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Sweet Like Ice Cream
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Byulyi was sleeping peacefully on the bed after she got painkiller shot from the nurse in ER of the Bucheon General Hospital. Yongsun, who got worried and impatient, kept tapping her fingers on the bed while waiting for the doctor. A few minutes later, woman with white coat finally came and opened the curtain.

Yongsun read the ER doctor's name tag, Kim Haneul. The doctor stared at her and the first question she asked was, "The patient's guardian is a high school student?"

"Oh, no! It just happens that I'm in this uniform for... Um..."

"Honestly, I don't really want to know the reason either," The doctor cleared and said,  "Miss Moon Byulyi's injured knee got an infection," Doctor Kim sighed and continued, "I read her medical records when she got treatments here. If she finished them properly and got check up more often back then, she probably wouldn't suffer like this."

"How bad is it?" Yongsun approached the doctor with desperate steps, "I'm a doctor myself, well... Used to be an intern but I may understand if you tell me the details."

"She has metal pins to support her knee's joint. They connect all three bones. The femur, tibia and patella," The doctor showed the x-ray from Byulyi's past medical record, "In most cases, the pins and implants can stay in your body for a long time without any harm. But other cases, the pins need to be removed once the patient has recovered and her condition is... The latter case. The pins are inside her body for too long and caused irritation. She might felt a little bit of pain and grinding sensation around the pins in the beginning but it got more painful overtime as the irritation became an infection and it affects her nerve systems. It says here that she fell on her knees earlier today too, right? That's why she can't walk."

Yongsun got worried because she understood what the doctor said. She asked, "Then isn't it best to remove the pins?"

"I'm not expert in orthopedics so I'm not sure which one is the best solution," The female doctor stared at the former basketball player with a sad eyes, "And even though she had treatments here, we can't do the removal procedure. Her doctor was Professor Ock Joohyun and it was done in Ehwa University Hospital 2 years ago. I think it's best for her to be transferred there, let them examine her and Professor Ock will decide what to do."

What a small world Yongsun thought, her girlfriend had surgery in the hospital she used to work and she recognized the doctor's name as the best orthopedic surgeon in South Korea. She had to talk to her uncle about this and she replied hurriedly, "Okay. I can arrange it right away."

The doctor shook her head, "Her family should give the consent, instead of you. No offense, as someone who is in the medical field, you should've known."

"I do," Yongsun mumbled and said, "But I don't know how to reach her family."

"Don't worry. Even though she's already retired playing basketball, Moon Byulyi here is still our city's hero for being a national athlete and representing South Korea in many international tournaments so we keep her family's number as emergency contact," Haneul noticed the black haired woman raised her eyebrows so she explained, "It's nothing weird. Her family suggested it just in case she suddenly admitted to this hospital. They became cautious after the... You know, the accident."

"I understand and it is actually convenient."

"She's resting now so we will wait until her family comes."

The nurse nodded and sat back down on the chair next to the bed, "Thank you, Doctor Kim."

"You're welcome," The doctor replied before leaving them alone.


Yongsun took the time to call her uncle and as the hospital's director, Kim Youngmin knew about the surgery from 2 years ago because Moon Byulyi was a quite famous national athlete but he didn't know she's also the basketball coach his niece was currently dating. The black haired woman wished she met Byulyi before the accident but she had to face the reality now and tried her best to help her girlfriend. Before hanging up, Yongsun asked a favor to the hospital's director to reach out to Professor Ock Joohyun about her former patient's condition. 

"Yong... Sun..." A whisper was heard from the bed, "Where am I?"

The nurse quickly turned around and held her girlfriend's hand, "You're in the hospital, they gave you sedatives to reduce the pain and let you rest. How are you, Sleeping Beauty?"

"Better I guess. I'm not really sure," The basketball coach tried to hold back the pain and smiled weakly, "If I'm sleeping beauty then I should get a wake up kiss. Gimme babyyy..."

Yongsun giggled and shut Byulyi's lips with her palm. She's amazed despite the pain, her girlfriend still able to make jokes, "You should worry about your knee first!"

The brown haired woman was about to reply but she saw a familiar woman was rushing to her bed, "O- Oh!"

A middle aged woman wearing a visor hat and sling bag stopped right next to Byulyi's bed and shouted in frustration, "Ya, Moon Byulyi! You barely call your family and now you suddenly back in your hometown to get me a heart attack?"

The nurse was stunned while Byulyi stuttered, "O- Omma..."

Byulyi's mom noticed the young looking woman in high school uniform. She gasped and hit her daughter's arm, "Aigo! Are you dating a teenager too, now? I didn't teach you to grow up and be such an !"

"Ack! Omma! It's not like what you think! She's old enough to date me!"

"What do you mean by old?" Yongsun got sensitive hearing the word but after seeing the coach was begging for help with her eyes, she stopped and stepped in between Byulyi and her mom, "Eomeoni... I'm not a high school student, I'm a school nurse and we're co-workers. But we were also classmates back in high school."

"Oh... You're not dating?" The mom finally saw her own daughter also wearing uniform, "Then why are you..."

The former athlete already came out to her family a long time ago so she's sitting up and explained it comfortably to her mom, "We are dating and we were on a nostalgia date, Omma," She got shy and her. face reddened, "Now can you stop embarrassing me in front of your future daughter-in-law?"

"Alright, fine." The mom exhaled meanwhile the nurse blushed listening the conversation. Then the middle age woman asked warmly, "What happened to you, my daughter? My heart almost dropped out of my chest when the hospital called. You said things like this wouldn't happen ever again. Now look at you!"

Byulyi calmed her mom down and Yongsun also helped explaining the situation, but the Moon family had more debts than savings so the basketball coach and her mom hesitated to have the surgery. After the nurse took her time to explain that it was needed in order for Byulyi to recover and had a normal life again, the mother and daughter finally agreed.

With the ER doctor's help, Byulyi was transported to Ehwa University Hospital immediately along with her mom and there's no more room for Yongsun to tag along. The black haired woman ended up returning to the hotel and packed their things with a heavy heart. She relieved her girlfriend would finally get a proper treatment but she's anxious she would come to the hospital where she used to work. 




After long hours drive because the traffic on weekend, the basketball coach was admitted to the VIP room right away. The mom was confused because their insurance wouldn't be able to cover everything but the nurse who accompanied them said it's already been taken care of. A man in black suit and green tie who looked a bit younger than Byulyi's mom walked in and joined them.

He shook the middle age woman's hand and introduced himself, "I'm Kim Youngmin. The director of this hospital."

"O- Oh... Hello," Byulyi's mom stuttered, "I- I'm Nam Gohyeon. Moon Byulyi's mother."

"You're..." The brown haired woman tilted her head because she never met him before but he looked familiar, "Ah!" She remembered Yongsun's family portrait in the house she went the day before, "You're Yongsun's uncle."

The man had similar smile as his niece's, "Yes, I am."

Gohyeon continued saying, "Pardon me if I may sound rude but can we move to a standard room? We can't really afford this."

Youngmin smiled warmly, "Didn't the nurse tell you?"

"She did, but still... I don't know why you're being so kind to us."

"You and you're daughter are considered as family. You don't owe me anything, Ma'am. In fact, I'm gratetful for your daughter. She's taking care of my niece at the school she's working now."

"Oh no! You got it all wrong," Byulyi blurted, "It's the opposite. She always the one who's taking care of me. She even asked me to move in with her so we're living together now."

Youngmin and Gohyeon turned th

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