Tom and Jerry

Sweet Like Ice Cream
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Nurse Kim was sitting on the bleachers with Miss Park and they were watching the basketball game, while Coach Moon was standing with her hands on her hips on the side of the basketball court next to the Sehwa's subtitute players. The nurse couldn't help herself observing the brown haired woman's movements, shouts and the way she's telling the girls what to do. Her girlfriend was pretty handsome and charismatic as a coach.

Miss Park noticed the nurse had been staring with adoration so she leaned to ask, "How long have you two been dating?"

Yongsun leaned back on the bleachers and replied, "Hmm... Maybe around 2 weeks?" 

The student counselor squealed and said, "You both look so perfect for each other! When will you tell the others abour your relationship?"

The other woman cleared  and replied, "I don't think we will. We prefer things just like now, it's peaceful."

"Hmm-mmm. I understand. You want privacy," Miss Park nodded and commented, "She's lucky to have you. I always feel pity because despite her good looks, she always spent most of the times alone in her office and she's still sending money home to pay off her family's debts. That's why she chose to live at school instead of renting a place."

Yongsun hadn't heard anything about debts but she knew hospital bills could be very expensive especially the treatments for physical injuries like the one Coach Moon had to take. She continued watching the basketball game in silent but her mind began plotting a lot of ideas on how to help her girlfriend.


The girls won the game after scoring 9 more points in the extra time thanks to the captain, Dami scored 3 points and the dynamic duo, Hyejin and Wheein scored another 6 points. The team became the underdog in the tournament because nobody would've thought Sehwa Girls High School played so well after being known as loser in the last couple of years. 

The student counselor drove them all again and they stopped by the fast food restaurant to have lunch before going back to school. Byulyi was holding her wallet and stared at the girls with sad eyes because she wanted to treat the whole team for doing a great job during the game but she couldn't. Some of the players already knew about their coach's financial situation so the seniors, led by the captain, chipped in to treat the junior players like they usually did. Nurse Kim noticed the look on her girlfriend's face and talked to Dami when they went to the bathroom. She told the captain to return the money and let the girls ordered whatever they want because she's paying for all of them, but she told the captain to keep it a secret and let the girls knew it was the coach who treated them lunch instead. The basketball players lined up and picked what they wanted to eat and when they're eating, they thanked the basketball coach.

Byulyi was confused because she didn't pay for anything but she was glad the girls had proper meals. When the adults' turn to order, Yongsun stood next to the coach with a suspicious smile and Byulyi whispered, "Nurse Kim, did you do this and told them to thank me?"

Yongsun replied while reading the menu on the wall, "Yes."

The nurse paying for the whole team somehow made Byulyi offended and her pride got the best of her. She furrowed her eyebrows and said, "I didn't ask you to do it, why did you? I'm well aware that I'm poor and you're rich but you shouldn't have done it. The girls are used to chipping in whenever we have activities outside the school. What if next time, they expect me to treat them again?"

The smile vanished from Yongsun's face because she thought what she did would please or impress her girlfriend. The nurse sighed and there's a pain on her chest seeing her girlfriend's expression, "Well I'm sorry if I want to do something nice for you. I thought you would be happy seeing the girls being well fed. You were okay with me buying you sandwiches for lunch, but why is it different now? Ah... You know what, maybe I shouldn't come with you. I'll leave after paying their orders. Since you're so offended by all of this, you should pay for your own food."

The nurse went to pay and ignored the coach. Then she turned around and walking with quick steps outside without saying goodbye to everyone so they were curious at what happened. Miss Park came over and asked Coach Moon, she said the nurse was in a good mood and watched the game with loving eyes earlier but why she's leaving abruptly just now. Byulyi took a long deep breath and chased her girlfriend.


The taller woman grabbed Yongsun's hand and guided them to the alley next to the building. Nurse Kim pulled her arm and scowled, "What?"

Byulyi frowned, "There's something bothering me for awhile. Are you dating me because you pity me?"

"Coach Moon, is that how you think of me?"

The taller woman looked away, "JJ said you have a habit of picking up strays. I couldn't help thinking about it. First you took Yongkeey in, and now you're taking care of me."

Yongsun got annoyed and scoffed, "Jesus ing Christ! Are you insane? How could you comparing yourself to a dog? You're not a pet, Coach Moon. I thought I already made myself clear about how I feel about you."

