Have A Little Faith

Sweet Like Ice Cream
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"Byul, stop staring!" Yongsun elbowed her girlfriend who's sitting next to her on the bench outside the treatment center.

"Can't help it," The brown haired woman kept staring at the tall man with her big and sparkly eyes, "I mean, look at him! He's the freaking Dirk Nowitzki!"

"Okay, I know," The intern rolled her eyes with a smile seeing the other woman fangirling over the former NBA star and leaned closer to whisper, "But you're making him uncomfortable."

"That's nonsense. He loves the attention," Byulyi grinned, "Is he even real? Slap me, Yong."

"No way! Alright let's just get to it, Mr. Dirk before Byulyi here drooling over you," The black haired woman almost sounded jealous.

The former power forward of Dallas Mavericks nodded and explained, "Like I said before, they chose me to coach the women's national basketball team and I'm looking for new recruits. My source told me how talented this Moonstar from South Korea was so I watched her old games and I found out that she is getting treatment in this hospital," Dirk faced Byulyi and exclaimed at her, "Damn, girl. You've got some mad skills in that tiny body! I have mad respect for you," He continued, "So... Long story short, I'm so lucky to find her here and I'm planning to recruit Miss Moon as foreign player. We can arrange the visa for her. It's no big deal."

Yongsun caught man's eyes were checking out on Byulyi's body and she dislike the flirty attitude he used, she replied, "Sorry, Um... Sir, yes she is very talented but you can't flirt with her. She already has a girlfriend."

Dirk laughed while shaking his head, "Ah, verdammt! I was hoping you can still use the old Moonstar charm to swoon all the fangirls, you know?" Then he winked.

The black haired woman glared at her girlfriend with laser eyes, "What old Moonstar charm?"

Byulyi shrugged, "Well... You know... Typical basketball player's showmanship and it's just our way to entertain the crowd during the games with the fans. That's all."

"Here let me show you," Dirk already had a phone on his hand and pressed play on a video, "Remember Summer Olympics 2016 in Brazil?"

"No! Not that one!" The brown haired woman had cold sweats and was a little too late, "Stoooopppp!!!"

The intern had her eyes glued on the phone screen and watched her girlfriend was in South Korea basketball national team uniform and just scored a lay up. Byulyi was cheering and hugged her teammates then running around the basketball court with her right eye winked and throwing air kisses everywhere to the audience. All the women were in love with her and chanting her nickname.

Then the next video showed another clip from the same game but in the second quarter, the Moonstar just moved pass 3 defense players and scored three point gracefully. She celebrated by dancing sensually with her teammates then suddenly, a young blonde woman ran down to the court and jumped at Byulyi with a kiss. The basketball player looked startled at first but then she played along and the two were french kissing until the referees had to the girl out of the court who shouted, "I love you!" at Byulyi. The brown haired woman extended her hand as if she was heartbroken seeing her lover left and blew a final air kiss.


The former Sehwa's basketball coach was scared to see Yongsun's face and told Dirk to end the video. After a moment of awkward silence between them, the intern finally said, "I can't believe you're that famous even overseas."

Byulyi's eyes widened, "That's your concern after watching that video? Not... The other... One?"

"What?" Yongsun turned her head and said sarcastically, "Oh, that my girlfriend was such a player inside and outside the court? Oh yeah, I'm very concern!"

The shout made Byulyi closed her eyes and defended herself, "It's just for show! A lot of basketball players did what I did and I was young, stupid and..."

The black haired woman crossed her arms on her chest, "Hmm-mmm, keep going."

The tall man finally realized that the two women were actually girlfriends and knew it's kinda his fault for making them argue, so he's trying to prevent the situation from getting worse, "Okay, okay. Miss Doctor, I think M- Moonstar really meant what she s- said, I mean... Athletes... Am I right?" He tried his best to smile.

Yongsun almost shouted again, "What the hell is that suppose to mean?!"

Seeing Dirk startled, Byulyi rubbed Yongsun's shoulders and said, "Alright, babe.... You're scaring him. Calm down. It means nothing, really! I love you, Yongsun-ah. You're the only one for me," She pointed her heart, "This belongs to you."

