New Beginning

Sweet Like Ice Cream
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Professor Ock sighed, "I'm really sorry..."

The three people in front of her were holding their breath and prepared to hear the worst. Yongsun was the one who asked, "H- How... Was it, Doctor?"

"It took longer than I expected, but overall it was a success," The Orthopedics surgeon smiled tiredly, "She'll be moved to ICU and you can visit her when she wakes up. Now honey," She turned her head to see her lover, "I'm starving. I need ox bone soup from the cafetaria, iced Americano and... You in my office. Asap."

The hospital director grinned so wide he made his niece looked at him funny. He shrugged, "What? Don't judge me! I like it when my woman knows exactly what she wants and get all demanding. It's y!"

The black haired young woman shook her head and laughed as she watched the couple leaving, "Sometimes I wonder how we're related. Gosh, he looks like a fool and soooo whipped!"

Byulyi's mom smiled and patted Yongsun's back, "You and Byulyi are no different. We should wait for her in the ICU waiting room."

The nurse stared at her girlfriend who was still sleeping inside the glass room. At that moment, Gahyeon came back from the hallway with 2 cups of coffee. They chatted for awhile and the black haired woman noticed Byulyi's fingers and eyebrows moved.

Yongsun almost jumped and dropped her coffee, "Oh! She's waking up!"

Because the hospital rule to let only one visitor at a time, Byulyi's mom let Yongsun entered first. The basketball coach's heavy eyes saw an angel with black hair entered the room with a smile. Her vision was still blurry because the anesthesia's effect but her dry lips parted and whispered raspily, "Am I... Dead? Why am I seeing a beautiful angel?"

Yongsun took a seat and held her girlfriend's hand. She played along and replied, "Not an angel, but I am a grim reaper. You're time is up, Moon Byulyi."

"Oh nooo...." Byulyi pouted, "I'm not ready! I want to see my girlfriend's body one last time before I die."

"YA!" The nurse instinctively slapped the other woman's arm, "You crazy ert!"

The brown haired woman wrinkled her nose muscles as she's laughing, "How could you wish your own girlfriend to be taken by a grim reaper after a surgery? Don't you have heart, Yongsun-ah?"

"Well... As if you would complain to see a grim reaper as hot and pretty as me."

"I would die million times to see you as one. Kim Yongsun wearing all black... Hmm-mmm," The brown haired woman smirked and checking the other woman out with her sleepy eyes, "You can wear a strapless black dress but... It's even better when you're ."

"Alright that's enough talking for you. The anesthesia should've made you sleepy not ," Yongsun interrupted the basketball coach and handed a glass of water with a straw, "Here drink. It's better for you to hydrate yourself after surgery. Anyway, I'm so glad it went well."

"Well I'm both sleepy and ," The basketball coach winked and puckered her lips, "I only need a healing kiss from an angel."

Yongsun couldn't help but laughing and looked around the room making sure nobody was there then leaned to kiss her girlfriend on the lips, "Omo! Your lips are so dry, Byul-ah! Drink water first!" 

The nurse watched with heart eyes as the basketball coach looked like a cute hamster sipping the water with a straw, "I wish you were my doctor so I can call you Doctor Kim. I miss those times when you're treating me with your kisses."

"Geez! The anesthesia's side effect makes you keep talking nonsense!" Yongsun shoved the straw again between her girlfriend's lips to prevent her from talking more, "You should've worry about your knee instead of joking around!"

The basketball coach replied in whiny tone, "W- Why?? I trusted you and Professor Ock. Because of that, thank god I didn't lose my leg!"

"Yeah... She's the best, isn't she?"

"I honestly don't know because my knee still in a cast. I guess we'll see," Byulyi touched the other woman's arm and asked, "Oh hey, what about the school? I miss the girls and I don't want them to miss the quarterfinals on Friday."

"They know you're in the hospital already and your health is more important, Byul."

"I know, but the girls worked so hard and it's the last chance for the seniors to win the tournament. Can I recover and walk in 3 days? I have to be there for them!"

The nurse closed her eyes and exhaled because she completely forgot about it and the basketball coach still didn't know about their upcoming trip to Germany. She didn't know how to tell Byulyi all of it. Yongsun bit her lip and looked down at their hands, "Byulyi... There's something I need to tell you but first, I am deeply sorry. I wish things were different and I wish we could turn back time and undo things but..." She looked up and staring at the ceiling wondering why was it so hard.