"I know..." The coach closed her eyes, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have reacted like that. It's just... For the past few years, money is a sensitive topic for me because I need to pay off my family's debts. They loaned a lot of money to pay my hospital bills and treatment. And usually, I'm the one who taking care others because I'm the oldest daughter."

"Coach Moon... You should get used to people taking care of you. People I mean me, I'm your girlfriend. Maybe you should really think deeply about this relationship because once I bite, I never let go. I'm that loyal but now I'm wondering if you're really worth it because we keep arguing like cat and dog almost all the time."

"I really like you a lot but I don't know why it keeps happening either. I really want to get along with you and JJ said you only dated around in the past and never got into serious relationship."

The nurse became annoyed at how dense the other woman could be but she also couldn't confess that Byulyi was actually her first love. She blurted, "Because they're not you! Ah, forget it. I'm leaving."

Byulyi couldn't stop her upset girlfriend and asked as the nurse kept walking, "Where are you going?"

"I'm going home!"




Later that evening, Yongsun took a shower and put her dirty clothes in the laundry room. There's Coach Moon's track shirt left behind on the hanger and she became moody and missed the basketball coach's presence in her apartment. She took her phone and almost dialed her girlfriend's number but she remembered they had a fight earlier so she just sitting there in the living room looking sad. Yongkeey bit her carrot shaped plushie toy and brought it to her owner, the dog hoped Yongsun would play with her and wouldn't be sad anymore.

The black haired woman took the plushie toy and said, "I'm not in the mood to play, Yongkeey-ah... It's all because of Byulyi..." Hearing the name, the dog's ears shot up and she barked a couple of times. Yongsun leaned down and asked her dog, "You also miss her, don't you?" The dog just stared innocently then rested her head on the floor. A moment later, the nurse threw the plushie toy across room and Yongkeey quickly got up and ran to get it.

Thinking back about their argument, Yongsun thought she's not match at all will the basketball coach but they couldn't deny the attraction between them like magnets. She wanted to invite her girlfriend over but she shouldn't be obvious about it so she thought of an excuse. 

The nurse called Coach Moon and without any greeting, she asked right away, "Are you busy?"

"Hello to you too, Nurse Kim," The brown haired woman replied, "No. I am not busy."

"Can you... Come over?" Yongsun made her voice sounded scared, "I think there's a mouse in my apartment and can you help me setting up the trap to catch it? I have no idea how to do it."

Byulyi held back her laughs and asked, "Do you need me to come as an exterminator or as your girlfriend?"

Yongsun's voice changed to normal and replied, "Can you just come over right now?"

"Okay, I'm hanging up."

"Why are you hanging up on me? I'm not done talking!"

"I'm hanging up so I can ride my motorcycle. Or do you prefer to keep talking on the phone?"

"Oh..." Yongsun bit her lip and said, "Alright. Hurry up!"


The basketball coach thought the other woman already ended the call so she mumbled as she put her phone away from her face, "Why she suddenly becomes clingy?"

"Ya! I'm not clingy!" The nurse's voice was heard loudly from her phone and then the line went dead. Even though they had an argument earlier that day, Byulyi couldn't wait to see her girlfriend again. She put on the charmander helmet with a smile and got on her motorcycle then rode it from the school.

Half an hour later she arrived and pressed the apartment's keycode as if she's living there. She took off her shoes and walked in, "Nurse Kim?"

"Over here!" The other woman shouted from the kitchen.

The basketball coach saw the nurse was in oversized white t-shirt and long baggy pants with her hair was clipped untidily. Byulyi thought the look was so domestic and y at the same time because the loose shirt made Yongsun's right bare shoulder was visible for her to see. She put down her motorcycle keys on the table as she asked, "Where's the mouse?"

Nurse Kim shrugged, "I don't know. You tell me."

"What..." Byulyi was speechless seeing her moody girlfriend but she took off her leather jacket and lifted the mouse trap in her hand, "Do you have cheese? I want to put it in the trap as bait." Without talking, the nurse went to get it from the fridge and handed to Byulyi. The brown haired woman smiled and asked, "Are you still mad at me?"

The nurse crossed her arms on her chest and stared at the si

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