First Encounter

Sweet Like Ice Cream
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Moon Byulyi was an athlete and a member of the national basketball team but she had a knee injury that made her retire at the age of 25. Her love for basketball was still strong as ever, therefore she applied to Sehwa Girls' High School as their basketball team's coach. She loved her job there and passionately trained the girls on the team. It's been already 2 years she became their coach and she was close with the students.

It's the new semester and the basketball team was training really hard for the tournament that would be held next month. In the morning, the team had been training in the indoor gym as they usually did every Saturday. Byulyi was standing in the middle of the court in a tracksuit with the colors of their team's uniform, red and black.

The 27 years old coach was observing the players who were warming up by running around the basketball court then after 15 minutes, she blew the whistle, "Alright, gather around girls!" After the players gathered around her, Byulyi said, "In one month, we will finally enter the tournament for the first time. Now make some noise!" Byulyi clapped her hands but none of the girls followed, "Why? You're not excited?"

"We never won any game, Coach," a sophomore and the shooting guard named Ahn Hyejin replied with a frown, "We don't have the confidence to win whatsoever."

"Ehey!" The coach put her hands on her waist, "Of course you won't win anything with that mindset. Come, on! Where's your spirit?"

The point guard and also sophomore named Jung Wheein answered, "It would be a miracle if we managed to win just one game, Coach."

Byulyi sighed and shook her head, "Alright, time for pep talk. Do you remember when I was in the national team? Back in those days..."

The girls were groaning and sighing because their coach had been telling the same story over and over again for the past 2 years. The freshman, Na Goeun interrupted her, "We've heard this story before, Coach."

The brown haired coach tilted her head, "I haven't told it to the freshman players. You, Chaeyoung and Eunseong just joined us a couple weeks ago, Goeun-ah. How could you know this story?"

"Oh, um..." The girl stuttered, "The sunbaes... Told us."

"Ah..." Byulyi showed her disappointment by shaking her head, "You seniors just ruined the moment for me."

"Sorry, Coach!" Yubin and another seniors, Lee Gahyeon and Kim Bora were hugging the coach, "Don't be mad! We'll buy you lunch."

"Ah, forget it!" Byulyi shoved the senior players from herself and acting upset, "It's time for the punishment. How about 100 free throws?"

Bora protested, "Ya, Coach! Please, no! We're really sorry. You can tell that story everyday or whenever you want."

"Too late."

"100 free throws are too many."

The coach told the players to line up in front of both the basketball rings, "Fine. Then if you score 10 free throws in a row then you can take a break. Ready? Start!" She blew the whistle again and the girls were taking turn shooting the ball. Byulyi watched Hyejin scored and clapped, "Nice shot, Hyejin-ah! Keep it up!"

During her 2nd turn, Wheein landed wrongly after throwing the ball and twisted her ankle. She fell and the expression on her face showed pain. The coach told them to stop and she checked on the sophomore girl, "Are you alright? Can you move it?"

Wheein winced and tried moving her ankle but the pain was too much, "Ack! I- I don't think I can, Coach."

Hyejin was worried about her best friend and said, "We should take her to infirmary."

"Alright," The brown haired coach put the injured girl's hand over her shoulder, "Hyejin-ah, help me." The black haired sophomore student helped holding Wheein's other arm then Byulyi told the rest of the team, "Girls, keep shooting free throws while I'm gone. Yubin-ah, as captain, you're in charge."

"Yes, coach!"


The three of them headed to the infirmary and found the room was empty. Wheein sat on the bed while the coach and the other basketball player looked around. 

Hyejin said, "That's weird. Nurse Park usually always stays in the infirmary even on Saturday."

"We should wait," Byulyi replied and saw the desk was clean, "Nurse Park resigned?"

Wheein sighed after checking her swollen ankle, "I don't know, Coach. The last time we're here it was a couple days ago and we still saw her."

Suddenly they heard the door was closed and a young pretty woman with long black hair stood there wearing white coat. The girls quickly bowed but Byulyi was stunned and mesmerized by the beauty of the stranger. 

"Can I help you?"

The basketball coach back to her senses and cleared as she's wiping the sweaty palms on her track pants, "Y- Yes. Uh... Our girl here, I mean our basketball player got injured. She twisted her ankle after a jump."

"Oh my, that sounds bad." The new nurse walked pass the coach and Byulyi could smell the Jo Malone's Peony & Blush Suede perfume really strong in her nose. The scent of rose mixed with apple was perfect for someone as beautiful as that woman. The coach felt like she was enchanted and kept staring as the nurse checking on Wheein's ankle. 

Hyejin noticed her coach was clearly whipped for the new nurse and flicking her fingers in front of the coach's face, "Coach. Hey, coach!"

Byulyi responded a couple of seconds late, "H- Huh? What?"

The shooting guard leaned to whisper, "She's so hot, isn't she?"

"Yes," The coach blurted then slapped her own mouth, "No! I mean.. Ya! Hyejin-ah!"

The basketball player laughed as she successfully coach and joined Wheein on the bed. She whispered something to her best friend and they both snickering silently. Then the point guard asked the black haired woman, "Where's Nurse Park?"

The nurse replied as she's pressing an ice pack from the small fridge on Wheein's ankle, "Her mother is sick and she had to go back to her hometown for awhile."

"So you'll be staying here?" Wheein glanced at the coach and smirked, "For how long?"

"It won't be long. Maybe... 3 months?"

Byulyi looked disappointed and suddenly opened , "W- Why?"

"Because I'm not actually a nurse. I just do this as a favor for my uncle."

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