Trying Hard

Sweet Like Ice Cream
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‌Byulyi became moody after her encounter with the nurse in the morning and wondering what went wrong when she only had little interactions with the black haired woman. There's no basketball practice on Wednesday so she had an idea to get to know the nurse's name without asking it directly. The coach went to the teacher's office after washing herself. 

‌More than half of the female teachers were fixing their hair and checking their make up then greeted the attractive handsome and pretty coach. They clearly wanted to gain the coach's attention but she already had one goal in her mind.

The english teacher said, "Hello, Coach Moon! It's so rare seeing you in here."

"How are you, Miss Yoon?"

The young teacher named Yoon Bomi got up and playfully punched the coach's arm, "It's better now that you're here."

"Ah..." Byulyi blushed and looked down shy hearing the compliment, "Are you busy? Can I ask a favor?"

"I'm always available for you."

"Um... Do you know the new nurse?"

"Ah..." The english teacher's face instantly turned sour after finding out the reason the basketball coach came to the teacher office, "No. Why are you asking?"

"I'm just hoping that you know her name."

Miss Yoon replied flatly, "No, I don't."

An older female history teacher, Baek Jinyoung just to happen overheard them and asked from her desk, "You're talking about Nurse Kim?"

"Oh so that's her!" Byulyi couldn't hide her excitement, "Miss Baek, do you know her full name?"

"Hmm..." The history teacher was tapping her ballpoint on her chin, "No. But I think she's wearing a nametag."

"I don't think I saw her wearing it," The coach was looking back into her memories and couldn't remember if there's a nametag on thr nurse's coat, "Ah... Never mind. Thank you for your time," She bowed and said goodbye to the teachers, "See you later."

"Oh, Coach Moon!" The math teacher, Jung Eunji fixed her glasses and offered, "We rarely see each other so you should join us for teacher's gathering on Friday."

Byulyi couldn't refuse so she accepted, "Alright, I'll come with you."

"Great, we can just leave together after school."

After the coach left, Eunji high fived Bomi because they successfully asked the hot basketball coach to join their monthly gathering.




"More patients are coming in!" Said a male doctor in the ER of Ehwa University Medical Center and he rushed following the paramedics to one bed. He asked, "What happened?"

"Traffic collision," The paramedic was panting, "He's the driver. The steering wheel slammed onto his chest and caused fractures on his ribs."

Seeing the driver had trouble breathing, the male doctor told the nurses to prepare for intubation. The ER doctor named Kang Injae couldn't handle everything alone because there were 5 new critical patients and the operating rooms were currently full and he was the only doctor in charge during the night shift. He asked to the nurse station, "Where's Professor Lee?"

A nurse replied, "She left early today. She said she's going to her high school reunion. We can't reach her right now."

The male doctor took a long deep breath and searched for the ER interns, "Interns! Follow me."

1 female and 2 male young doctors turned their heads and ran to him. After they gathered, the female intern with a long black hair asked, "What should we do?"

Their supervisor then shared the patients' chart and told them to do their best to take care their assigned patients. Lastly he warned, "Don't be reckless and always ask my permission before you do anything. Remember, the head department, Professor Lee is observing your performance. If anything happens to your patients, it will affect your score."

The interns rushed to the patients and the 27 years old Kim Yongsun read the patient's chart as she's running to the male driver. Doctor Kang already gave him intubation and oxygen mask so he could breath but when the female intern check on him again, there were swollen bruises on the left side of chest. Yongsun pressed her fingers on skin carefully and the man winced. The intern suspected there's internal bleeding in that area.

Yongsun took the ultrasound and checked the swollen left ribs and her suspicion was right. There's so much blood inside and blocking his left lung and heart. She ran around to find Doctor Kang but he's nowhere to be seen, she tried calling him but had no luck. She went the nurse station and she was told the operating rooms were all still occupied. If they didn't operate on the driver soon, he would die from heart failure. The intern was holding the top of head in frustration. As a future general surgeon she had to make a call and save her patient. So she asked one nurse to assist her, took the sterilized operating tools and closed the curtains around the patient's bed.

