Getting To Know You

Sweet Like Ice Cream
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Hyejin and Wheein convinced the other players to join them and train for the tournament. Even though they didn't have good record, at least they should have tried and had good memories together as a team before the seniors graduating. 

The after school practice would be on every Tuesday and Thursday and the coach didn't expect many would come, even the whole team was there including the subtitute players. The shooting guard proudly flaunting her effort to their coach and Byulyi was touched and admitted that the sophomore student did a great job.

On Thursday after the practice, everyone already went home except the freshman player, Jang Eunseong. Byulyi found her was standing in front of her office. 


The girl looked dazed as she's turning her head, "Oh, Coach."

Byulyi sensed something was wrong and asked, "Are you okay?"

"Coach... Can we talk?"

"Sure. Come on in."


The next day, Yongsun bought sandwiches in the morning as usual. Since the coach loved it, the nurse ordered extra ham and cheese and smiled as she's imagining Byulyi's happy face eating it later.

In the infirmary, the nurse had nothing else to do and there's no sick student that needed her care. She was bored and missed being in the emergency room running around taking care emergency patients. She couldn't stay still and stuck in the infirmary any longer.

A month had passed since she first came to the school and she was so eager to leave but recently, she had a change of heart after meeting her high school crush. Yongsun couldn't wait to continue her career to be a general surgeon like her dad but she wanted to stay and get to know the adult Moon Byulyi more. She became conflicted and unsure what to do.

"Ugghhhh so bored..." The black haired woman rested her head on the desk, "5 more minutes until lunch... Aaahhhh... Why it feels so long?"

The school bell finally rang and Yongsun sat up straight and fixed her white coat then checked on her make up, "She usually comes at 12.05 and she should be here in... 3, 2, 1."

She stared at the door intently but unfortunately nobody was coming. The nurse sighed and nodded, "Maybe she's busy. Let's wait a bit more..."

20 minutes had passed and the basketball coach still hadn't come for their usual lunch date. Yongsun sent a chat but Coach Moon didn't even read it. Thinking that Byulyi was busy or fell asleep in the office, the black haired woman decided to take the sandwiches in her hands and came to the office in the gym. 

The office door was slighty opened and Yongsun had a bad, uneasy feeling. She pushed the door and found the coach was laying on floor unconscious with bruises on her face and blood on her head. The nurse dropped the sandwiches and hurriedly rushed to the other woman. She kneeled and held Byulyi's wrist and thankfully she could feel the pulse against her fingers.

Yongsun shook the other woman's body, "C- Coach? Hey coach! Can you hear me? What happened to you? Did someone break in last night?" She looked around the room but nothing seemed to be missing and all windows were shut tight except the door, "Coach! Please open your eyes if you can hear me."

Byulyi opened her eyes really slow and parted her lips weakly but no words came out. The nurse checked the wound on the head and it needed urgent care. Yongsun's face turned pale seeing her old crush in that condition, "I just met you again so don't you dare die on me, Moon Byulyi! Stay here, I'll be right back!"

The coach lifted her head and stared at the nurse's back disappearing from the door and said weakly, "I'm... Not going... Anywhere."


Yongsun ran as fast as she could to the infirmary. Her heart was racing and she didn't even notice the student counselor was in the hallway, "Nurse Kim! Is something happened?"

The black haired woman grabbed the first aid kit in a hurry and ran heading back to the gym. Miss Park was still there and asked her again. This time, the nurse stopped running and replied while catching her breath, "Uh- That, I... Oh my..."

The student counselor saw the concern look on the nurse's face and held Yongsun's hands, "Take a deep breath and let it out. Calm down and tell me what happened."

Yongsun inhaled and exhaled then said, "Coach Moon was injured in her office."

"Oh my god!" Miss Park gasped, "No wonder you look so pale, Nurse Kim. I'll come with you."

The two women heading to the coach's office and when Yongsun opened the door, the coach was missing from the floor and the nurse panicked. She said with trembling hands, "She was just right there! She can't walk in that condition."

"I'm right here." Byulyi said weakly from the couch. 

Yongsun turned her head, "You can walk?!"

"Barely..." The coach groaned and noticed another woman in the room, "Oh... Miss Park. Hello."

