Honesty Is The Best Policy

Sweet Like Ice Cream
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It's Sehwa Girls High School's turn to have a home game at their school's outdoor basketball court and if they won, they would advance to the quarterfinals. Coach Moon had her eyes on the girls but her mind was somewhere else because a few days ago, her girlfriend told her everything. Yongsun got an offer to apply and continue her career as a doctor in Frankfrut, Germany and if things went well, she would leave in a few months. Byulyi couldn't process it right away and got upset. She refused to move in with the school nurse and left the infirmary. The basketball coach couldn't sleep at all after that day and they didn't reach out to one another.

Bora shouted and ran towards the coach, "Coach Moon! Look out!"

Byulyi finally back to her senses and saw the ball was flying to her direction. Her mind told her to move but her body reacted a little too late. Her head got hit by the ball and she fell backward to the bench. The basketball players rushed to her aid and helped her up. There's a basketball mark right in the middle of her forehead and the coach stumbled a couple of times before standing up. The english teacher, Miss Yoon also watched the game and worried her crush got injured.

Miss Yoon checked on her, "Omo, I think we should take you to infirmary."

"N- No!" Coach Moon shook head, "I'm fine. There's no need to take me there. Just give me an ice pack."

The student counselor was also there and noticed the basketball coach refused to go to infirmary and Nurse Kim wasn't there as their medic either. Something happened between them but she didn't dare to ask. She quickly searched for an ice pack from their first aid kit and gave it to the coach, "Here."

The brown haired woman put the ice pack against her forehead and told the girls to continue playing. Byulyi felt a bit dizzy but she still abled to observe the game and found their opponent's weakness. The other school team only focusing on offense while they're lacking on the defense. 3 of their players always standing by in the middle of the court and ready to steal the ball and left the 2 taller players behind guarding their ring.

Coach Moon had a clever strategy in her head and she called for a time out. She switched Dami, the tallest player and also the center with Wheein, the shortest player and also the point guard. She told the players to pass the ball to Wheein and the dynamic duo of their team had to focus on low passes and Hyejin had to always be ready near the ring, but watch out for the 3 seconds rule. After the referee blew the whistle, the opposite team passed the ball but Bora managed to steal it. The senior player did what she was told, she passed the ball to the playmaker, Wheein and the junior player dribbled the ball while observing everyone.

From the corner of her left eye, Wheein saw her best friend was running behind the opponent's guard and saw an opening. The short basketball player moved to the right and made the opponent's defense players followed her but her feet quickly pivoted to the left and she threw the ball to the ground with the right angle and it bounced perfectly at the shooting guard's direction. Hyejin received the ball and shocked the opponents because they didn't notice her there before. The junior player took two steps before jumping and successfully scored 2 points.

"YES!!!!!" Coach Moon shouted with her fist in the air, "GREAT JOB!!!"

With the coach's strategies and the dynamic duo's executions on the court led their team to win with the final score of 42-36. It's the first time Sehwa Girls High School advanced to quarterfinals and they had hope maybe it's their year and they could actually won the tournament. The teachers, students and the parents who were watching shouted and cheered. Miss Yoon suddenly held Coach Moon's arm and congratulated by hugging her. The coach flustered but she let the english teacher to continue out of politeness.




From the inside the school building, Nurse Kim heard the shout and recognized it was her girlfriend's voice. She walked to the window and she could see the basketball game and the people who watched it but she couldn't see the coach clearly.

Yongsun didn't think her girlfriend would notice she was hiding something and she had plan to tell Byulyi later when she finally got a reply from the hospital in Frankfrut, Germany. So when the basketball coach suddenly confronted her after they had ual in the infirmary, she was startled and her first line of defense was to deny it. Coach Moon kept pushing her and Yongsun ended up sharing everything. She couldn't just let a great opportunity went to waste and she had to be a surgeon no matter what just like her dad. The nurse saw her girlfriend shook her head and after rejected her offer, Byulyi left her alone in the infirmary.

She wished their fight a few days ago never happened and she would have a lunch together again with her girlfriend like they usually did. Nurse Kim looked up to see the game again and people were cheering. The game ended and she finally saw the basketball coach was smiling so wide and someone hugged her. It was the english teacher, Yoon Bomi. Byulyi didn't refuse or back away so Yongsun frowned and the poor sandwich became a victim.

She held the sandwich a little too tight out of jealousy, "Getting comfy with someone else already? You must be insane, Moon Byulyi!"

Yongsun needed someone to talk but her senior, Yikyung already went back to Spain and she couldn't reach her college friend, JJ. Maybe the blonde woman was busy at work so the nurse was pacing back and forth in the infirmary. Being an introvert and had a small circle of friends made her feel lonely sometimes so she just sat on her chair and looked at her selfies with Byulyi on her phones, "I miss her already..."


A student suddenly walked in and timidly looked around, "Um... Excuse me?"

The nurse put her phone in her pocket and got up, "Yes, can I help you? Are you sick?"

"My stomach hurts. I'm not on my period and I don't know what it is."

Yongsun saw the student's face was pale and covered with cold sweats. She told the girl to lay down on the bed and asked permission to check on the stomach. The nurse lifted the shirt a bit and feeling the abdomen with her 2 fingers. She's looking for a lump or the area that might caused the pain. When she pressed the lower right abdomen, the student winced and screamed in pain.

"How long have you been feeling it?"

"I don't know. Maybe since a couple days ago? I felt it this morning and after lunch, it's getting worse and it hurts when I'm sitting down."

"I'm afraid what you have is appendicitis," Nurse Kim fixed the girl's clothes and continued, "You need to get a proper check up in a hospital."

"B- But, Nurse Kim!" The student was about to cry, "Is it bad? Do I need a surgery? I can't do it, the midterm exam is coming!"

The black haired woman didn't care much about the students when she first came to Sehwa Girls High School, but after awhile, she genuinely cared for them. She sat down next to the girl and asked, "What's your name and your grade?"

"Sohyun. Baek Sohyun. Class 11-2."

"Sohyun-ah," Nurse Kim patted the girl's shoulder, "You need to take care your health first and it's a small surgery so you will recover even before the midterm. If you postponed the surgery, it might getting worse and got ruptured. It's better to do it early before it's too late."

"Really, Nurse Kim? But I never had a surgery before. It's scary!"

At that moment, a student in a basketball uniform barged in the infirmary, "Sohyun-ah!"

"Oh, Yoonjin-ah!" 

"What happened?" The basketball player looked worried and checked the other girl's body, "Are you okay? I was worried sick when you weren't there on the bleachers and the others said you went to the infirmary."

"Nurse Kim said it's appendicitis and I need a surgery."

"What? Is it that bad?" Yoonjin fixed her headband and wiped the sweat on her forehead, "Sohyun-ah, it's okay. We will tell your parents and I will go with you to hospital. Don't worry."

Sohyun hugged the other girl tightly. The nurse was busy watching the young couple interacting and didn't notice there's someone else with them. She looked up and startled because Coach Moon was just standing there by the door in silent when their eyes met. The students thanked the nurse and left, leaving the two adults with their own problems. Before Yongsun said anything, the basketball coach bowed and

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