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Sweet Like Ice Cream
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On Saturday morning, Yongsun read a chat from her sunbae. Yikyung reminded her that the university reunion event would be on Sunday, as in tomorrow. He was anxious and asked again whether his hoobae from college would be his fake fiancee or not. Yongsun almost forgot all about it because everything that happened in the last couple of days, Coach Moon got injured and their conversation the other night turned sour after the coach brought up the topic that's uncomfortable for her to talk about. The nurse didn't even say goodbye in the morning but she still cared enough to leave a pack of sandwich, porridge and painkillers on the dining table all for the coach.

The sophomore student Ahn Hyejin exclaimed as she's running inside the infirmary, "Nurse Kim!"

The black haired woman looked up from her desk and put her phone in her pocket, "No running please. You might get hurt."

The girl was catching her breath then her best friend joined her, "Nurse Kim! Have you seen Coach Moon? She's not in her office and her phone is off too."

Hyejin wasn't the type of girl who easily cried but she did. Her eyes were teary and she begged the nurse, "Can you tell us what happened, please? It's not like her to disappear like that."

Yongsun could see these girls genuinely cared for their coach so she tried to calm them down and patted Hyejin's shoulder, "Alright, alright. She got injured but her injuries weren't so bad so she's taking a few days leave to recover and there will be no basketball practice for awhile or you can practice on your own for the tournament without her. You can tell your captain about it."

"Did she say that?" Wheein asked, "Is she in the hospital? Can we visit her?"

"No. She's... Um... Somewhere better than the school obviously and she's in good hands, don't worry, girls. If you have anything to say, you can tell me. I will pass it to her."

The shooting guard sobbed as she said, "Okay, tell her we will miss her if she's absent for too long and she's our precious angel, protector, guardian and many more. She doesn't have to worry about us even though the tournament is around the corner. Her health comes first."

The nurse raised her eyebrows feeling amazed and chuckled, "Alright. I will tell her all that. Anything else?"

"No," The shorter girl patted her best friend's back and bowed, "Thank you so much, Nurse Kim."


In the hallway, Hyejin put a small eyedrop bottle into her pocket and asked her best friend, "How's my acting?"

Wheein grinned with her thumbs were up, "As expected from the former theatre kid! I think Nurse Kim didn't even know you had fake tears."

"Playing Patjwi for 3 years in middle school finally paid off!" The taller girl smiled, "Let's report back to coach!"

The best friends sneaked to their locker and took their phones then ran into the toilet. They locked themselves in one stall and dialed Coach Moon's number.

"What's up?" Their coach answered the call, "How was she?"

The point guard replied, "She seemed alright, I don't think she's upset about you and reassured us that you're okay but are you really okay, Coach? We're really worried and where are you?"

"Yes, I'm okay! Don't worry about me, girls. It's just a small wound and I'll be back in a few days," The basketball coach answered, "I'm staying at her apartment."

"Omo! Omo!" Hyejin squealed and asked, "But if you're staying with her, then why did you ask us to do this? Are you two fighting?"

"No, I don't know. I'm sorry for asking you to do this. After last night, things just awkward..."

The taller girl's mind was running wild and couldn't contain her excitement, "Did you sleep with her?"

"Ya! Hyejin-ah!" Wheein slapped her best friend's arm, "Lower your voice! What if people hear us?"

The shooting guard whispered, "Sorry."


It was too late. There were the English teacher and the student counselor washing their hands and overheard their conversation. Miss Yoon knew she had no chance because the basketball coach only had her eyes and heart for the new nurse but it hurt heart hearing about them this way. She stormed out of the toilet holding back her tears and Miss Park chased her.

"Miss Yoon!" The student counselor had her hand on the other woman's shoulder, "You can't let the students see you like this. Let's go to my office first and calm yourself."

"I'm okay!" Miss Yoon pulled herself away from the other woman, "You don't have to be nice and pity me, Miss Park."

The student counselor just standing there in the middle of the hallway and staring the English teacher getting further away, "I always bring you coffee for a reason. If only you could see me the way you see Coach Moon..."




