Sweet Like Ice Cream
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In the teacher's office, the teachers were gossiping about the basketball coach and the new nurse. In the last few days, Coach Moon was always seen getting into the infirmary during lunch carrying juice bottles and acting suspicious.

Miss Yoon, the english teacher looked upset, "Byulyi never ate lunch with us and always stayed in her office all the time but she acts differently with that nurse. Do you notice it?"

The math teacher, Miss Jung replied, "Miss Baek said she even saw Coach Moon crouching and peeking from outside the infirmary. Omo! Is she a ert?"

"Ey! Coach Moon isn't like that!" Miss Yoon defending her crush, "She's kind-hearted, well-mannered and a gentlewoman!"

"Ooohh look at you talking highly of her," Miss Jung teased, "Or... Maybe they already know each other? Byulyi always has her eyes on Nurse Kim, that's for sure. Like she's her sunflower or something."

Miss Yoon looked down and scribbled on her note silently. She was annoyed by the fact her crush was interested in someone else.

The student counselor came in unannounced with canned coffees, "Anyeong everyone! Here to boost your energy! My treat."

"Omo, omo," Miss Jung gladly took one and drank it right away, "Just what I need. Thank you, Miss Park."

"Here's one for you too, Miss Yoon," The student counselor put the canned coffee in the english teacher's hands, "Why are you sulking? The seniors are stressing you out? Cheer up. Fighting!"

Miss Yoon didn't expect this kind of act from the student counselor so she accepted it with a shy smile, "Thank you."

Miss Park took a seat next to the english teacher, "What are you discussing? Can I join?"

The math teacher sipped her coffee and said, "We're just gossiping about Byulyi and the new nurse."

"You call her casually? Omo, I didn't know you're close with her."

Miss Jung answered, "We're kinda bonding at the teacher's gathering and because we're all around the same age."

"That's actually nice. So... About her and Nurse Kim, is something going on between them?"

Before the other teachers answered, the history teacher, Miss Baek also came in and joined, "Not sure but they do look so good together, don't you think? Coach Moon didn't even hesitate to carry Nurse Kim and took her home safely after the gathering."

Miss Yoon suddenly opened , "Byulyi deserves someone better than Nurse Kim. She did something horrible before coming here."

"Ya, Bomi-ah," Miss Jung disagreed, "You can't accuse Nurse Kim like that."

The english teacher raised her voice, "I heard it myself. Principal Heo was talking on the phone with someone and he said there's nothing to be worry about because he would do anything to keep it quiet and let Nurse Kim to work here in peace. She was an intern in a hospital and interns barely do anything right normally, but what kind of mistake that got her exiled here?"

The question made everyone think and wonder why Nurse Kim suddenly came to their school and replaced Nurse Park for 3 months.




On Sunday morning, Byulyi finally had a time to meet up with her best friend, Heeyeon in a tent snack bar. They had kimbap, sundae, oden soup and tteokbokki. The lawyer just won a long battle against a manager of a shopping mall who committed a corruption.

She had dark circles under her eyes and the basketball coach made fun of them, "You look like a panda! From now on I will call you Hee-Pan hahaha! Hee-Pan-ah, look here~"

"Ya! I pulled all-nighter for a week non-stop, it's really exhausting you know. But it's all worth it!" Heeyeon stretched her body after the tent owner delivered their foods, "That is in jail as we speak."

"Nice!" Byulyi high fived the other woman, "Then you should eat up, Heeyeon-ah."

"You too, Byul-ah. It's making me sad everytime I see you getting thinner and thinner everyday," Heeyeon shoved a piece of kimbap to her best friend's mouth, "Don't make me feed you like a baby."

"I'm eating well these days," The basketball coach had a bright smile as she said it, "You don't have to worry about me."

"Omo... Is there something you're not telling me?" The lawyer was bewildered because she knew her own best friend for years and recognized that blushing face, "Stop smiling like an idiot! Come on, tell me. Are you dating someone?"

"No..." Byulyi got shy and kept slurping her oden soup. After there's nothing left in the bowl, she asked, "Do you remember Ddun Ddunie?"

"Hmm the name is familiar. Is that a candy bar brand? I told you to stop eating sweets and eat real food instead!"

Both friends raised their voices and Byulyi replied, "It's not candy, it's a person!"

"Alright, alright. Why are you yelling?" Heeyeon frowned, "Gosh, my ears."

"Because you yelled at me first, you fool."

"Aigo!" Heeyeon raised both hands, "Fine. Truce, tell me who it is."

"The nerdy cute girl I had a crush on in 10th grade. I met her again."

The lawyer choked on her kimbap and coughed, "What? Don't tell me you still have feelings for her after 10 years? She's only stayed for a year in our school. Damn, Byulyi. I don't even remember anything about my crushes from 10 years ago."