Byulyi asked, "What are you on about, Yongsun-ah? Is something wrong?"

"You... won't be able to walk for awhile. Professor Ock told me that... And the best plan for you right now is going to Frankfrut, Germany. There's a treatment facility specify for athletes and you will stay at least for 3 months to recover."

"WHAT?" The brown haired woman felt the blood rushed up to her head, "Babe, what the hell is that mean? I have to be at the quarterfinals for the girls! They need me! How did I not know anything about this? This is my life, my decision!"

"You were in no condition to make one so me and your mom did it for you. I hope you're understand," Yongsun gritted her teeth, "You always put everybody else above yourself and now it's time for you to take care yourself. You need to get better and you're going to Frankfrut with me."

"Oh.... You're going too?" Hearing that made Byulyi calmed down a bit, "How?"

The nurse told the basketball coach about the whole plan and nervously fidgeting her fingers, "So... That's it. Professor Ock offered me and I couldn't say no because well... I can continue my career as a doctor and be there with you."

Byulyi exhaled, "I don't know what to do."

"Just focus one thing at a time and right now your recovery is important."

"I can't... You know how much the basketball team and the girls mean to me, I can't just abandon them and leave."

"You know what? Why don't we let some of them come visit you and you can talk to them about it?"

The next day, Byulyi was moved back to her room and Sehwa basketball team chose Hyejin and Wheein with Miss Park to go visit. The girls already wrote heartfelt and touching letters. The short point guard ran as the door just barely opened, "Coaaaccchh!!!"

"Ah, Wheein-ah!" The brown haired woman sat up and her face lit up seeing the girls, "Hyejin-ah!"

Both of the basketball players hugged their coach from both sides and said in unison, "We miss you!"

They talked and joked for a bit and after Yongsun coughed, Byulyi knew it was a sign for her to talk about her departure. But to the their surprise, the girls already knew, that's why they also brought a parting gift for their dear coach. It was a red and white basketball jacket with their school emblem on the back.

Byulyi was flustered while touching the jacket in her hands, "Girls... What's the meaning of this?"

Hyejin placed her elbow on her best friend's shoulder and smiled, "We know everything, Coach. Miss Park told us about your situation and you don't have to feel bad for leaving us. We understand."

"What about the tournament? And the seniors... They won't have another chance to win."

The student counselor stood next Yongsun as she replied, "I can be your subtitute for the upcoming games. I've been there with you guys and driving you there to the games and Yubin as the captain always took the lead during practice. The girls seem to know what they're doing and they're in good shape."

Wheein added, "We love you more than just a coach. You always took care of us, gave us advice, encourage and help us whenever you can without wanting anything in return. So..." The short girl looked down and couldn't finish because she was holding back her tears.

Her best friend helped her, "What Wheein meant to say was... We want you to go to Germany with Nurse Kim. You can recover as fast as you can and come back. We will meet again and take a group picture with the trophy!"

It's really difficult to convince the brown haired woman. She said, "I'm not sure, girls..."

Yongsun knew her girlfriend well and reassured, "If you want, you can co-coach with Miss Park through video calls during the practice and the games. That way you won't have to worry and stay up to date with the girls. But... If you have treatment schedules, you know what comes first, right?"

The brown haired woman looked up and said, "Yes, Ma'am."




Professor Ock was busy attending seminars in Frankfurt with many medical professors from all over the world. She also did what she promised, along with experts and doctors there, she spent great amount of time for Byulyi's treatment. Also since Yongsun applied as an intern at Nordwest Hospital, the orthopedics surgeon felt like she had a niece that she needed to take care of but she grew fond of the young woman because Yongsun reminded her of her younger self.

Yongsun was like the professor's tail and following everywhere she went, including operation room. She always had a small notebook with her and wrote down everything she heard, saw and learned in it. Because Yongsun was a fast learner, Professor Ock saw the potential and she taught many things to the intern. The young woman also assisted the professor monitoring Byulyi's progress. She always there during the examinations, physiotherapy sessions at the treatment center and taking care of her at home. 

During her day off, the intern took her dog, Yongkeey for a walk. The white and brown dog seemed so happy looking around the park and sniffing the fresh air when suddenly, the phone inside the intern's pocket vibrated, "Omo!" Her eyes widened after reading the chat and started running, "Let's go, Yongkeey! It's an emergency!"

After dropping off the dog at the apartment, Yongsun took a cab and went to the hospital. Instead of

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