The Real Me

Sweet Like Ice Cream
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Yongsun always stayed by Yikyung's side and the gay man introduced her to their acquaintances as his fiancee. Half an hour later, the nerve wrecking moment finally arrived, his parents greeted and hugged their youngest son and the mother, Seo Eunhye noticed the stunning and gorgeous woman next to her son and asked, "You're still together after the mess she made at the hospital?"

The youngest son linked his arm around her hoobae's, "Omma, don't be like that! I love my little munchkin so much and look, we're finally engaged!" They both showed the ring on Yongsun's finger, "Ta-da!!"

Eunhye stared in disbelief but the father, Lee Soonkyu showed approval and clapped, "That's my boy! Congratulations!"

"Honey! Don't you care about what people would say?" The mother pulled her husband's arm and whispered, "The board decided to release her from duty because she disobeyed her ER supervisor and saved a criminal's life."

"So what? Interns tend to make mistakes. It happens all the time, the boards were just overreacting. She clearly had no idea who the person she saved," Soonkyu didn't seem to care and asked, "So when did you get engaged? This rascal didn't tell us anything about it."

The black haired woman replied, "Last week."

"Last month," Yikyung said different answer and laughed it off, "Hahaha! Oopsie! I must've said it wrong. Sorry, it's because all the jet lag. There's no way I popped the question when I was still in Valencia, am I right? Hahaha!"

Yongsun nudged his ribs to shut him up and smiled at the parents, "Oppa must be really tired."

The mother patted the youngest son and said, "Poor boy."

"You two should plan the wedding soon. We're not getting any younger," Soonkyu laughed out loud and continued, "Don't make us wait too long. Please, have a son so our heirline is secured."

Yongsun and Yikyung forced a smile and Eunhye asked as she's looking around the university ballroom hall, "By the way, how's your uncle? I don't see him."

"Uncle Youngmin is a busy man. I don't think he's coming."

Soonkyu finished his champagne and said, "Of course. He's the hospital director after all. I put him in that position because he's a competent man."


At the same time but another place, the basketball coach was in the blue BMW sedan with JJ and she kept pulling the lapels of the black suit she's wearing because she felt uncomfortable having her bare chestline was visible for everyone to see. The blonde wore a black mini dress and noticed the coach kept moving around on the passenger seat. Coach Moon didn't like the suit because it's too revealing but JJ encouraged her by saying she looked hot and y in that outfit and Yongsun would definitely stunned seeing her.

"How do you know?"

"Because I know her like the back of my own hands," The blonde suddenly bit her tongue and stopped herself for saying more.

The brown haired woman noticed and asked, "Do you still have feelings for her?"

JJ had nervous laughs as she's turning the steering wheel and entered through the university's front gate, "You don't have to worry about me, Coach Moon. I love her as a friend and one thing for sure, I want her to be happy and the only person who can do that is you," After parking the car in the basement, she continued, "If you this up, I swear to god I will kill you. So do what you gotta do tonight and don't make me regret for helping you."

Byulyi nodded and they both went up by elevator to the 5th floor. The coach couldn't help feeling nervous and mumbled, "I don't think this is a good idea."

"Relax," JJ checked her purse and said, "Don't say anything when she ask you questions. She really hates that. Our goal is to make her jealous and show her that she's not the only one who can do this. We will push her buttons a little bit until she makes the first move."

"I still don't get it."

"Geez... Maybe this is a bad idea," The blonde woman sighed, "But it's too late to back out now, we're already here! Just follow my lead."

There were 2 guards standing in front of the hall doors and the women hid behind the wall. Byulyi asked, "What should we do?"

"You distract those men and draw them away from the doors then I'll get in first. When they'll back, I'll pretend to come out and invite you in like we're belong here."

The basketball coach replied, "Okay, but I don't know how to seduce men."

"Ugh... Fine, I'll do it. I always do everything by myself..."



Yikyung brought a plate full of food for his fake fiancee and fed her shrimp cocktail. He looked happy because he thought everything was going well, but not Yongsun.

She asked, "What if they keep pushing the marriage agenda and won't stop bothering us? When they will accept me back at the hospital? I'm on edge here."

"Soon, Trust me," The man winked at the black haired woman, "Thank you so much for doing this."

