A Trip Down To Memory Lane

Sweet Like Ice Cream
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2 years ago, Heeyeon was devastated seeing her best friend in the hospital bed with bruises and a cast on right leg. Even though Byulyi told her to let it go, but the young ambitious lawyer couldn't stay still and do nothing. As a former athlete herself, she understood their bodies were their best assets so when she saw Byulyi's condition, she was angry and wanted the thugs who crushed down the basketball player's career and life to get what they deserved.

The lawyer began investigating the accident behind her friend's back but it was easier said than done. As a rookie in the law firm, she didn't have many resources and connections to do it in the beginning, but Heeyeon was relentless and stubborn, she managed to gather everything she could find related to the thugs' activities in the area and similar traffic accidents in the last couple of years.

Those men turned out to be members of notorious gang and Heeyeon knew she was closer to uncover their identities after she came across a news article about a young doctor who got suspended from a prestigeous hospital in Seoul after saving a criminal in the ER a few months ago. Heeyeon put two and two together and suspected it was Yongsun because she heard from her best friend the reason the intern ended up as a school nurse.


On Friday, Heeyeon attended Eunseong's trial and represented the high school student and her mom. Byulyi and JJ's professor, a pedetrician named Lee Yoonjung were there as witnesses. Meanwhile, Miss Park and Nurse Kim came as the school's representatives. Lastly, Eunseong's dad as the defendant was also there with his own lawyer.  Heeyeon knew she would win the case because she got everything she needed. Medical reports, witness statements and prepared every possible answer for the questions. 

At first, the trial was intense because the man kept denying the charges against him and blamed it on his job and his frustrating family, but in the end, the handsome pretty lawyer pulled her trump card. She exposed the man's alcoholism and abusive behaviors with concrete evidence and the judge believed he was guilty. It took them 2 hours to finish and Eunseong's dad was sentenced 7 years for committing domestic violence to his wife and daughter. The judge also granted Eunseong's mom request to divorce her husband and took custody of her daughter. In the end, it's a happy ending for Eunseong and her mom.

After the others left, Byulyi went to the bathroom and JJ went to get her car and told the other two to wait outside the Seoul Central District Court. It's a good chance for Heeyeon to talk with Yongsun alone so she tapped the nurse's shoulder and cleared .

Yongsun turned and asked, "Yes?"

"Hey, um..." The lawyer didn't know where to start so she said, "Thanks for taking care of Byul. I know you two are dating and moving in together. I don't think it's too fast or anything because she looks so much better now. I can tell she's happy with you."

The nurse smiled warmly and replied, "You and JJ look good together too. Are you two dating?"

"Yeah..." Heeyeon looked down shyly and finally got to the point, "By the way, can you tell me what happened before you became a school nurse?"

Yongsun sensed the lawyer was up to no good so she got defensive, "Why do you want to know?"

"Please don't tell Byul about this. Promise?"

The other woman nodded and crossed her arms while looking around to check if her girlfriend would come out of knowhere. Thankfully, she didn't.

"I'm trying to find the men who hurt her and I think one of them was the guy you saved."

"What?" Yongsun took a step closer to whisper, "Are you sure?"

"That's what I'm trying to find out. Do you still remember his condition when he was brought to the hospital and can you describe how he looked like? There's a scar on his neck and a snake tattoo on his left arm."

The nurse wasn't sure herself so she just shook her head and gave an ambiguous answer, "Maybe? I'm not sure. He looked just like a regular man and I wasn't really paying attention to his other body parts. He also wore a long sleeve shirt so I couldn't see his bare arms."

"Damn it. Can you think harder and try to remember?"

"I can't, alright?" Yongsun asked back, "Does Byulyi even know about this?"

"I wouldn't ask you to keep it a secret if she knows."

"Then why are you doing this?"

"I can't just do nothing. I'm her best friend and I was supposed to watch her back like always. That time, I was too busy with work and my family so I barely checked up on her."