"I'm sorry...." The black haired woman softened and exhaled, "I know it was all in the past and I know you're nothing like that anymore. But, promise me you won't be like that if you're playing basketball again?"

"I promise I will only use my charm to you and Yongkeey."

Dirk watched the two women as if he's watching a daytime soap opera, "Ohhh.... So adorable. You two should kiss now."

Byulyi leaned closer for a kiss but Yongsun turned away and replied, "Mr. Nowitzki, her treatment is still not done yet. We don't even know for how long. Are you sure you want to recruit her now?"

The brown haired woman nodded, "I can't barely jog, I don't know if I can play basketball again anytime soon."

"Have faith, little bird," Dirk smiled, "Many of us athletes had been through similar things as you do and it didn't stop us from returning. In fact, a close friend of mine had a knee injury as well."

Byulyi got curious and asked, "How was he?"

"He had 3 surgeries, 6 months of recovery time and he went back playing basketball like it's nothing," The blonde man continued, "I can join your physiotherapy sessions and give some pointers as your trainer and coach. I'm pretty sure you can get better and play again in no time. Remember, it's our calling and our passion to dance on the court. Do you miss the smell of the ball? The sound of your footsteps against the floor? The cheers you got when you scored?" Dirk raised his voice as he kept talking dramatically with his fist in the air, "The euphoria and adrenaline pumping through your veins as you kept on fighting until the last second of the game. Those fire in your eyes and the passionate feeling burning inside of you and there's only one thing in your mind. All you gotta do is win!"

Byulyi imagined everything in her head and got carried away. She got up and blurted, "Okay! I'm in!"

"YA! Are you crazy?" Yongsun pulled her girlfriend's sleeve, "You should consult first with Professor Ock."

"Ah, right," The other woman sat back down and stared into the distance, "I'm sorry. I- I'll think about it and like my girlfriend said, I should talk to my doctor first."

Dirk handed his business card and said, "It's alright. No need to rush, I know we'll be in touch again soon."

"Thank you," Byulyi bowed and when the former NBA star left, she was hesitating but ended up saying it nervously, "Before you leave, can we take a selfie or something? Hehe... I was a fan."

"Oh sure, little bird!" Dirk welcomed the brown haired woman in his embrace, "Come here."

The brown haired woman asked the intern, "Yong... Can you?"

"Alright," Yongsun had her phone ready and took their pictures. After a couple of poses, the tall man offered to take a selfie all together and then he said goodbye.


For a couple of days, Byulyi and Yongsun barely talked to each other after their meeting with Dirk Nowitzki because they had different opinions about the offer and if they brought up the topic, they would do nothing but argue. The intern wanted her girlfriend to play basketball again but she didn't want them holding onto empty promises and got disappointed in the end. Meanwhile, Byulyi wanted to play again so badly but she was frustrated with the treatment sessions. She felt like nothing was progressing as quickly as she hoped and it affected her mentally. The intern wished she could do more but Professor Ock already warned them to focus on the treatments first at least for another month.

One night, after she went home from the hospital, Yongsun found her dog was waiting outside the bathroom in the apartment. The black haired woman pressed her left ear on the door and she heard faint sobs. She knew Byulyi was crying on the other side of the door.

Yongsun knocked, "Byul... You okay? Can I come in?"

After a moment, the door was unlocked and the brown haired woman was still wearing only a blue towel around her body, her hair was wet and her eyes were puffy from all the crying. Without saying anything, the intern hugged the taller woman and Byulyi bursted into tears again, they were hugging in silent until Yongsun caressed the taller woman's hair.

The former basketball player said in a whisper, "I'm... So tired with everything."

"I know."

"Why... Why is it so difficult for me to recover? I don't think the treatment is working a- and this," Byulyi sounded desperate as she's letting go off the hug and lifted her right leg, "This ing useless knee! Why all of this is happening to me?"

The black haired woman let her tears falling silently because she could understand the pain of the other woman was going through, "Hey, look at me," Yongsun cupped Byulyi's face in her hands, "Life but... Don't give up now, Byul. The universe gives you obstacles that only you can handle and yo

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