From across the hall, there were murmured in the crowd and two women were in the center of it. One young man shouted, "JJ! Dude! How the hell did you get inside? Aren't you banned? But it's always fun when you're around! My, my! Who's your plus one?"

The blonde side hugging the basketball coach to introduce her, "She's my date, a former basketball player and national athlete, Moon Byulyi."

"Wow! No wonder there's this star aura coming from her," The man offered his hand, "I think I've seen you on tv. It's nice to meet you."

Byulyi shook the man's hand, "Likewise."

After minutes had passed, JJ leaned closer to the basketball coach and whispered in her ear, "Put your hands on my waist and let's dance. I think she finally knows we're here."

The brown haired woman did what she was told and the blonde playfully trailing her fingertips on Byulyi's bare chest, "W- What are you doing? Don't do that!"

"Shush," JJ smirked and said, "Look to your left but don't be too obvious. Do it subtly."

Byulyi turned her head slightly and from the corner of her eyes she saw Nurse Kim was standing next to Yikyung and had her eyes fixed on both of them. Her heart began to pound and she became nervous again. The blonde haired woman told her to laugh as if she just heard JJ's joke then Yongsun finally had enough. The black haired woman ignored her date and marching towards them.

"Oh, this is faster than I thought. Remember what I said. Do not say anything," JJ glanced at Yongsun and whispered, "She's coming!"


The woman in purple dress had her hands crossed on her chest and cleared right behind Coach Moon, "What the hell are you doing here?"

The basketball coach turned around and just staring at the nurse. JJ replied, "What do you think, Yong? She came here as my date. She's single and ready to mingle, am I right?"

Seeing Coach Moon didn't say anything, Yongsun frowned, "You're still recovering! You shouldn't go outside and wearing..." She had her eyes scanning from head to toe, she had to admit the coach looked extremely handsome and y at the same time in that suit and stilettos. She gulped and finished her sentence, "Whatever this is..."

JJ caressed the brown haired woman's chestline with her index finger, "Isn't she look gorgeous? She needs to get out of those ridiculous tracksuits once in a while."

"Are both of you performing ventriloquism right now?" The nurse sounded annoyed, "I'm asking her, not you JJ."

Byulyi opened to say something but the blonde already spoke for both of them, "Why are you here getting upset instead of over there with Yikyung Sunbae, Yongsun-ah? People are watching and might get the wrong idea."

Yongsun looked around and Yikyung, his parents, other doctors, her friends, all were watching them. She was fuming and she couldn't control her anger and jealousy so instead of going back to her fake fiancee, she grabbed Coach Moon's hand and dragged her towards the exit and they both left the ballroom hall. 


Byulyi felt the grip around her wrist was really tight but she didn't resist as Yongsun led them to an empty balcony. The nurse finally let go only to push the taller woman against the railing. 

"N- Nurse Kim! What are you doing?"

"Do you have any idea what you're doing? Flirting with JJ like that? What were you thinking?"

"You. I was thinking about you!" The basketball coach replied and after the nurse released her grip on the suit, she thought she better not to this up or she had to face JJ so she mustered up her courage and said, "I- I don't want you to be engaged with Yikyung even though it's not real and I don't like it when I saw you... Being a couple with him. JJ came by and she said I should come here and show you what you missed. So I agreed to be her date tonight and she lend me this suit."

"Why didn't you tell me all of this the other day?"

"Be- Because... Um..." Byulyi trailed off and avoided the nurse's gaze. She ended up closing her eyes and said, "Because I'm... Just your friend and the last time we talked, you got upset so I don't know how to say it to you without upsetting you again."

"God, you're so frustrating!" The nurse sighed and said, "If you're just a friend then I wouldn't be here talking to you right now."

The basketball coach slowly opened her eyes and there's a fire in both of them that Yongsun hadn't seen before. Byulyi wetted her lips and replied, "I felt my whole body was on fire and my heart was throbbing like crazy when you said you took the offer. It angered me and frustrated me seeing you with someone else, I felt like competing for your attention but I had no chance of winning because you already decided what to do and I couldn't do anything to change your mind."

The nurse's eyes darkened as she's trailing her fingertips on the coach's arms, "Really?"

Byulyi looked down, "Yes. Really. I'm sorry for being childish and started the fight. It was petty of me."

The black haired

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