"You can't blame yourself for what happened. Those men did that to Byulyi and she also made it clear she made peace with what happened and moved on, I think you should too. Nothing good will come from this. If those people are really bad men, you should stay away from them. Some things are just better left untouched."

"Said someone who ignored the hospital's rules and did whatever she want. You have no idea what actually happened, do you?"

"Can you tell me?"

After sighing, Heeyeon replied, "A couple months ago, a man stole a family's car with a boy still inside. He was chased by the cops and got into a car accident. The cops were so close to get him and they were on their way to hospital to arrest him but when they arrived, he went missing. Up until this day, he's still out there because of you. Now, I need to know if he's the gang's leader and the same person who led the attack on Byul."

Yongsun wasn't aware of the identity of the man he saved or anything about the boy. Her uncle didn't even tell her everything and no wonder that night Doctor Kang told the interns to ask permission first before they did anything and the hospital board made a huge fuss about it and suspended her. Now she knew why.  was wide opened and her big eyes were shaking, "W- What about the boy?"

"He didn't make it," Heeyeon let out a sigh, "Look... If you didn't do what you did, that man would be still there laying on the ER bed and the cops would arrest him. Not only that, I would finally know if he's the one. They need to pay for what they did. Not only to Byul but the other victims as well."

"Oh my god, what have I done? B- But... He was dying and I- I was just... It's my job to save people's lives and I tried to find Doctor Kang but I couldn't find him anywhere!"

Heeyeon replied sarcastically, "Some things are just better left untouched, am I right? And Doctor Kang probably was talking to the detectives that night."

Before Yongsun managed to reply, the basketball coach jogged to them with a smile, "All done!" But she sensed the cold tension between her best friend and her girlfriend. She's looking at both of them back and forth, "What's going on?"

"Nothing. It's all good," Heeyeon lied and saw a familiar blue BMW sedan approaching them, "Our ride is here. Let's go."

The nurse became uncomfortable and awkward with Heeyeon so she pulled Byulyi's hand, "We're going somewhere else. You two should go ahead first."

The taller woman looked confused, "Where are we going, Yongsun?" 

JJ from inside the car shouted, "Oh, shoot! Why, Yong? I thought we're going to have a double date!"

"Maybe next time, bye!" Yongsun replied while waving at the couple in the car.

After the car left, Byulyi caressed the nurse's hand, "Did something happen between you and Heeyeon? What were you talking about?"

"Just had a small talk with her and instead of having double date, we should pack for our weekend getaway tomorrow, Byul!"

"Ah... Okay. Let's go!"




Byulyi's high school uniform was in her parents' home back in Bucheon so she borrowed Heeyeon's and thankfully it fitted her like a glove. She wore track pants underneath the brown skirt and wore her red and white basketball shoes, she just looked like a mature version of her teenage self. Yongsun appeared from the bathroom wearing hers, it wasn't the one from Bucheon but from the private school in Gangnam so she had a navy blazer, plaid skirt and black leggings. She wore a pair cream converse shoes as finishing touch. When they looked at themselves in the mirror, they could be mistaken as high school students and an odd pair as well. They looked like a delinquent student and a class president from different schools. 

The basketball coach wore her leather jacket and smile at her girlfriend who was wearing a pink backpack with their spare clothes inside, "Hmm... You're missing something."


"Do you have a hair pin? I remember you used to wear one in high school."

The nurse went through the dressing table and found a blue hair pin in the drawer, "How's this?"

Byulyi took it and put it on her girlfriend's hair, "Perfect. Now you look like Ddun Ddunie but without glasses and ier."

"Ya!" The black haired woman laughed and caressed the basketball coach's face with her fingers, "And you still look the same. It's like you never age, Byul."

"I guess being athletic has some perks hehe," Byulyi smiled and the wrinkled around her nose were visible.

Yongsun let out a sigh because the basketball coach was so hot and adorable in high school uniform. She couldn't stop herself from tiptoeing and landed a soft kiss on the taller woman's lips.

The basketball coach gasped and covered her lips, "What was that for?"

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