Love (Leamak)

GFriend One Shot Series

"Good morning, Yewon. This is the new bodyguard for you," said Mr and Mrs Kim as they saw her daughter come out from her room.

"We'll count Yewon to you from now on " smiled Mrs Kim holding the new-hired bodyguard, relying upon her daughter's safety to her.

"It's nothing. This is my responsibility."


"I'm Kim Sojung. Your bodyguard."

"I'm Kim Yewon."

It was the first day they met. The half-smile on Sojung melted Yewon's, innocent heart.


"Sojung unnie, can you go shopping with me?"

"Sojung unnie, let's take a stroll together in the garden."

"Sojung unnie, can we sleep together? I'm scared of the thunder tonight."

"Sojung unnie, thank you for staying beside these times. I hope this can last longer."


Kim Sojung could agree to any request of her although somehow it was off limit, only this, she couldn't.

"Sojung unnie, I like you, can I ..."

"No, Yewon. You can't." Sojung rejected, firmly enunciated every last word like daggers tacked on her heart.

"Why?" her tears failed to hold, streaming down her cheeks.

"Your wedding with Min's family is on next week," Sojung still wore an expressionless face as usual but her inner side was popple what her statement gave out to her. 

"So what? Whom I like is you! I had never seen the Min's before and I do not know a bit about him! I do not like him, much less with the marriage," Yewon hold Sojung's hand tightly, hoping the latter could return her the favour, the suit she wore all the time, wrinkle as much as the throbbing sensation.

"Yewon, I'm sorry..." the bodyguard remained calm and pushed away from the younger hand.

"Get out now! Get out!" Yewon cried hysterically, yelling at Sojung. 

Since the quarrel, no conversation they made until Yewon's wedding.

Sojung stood at the place where she easier to move to protect the girl as if in urgent, staring at the aisle Yewon walked down with her soon-to-be husband.

The bride smiled, more to a businesslike one, assuring the guest of the blissful day she had in her life, while the other, she smiled too, the bitter one she had.

Yewon did not see her after the wedding, the room she used to live in was cleared without her knowing.

Perhaps, it was no sign of a human living there, the dust piled up in her short time. She noticed an envelope was lying silently on the desk.


"Aish, Why should I be dragged here with you in these rare rest days we had?" SinB, Sojung's colleague was biting the straw of her drink, indicating her discontent with the ringleader.

"You had nothing to do during the rest day. What's wrong to spare me some?" Sojung did not move her attention from the luxury car stopped at the shop next to the street they standing now until it drove away.

"You always following them at a certain distance, they will think you are a stalker if they do not know what actual job you have," mocked SinB.

"We share the same misfortune, SinB," reminded Sojung tucking her hands into the pocket and walking away, so as SinB.


Doesn't that she have a mutual feeling?

So it is, to protect her in the silence. 


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