughed and waved, "See you later."

The nurse went to the infirmary and she had a call from her uncle. The man said that he heard his niece caused a scene at the reunion and everyone knew she had a girlfriend so he wanted details because the last time they talked, Yongsun said she didn't want to date and focused on getting back as a doctor. He invited her to a dinner because he missed his only niece and there's something he wanted to talk about. He said Yongsun better used her leasure time of 2 months wisely because he might found a way to help her to be intern again but she probably wouldn't have time to date in the future.




Byulyi rode her motorcycle to Chungdam High School because the school was the host this year and they organized everything for the tournament. She successfully submitted her team there and later that evening, Coach Moon, Nurse Kim, Student Counselor Park and Eunseong gathered at the bakery shop near the school and they're waiting for 2 more people to join.

The freshman student sipped the iced latte she ordered and asked, "I thought we only meet up just two of us, Coach. Why Nurse Kim and Miss Park are also here?"

The coach smiled, "Don't worry. They're on your side and we all will help you and your mom."

"Yes," Miss Park nodded, "As adults, we should protect the students from any harm. I hope you won't change your mind because I already talked to your mom."

Eunseong's eyes widened, "Y- You did? What did she say?"

"I asked her if I could do house visit but she refused, so we only talked on the phone," The student counselor handed the girl a paper with her handwriting, "I asked her to tell me what happened the night Coach Moon came to your house and I wrote down the timeline of the incident."

"Sorry I'm late!" A black haired woman wearing tidy blazer ran to their table and greeted her best friend, "Byul-ah! Sorry, I was giving a consultation to my client and lost track of time."

"That's okay, we're just starting anyway," Coach Moon told her friend to face everyone on the table, "Guys, this is my friend, Ahn Heeyeon. She's a lawyer."

"Hello!" Heeyeon bowed to them and tilted her head when she saw the beautiful nurse and offered her hand, "Oh... Hi. My name is Ahn Heeyeon, a lawyer and I always win my case. What's your name, gorgeous?"

"I know, Coach Moon already introduced you," Nurse Kim rolled her eyes and replied coldly without looking at the black haired woman.

"Ouch, so cold. I see you're the playing hard to get type," Heeyeon smirked and charmingly heading to the empty chair next to the nurse, but before she managed to sit, the basketball coach quickly moved and sat on it instead, "Yaaaa!!! Moon Byulyi!"

Byulyi replied as she's staring at the nurse, "You can sit somewhere else. I'm claiming this one,"

Heeyeon sat on her best friend's old chair and mumbled, "You know how much I need a girlfriend right now."

The brown haired woman leaned and whispered back, "I know but she's off limit. You can't flirt with her."


"Lower your voice!" Byulyi smacked the lawyer's arm and whispered, "She's Ddun Ddunie and I'm dating her."

The lawyer gasped so loud, everyone at the table turned their heads and looked at her direction. Seeing the basketball coach and the lawyer's silly batter made Yongsun smiled and commented, "You haven't changed one bit."

The best friends bickered and Heeyeon finally apologized to the nurse, "I'm really sorry. I know who you are now and you have my respect. Holy shi- Man, you look great! No wonder Byulie became such a fool because of you."

The nurse frowned and asked, "You told her about me?"

The basketball coach scratched her head and smiled, "Well... Um, we're best friends. We share everything."

"Exactly. We share everything," Heeyeon added and winked, "Except women. We don't share women."

The brown haired woman pulled her friend's arm, "Just stop talking for one second, Heeyeon-ah."


Not long after, a blonde woman entered the bakery shop and approached their table too. Heeyeon sat up and they made eye contact. JJ froze, "Oh!"

"You," Heeyeon recognized her as the person she had a one night stand with the other day. She never thought they would meet each other again soon, "W- What are you doing here? You didn't even leave your phone number when you left this mor-"

The blonde quickly covered the lawyer's mouth and smiled awkwardly, "What are you talking about?"

"You two know each other?" Yongsun looked suspiciously from her friend to the lawyer and sensed what's going on, "No way... JJ!"