"Hi, Coach," The student counselor came forward, "I'm here to help. Oh my god, who did this to you?"

Before Byulyi answered, Yongsun already sat next to her and opened the first aid kit. She brushed the coach's hair softly and checked closer on the left temple, "Don't move. I'm going to sterilize it first."

The coach held her breath for being in a close distance with the nurse. She glanced at the other woman's face and replied, "O- Okay."

The nurse used alcohol pad but before she tap it on the wound, Byulyi already winching and yelped, "Aaah! Ah!"

"I haven't even touch it! Stay still!" Yongsun raised her voice and frowned, "Ya! If you can't handle this little pain then why did you get yourself hurt and making me worried?"

The brown haired woman blushed, "You were worried about me?"

The nurse looked away, "Everyone who saw you laying on the floor like that would freaked out. Ah... You're so bothersome."

Byulyi's heart fluttered because even though the nurse looked annoyed and nagged at her, Yongsun was actually worried and cared for her. She replied, "Nurse Kim, I'm sorry. You can continue. I promise I won't make any sound."

Yongsun cleaned the wound and applied antibiotic ointment then covered it with adhesive dressing pad. The nurse wanted to check if there's more open wounds but Byulyi stopped her. The coach was uncomfortable and insecure if someone looked at her body and told the nurse that she's fine. 

It seemed the nurse didn't need any help after all but Miss Park decided to stay and picked up the sandwiches from the floor. She handed them to the two women on the couch, "I bet you haven't eaten anything since morning."

"I don't think I can open my mouth wide enough to eat it," The basketball coach gulped and only stared at it, "I think I broke my jaw."

The nurse quickly turned and held the coach's head worriedly, "Let me see."

The sudden skinship made Byulyi panicked and backed away, "I- I was just kidding! I'm fine!"

"No, you don't look fine! Look at these bruises and you can barely walk!" The nurse shouted, "Tell me what happened to you!"

Sighing and didn't have energy left to argue, she replied, "It's one of the girls. Eunseong."

Miss Park gasped, "Jang Eunseong did this?"

The coach paused because she wanted to protect the girl's privacy but she knew the other two women had good intention, "No. She's a victim of domestic violence. Yesterday, she begged me to sleep here and I asked why. Then she showed me the bruises on her body," Byulyi looked down feeling helpless, "Her dad always beats up Eunseong and her mother whenever he's drunk and it's like everyday."

"Oh my god," Yongsun sighed and offered, "Then we should report it to the cops."

Byulyi shook her head, "No, it will only makes things worse than it is. She's just a high school kid. No one will ever believe her and they will only see her as an immature and ungrateful brat."

"What else could go wrong?"

The student counselor replied, "I'm afraid that she's right, Nurse Kim. I've been a counselor in this school for 3 years now and I heard many similar things from the students. That adults always see them as a joke and immature. They won't take Eunseong seriously unless we have evidence."

The nurse asked, "What kind of evidence?"

"Medical report, the pictures of her bruises and a witness. Her mom for example. She's a witness and also a victim."

Yongsun was eager to bring justice for the student but not Byulyi. She knew Eunseong well and she didn't want to caused any more harm for the poor girl but she's also afraid she would lose her only job if she got involved, "I don't know. She's been through enough already and I'm helpless. I don't want her get hurt even more and ruin her life."

"We're adults and guardians for the students here," The nurse touched the coach's hand, "These girls need a hero and that person is you. They look up to you."

Miss Park agreed, "Yes. They see you as their role model. Especially the basketball players, sometimes they think you're funny and silly but they do look up to you because you always encourage and motivate them. That's why Eunseong went to you for help instead of me."

The nurse wanted Byulyi to have confidence like she used to so she said, "Sometimes all you need is believe in yourself then you will see what others see in you. You are a good person, Coach Moon. I'll help and Miss Park will too. Bring her to me and I will write the medical report."

The student counselor asked, "Wait, can you do that?"

"Ah.. Damn it," Yongsun realized she's a school nurse now not an doctor, "Well no, but I know someone who can."

"Alright then," The basketball coach was persuaded by them and said, "I will ask her."


After their conversation ended, they felt like something was left out then the nurse slapped the back of Byulyi's shoulder, "Ah!"


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