In the afternoon, Yongsun went home and brought dinner. Yongkeey greeted her enthusiastically like always but she slightly disappointed for not being welcomed home by the basketball coach. She put down the foods on the dining table and checked the bedroom just to find it empty. 

"Did she leave already?" The nurse mumbled, "Without saying goodbye? How rude of her."

"Who's rude?" The basketball coach came out from the bathroom wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants. She smiled with her indian dimples, "Welcome home, Nurse Kim."

"Oh my god!" Yongsun holding onto her chest as she's turning around, "Don't sneak up on me like that!" She scolded the coach but deep inside, she was happy because the brown haired woman did welcome her home.

The coach smiled shyly and replied, "Sorry, I was just in the bathroom."

Yongsun liked the sight of domestic side of the coach but she cleared to hide it, "Come to the kitchen, I bought samgyeopsal and since you're still recovering, I invited a friend to meet us here to talk about Eunseong."


Both of them acted like nothing happened the other night and during dinner, Byulyi was being careful and not talking much. She just shoving foods into and also gave some to Yongkeey who's watching them with her big eyes.

Yongsun stole glances at the coach and finally started the conversation, "Your girls came to the infirmary today."

It sounded kinda wrong somehow so Byulyi was taken aback, "M- My girls?"

"I mean the girls in the basketball team. I don't know their names but they resembled a lion and a puppy. The short girl who gave me chocolate milk."

"Ah. They're Ahn Hyejin and Jung Wheein," The coach replied as if she just found out about it, "So what did they say?"

"They said they will miss you if you're absent for too long and you are their precious angel, protector, guardian and many more." Yongsun let out high pitch laughs after saying it and continued, "I didn't tell them how you got injured, but they were really worried about you."

"Ah... Those kids. They're so adorable," Byulyi nodded with a smile and finished her dinner. The nurse cleaned the table and piling up the plates. When she was about to take the coach's plate, the brown haired woman suddenly standing up and they bumped into each other.

The basketball coach sat back down and the nurse quickly grabbed the plate and got herself busy by washing dishes to avoid the awkward tension. The basketball coach was scratching her head nervously because she didn't know what else to do. A few moment later, the apartment's bell rang a couple of times and the coach wanted to be useful so she ran to the door, "I'll get it!"


There's a blonde woman withat the door looking confused and asked, "Is this really Kim Yongsun's apartment?"

"Yes and you are?"

"My name is Jung Jiwon," The woman put on a smile, it was a mixture of kindness but also there's a hint of mischievousness, "You look familiar, have we met before?"

The coach shook her head, "I don't think so."

Yongsun appeared from behind the coach and greeted the woman with a hug, "JJ!" 

"Yong! Long time no see," The woman patted the nurse' back and lifted a box she's carrying, "I brought strawberry cheese cake."

"I already had dinner. Sorry."

"How could you say no to your favorite dessert?" Jiwon welcomed herself in and went to the kitchen. Yongkeey got scared hearing unfamiliar voice and hiding under the table while barking. The woman startled and holding her chest, "That scared me! Omo, your puppy is huge now!"

"Yongkeey-ah, come here," Yongsun called the dog but Yongkeey ignored her, "Don't be scared, you met her before. Ah, right. She probably doesn't recognize you with blonde hair."

The dog was still on guard and had her tail between her legs. Seeing the poor dog, Byulyi crouched down and extended her arm under the table, "Come, Yongkeey-ah."

The other women were amazed as the dog slowly coming out as she's sniffing the basketball coach's hand. JJ clicking her tongue and commented, "I guess the dog can tell who is the alpha in this house."

Yongkeey ran to the bedroom and Yongsun rolled her eyes to Jiwon's comment. She told everyone to sit and properly introduced them, "This is my friend and a pediatrician, Jung Jiwon."

"You can call me JJ," The woman waved at Byulyi and added, "I'm just the professor's assistant for now."

"And this is Moon Byulyi, the basketball coach I told you about."

The brown haired woman nodded and JJ tilted her head, "Basketball...

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