"What?" The blonde finally took a seat and said casually, "I needed a release, you know. It's been hella stressful these days because a lot of things."

Heeyeon had sad face and mumbled, "So that's what we are. Nothing more than just a hook up..."

JJ looked around and squealed, "OMG! There's a kid, I'm sorry," She bowed and introduced herself, "I'm JJ, Nurse Kim's friend and pediatrician's assistant."

Now that everyone gathered, they talked with the high school student and arranged their plan. JJ told them the professor agreed and asked her to bring the girl and her mom to hospital for the examination. Heeyeon would love to take the case and asked them to come to her firm so they could submit the case officially. The lawyer also explained the process and warned that it wouldn't be easy but they didn't have to worry because they had a reliable lawyer to defend them.

After everything was settled, Coach Moon held hands with Nurse Kim as they're heading out and Miss Park would take the girl home. JJ watched the lawyer left after the couple and she chased her. The blonde pulled Heeyeon's arm, "Wait."

"What?" The lawyer replied coldly because she felt hurt and sarcastically asked, "You need another release?"

"No, wait. I'm sorry about what I said. I didn't mean it," JJ cleared up, "I'm not really used to this thing. I usually just flirt around and hook up. I don't really date people seriously."

"Wow," Heeyeon scoffed, "Do you have commitment issue or something?"

"No, I just was still lingering with my past feelings but after last night," The blonde reached out to Heeyeon's face, "Did you feel it? The sparks between us?"

"I did," Heeyeon held JJ's hand and pulled it away from her face, "So what are you going to do about it?"




Coach Moon and Nurse Kim were standing outside the bakery shop and out of nowhere, a speeding sedan suddenly hit a lamp post in the middle of the road. People began to gather around the car and some of them were helping the driver to get out and called for ambulance.

The basketball coach was watching them and asked her girlfriend, "Do you want to go there and check the driver? They might need your help." The black haired woman didn't reply so Byulyi turned her head and saw the nurse was frozen in her place with hands on her chest, trembling. The basketball coach tapped shorter woman's shoulder, "Nurse Kim? A- Are you alright?"

Yongsun took a step back and stumbled against the wall because her legs became weak. Coach Moon quickly held her and sensed maybe the accident triggered something in Yongsun's memories. Without thinking, the taller woman blocked the view by hugging the nurse. She felt Yongsun's fingers were crawling on her jacket and gripping on tightly and buried her head on Byulyi's chest.

The basketball coach wondered what happened in the past that made Nurse Kim terrified like this. She whispered, "I'm here. Nurse Kim, you are safe with me."

"C- Coach," The black haired woman finally spoke with shaky voice, "Can you stay with me tonight? I don't want to be alone."

Coach Moon rubbed the nurse's back to give comfort and asked, "Is it okay if we ride the motorcycle? Or do you want to take a cab?"

Still burying her face on the taller woman's chest, Yongsun replied, "I don't want to be inside a car right now."

"Okay. Let's go to my motorcyle."

Nurse Kim was hugging her girlfriend really tight from behind and it was a silent ride home. They went to the apartment together again and the nurse headed straight to the bedroom looking all drowsy. She announced as she's heading to the bathroom, "I'm going to shower first."

"Sure," Coach Moon patted Yongkeey at the bedroom door, "Take your time."

The brown haired woman changed her clothes comfortably as if she's in her own house and took turn to shower when the nurse was done. 15 minutes later, she dried her hair with towel and found Yongsun was already sleeping in the bed with Yongkeey next to her legs. Taking it as her cue to sleep in the living room, Byulyi tiptoed to the door but she heard movements on the bed and the nurse asked, "Where are you going?'

"I- I thought you're asleep so I'll sleep outside."

‌"i told you I don't want to be alone tonight," The nurse patted the empty space next to her, "Yongkeey saved this space for you."

‌"Ahh.. Yongkeey did?" Byul raised her eyebrows because clearly it wasn't the dog who did it. She took nervous steps closer to the bed and asked, "Is it okay, though? For us to... Um..."

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