The female nurse's eyes widened when she saw the intern holding the scalpel, "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to operate him here," Yongsun whispered, "You gotta help me."

"B- But... We have to tell Doctor Kang first."

"I tried contacting him but he didn't answer my calls," The intern replied, " Where the hell is he?"

"I think he went outside to take a break earlier."

Suddenly, the driver was gasping for air and the EKG machine was beeping loud. Yongsun took a deep breath and said, "We can't let him die. Hold him down. Whatever happens, I'll take the responsibility."

The nurse obeyed because she couldn't watch a man die in the ER. The intern carefully moved the scalpel and made small incision on the man's left side. When she was about to insert a tube to drain the blood, instantaneously the red fluid was gushing out and splattered on both of their faces.



The beeping of EKG machine was still ringing in her ears and when she bolted upright on the chair, she realized she fell asleep at the nurse's desk and her phone was ringing. After fixing her messy hair, the nurse answered the phone, "Hello?"

A man asked, "Yongsun-ah! How are you, my little niece? Is the school treating you well?"

"Uncle! I'm not little anymore," The black haired woman whined and got up to stretch her back, "Well... It's okay, I guess. There's nothing much to do here and I get bored easily."

"Why don't you hang out with the teachers there? Try making new friends. Or... You can do the after hour fun activities with them."


"What?" The man laughed, "I know my niece's preferences like the back of my own hand, that's why I put you there at Sehwa Girls High School. I'm not telling you to date the students, but I heard there are quite attractive female teachers there."

"I told you, stop interfering in my love life! I can take care of it myself and I need to focus on my career too."

"And how did it go?" Yongsun's uncle replied, "You no longer be able to become a surgeon. Well, at least until this whole thing dies down but I doubt it will be soon enough. You're lucky because you didn't know the identity of the man you saved, so the board only suspended you for the time being."

"What the difference would it make if I know who he was? I'd still do the same thing. Doctor Kang didn't do anything and left us alone in the ER! What the hell was I supposed to do? Watch my patient die?"

"That's not what I'm talking about! You disobeyed the direct order of your supervisor. We have rules at the hospital, Yongsun-ah. Even though I'm the director, I couldn't do much. This is me helping you, so just lay low in that school for 3 months and making friends. Alright?"

"Whatever," The nurse sighed, "I'm hanging up."

"Ya! I'm not finish-"

Yongsun already hung up and threw the phone on the desk. She turned around sighing and gasped when there's a pair of eyes staring at her, "Oh my god! You scared me!"

Moon Byulyi was standing there silently and smiled, "Hi."

"What do you want?" The new nurse replied harshly even though she didn't mean it.

The coach wanted to check on the nametag but noticed the nurse wasn't in a good mood. She glanced at the chest area of the nurse's coat but unfortunately there's nothing there so she made an excuse, "Um... I'm here because Miss Baek, you know the history teacher?"

"Yeah, what about her?"

"She asked me to ask you whether you will come to the teacher's gathering this Friday. They invited me too."

"Oh, so you're coming?"

"W- Why? Is that a bad thing?"

"I don't know. Seeing you right now is already pissing me off. Imagine if I had to eat at the same table as you."

The brown haired woman tolerated what happened in the morning but she couldn't understand why the nurse kept treating her like an annoying pest. She couldn't bear it any longer so she took a step confidently and asked, "I noticed you became mean after I introduced myself. Why is that?"

The nurse raised her eyebrows and pointed her finger at the coach's forehead, "Why don't you rack that little brain of yours and find out. Or did you have an accident that made you forget?"

"You don't even tell me your name, how the hell am I supposed to know what happened without you telling me about it? I can't read your mind. No way," Byulyi guessed, "Did I do something to you when I was in the national team?"<

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