"I guess after meeting her, the past feeling resurfaced, but I already like her before knowing who she is. No way. You don't even remember you used to hook up with the class president in the storage room?"

"A- Ah... Of course I do remember Joohyun," Heeyeon looked up to see the blue sky and giggled, "Those were good times... I wish I could do the same right now. Must be really nice having someone to cuddle, kiss and..."

"You'll get a nosebleed if you keep thinking about racy stuff, Heeyeon-ah."

"I don't care and don't forget. Back in high school, you're the one who introduced me to por-"

Byulyi quickly leaned and covered her best friend's mouth, "Shut your trap, woman!"

Heeyeon freed herself and checked on her phone, "Should I go clubbing tonight? Wanna come? I bet girls will turn their heads and drooling over us when they see us wearing suits, Byul-ah! We'll dance with them and have a good time!"

"Ah, no. I'm good. If you want to go then go ahead."

"Come on! You also need a good , Byul-ah!"

Someone cleared next to their table and both women turned their heads. A mother was covering her son's ears and glaring at them.

Byulyi quickly bowed, "I'm really sorry!" She looked up to see Heeyeon who didn't do anything so she grabbed the back of her head and forced her to bow together.

"O- Ow!" Heeyeon yelped but quickly caught on and shouted, "We're really sorry, Ahjumma!"

"Ahjumma? Who are you brat calling me Ahjumma?" The mother slammed the chopsticks on her table and got up. Her son was trying to stop her by pulling her hand but it didn't work, "Young people these days have no manner!"

Heeyeon flinched everytime the lady shouted and she whispered, "B- Byul-ah, should we run? She looks so scary."

Byulyi looked down and whispered back, "No. Hurry! Get down on your knees and apologize. Maybe she'll forgive you."

The lawyer did what she was told and got down on her knees with both hands up in the air, "I- I'm sorry! I should've known better!"




Yongsun didn't have any plan on the weekend so she took a walk with her dog, Yongkeey at the park near her apartment on Sunday morning. When she returned, she washed her hands on the kitchen sink and there's weird noises coming from the drain. She thought it was clogged by some leftover food stucked in the pipe, so she the garbage disposal. Instead of getting drained, a loud gurgling noise was heard and it was flooded by water.

Soon the water was overflowing in the sink and streaming down to the floor. The nurse panicked, "Omo! Omo! What is going on?" She tried to call the apartment's maintenance but they said nobody was available at that time. She tried calling plumber services in the neighborhood but they're all busy, "How in the hell all these plumbers are so busy on Sunday?" Yongsun was pacing back and forth in the kitchen watching more water flooding the floor, "! !"

Yongkeey watched her human and also panicked. She's barking at the sink and jumped around on the water. Yongsun scolded her, "Yongkeey, no! Back away! Sit!" The white and brown furred dog sat obediently next to her owner and barking at the water from afar.

The nurse had no idea how the plumbing worked in her apartment and she had no enough friends to ask help for such thing. Suddenly she remembered a person who probably knew how because the person used to live in the same building. She dialed the numbers and prayed someone would finally help her.

"H- Hello?"

"Hi, um... Coach Moon, this is Nurse Kim."

"You suddenly called. Is something happened?"

"Actually yes. Do you know anything about plumbing?"

"Uh... Why?"

"Can you come to my apartment right now? Like ASAP. My kitchen is flooding with water from the sink and I have no idea how to fix it!" The nurse yelled without realizing and her dog was also barking, "All the plumbers are weirdly busy right now and I have no one else to call. Can you help me?"

"I'm on my way."


Byulyi hung up the phone and she almost passed out because she's been holding her breath while talking to the nurse, "Holy s... Wow. She called me first. Okay..."

"Who?" Heeyeon asked, "Jesus, look at your face. Who is it that makes my Byulie turns into a tomato?"

The coach got up, "Do you know how to fix an overflowing sink?"

"Have no idea. What are you- Who's calling?" The lawyer only watched her friend, "Is that Ddun Ddunie?"

"Yes! I gotta go!" She put on her jacket and climbed on her motorcycle, "Thanks for the breakfast, Heeyeon-ah!"

The young lawyer watched her friend speeding up and disappeared in seconds. Heeyeon mumbled, "Here I am taking care the bills again. IC... But that's okay, Byulyi looked so happy. Aigo and she's still not over her crush in high school? Ah, why do I have a lame person as a friend? That fool... "


The basketball coach rode the motorcycle pretty fast and 20 minutes later she arrived at the apartment basement. She called the nurse as she's heading to the elevator, "Nurse Kim, I'm here."

"Oh, thank god! My apartement is 1021. Come on up."

Byulyi was half running to the apartment door and knocked, "Nurse K

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