Boundary (WonRin)

GFriend One Shot Series

She wore a white blouse and long slacks with a high-knotted ponytail, redeemed the card at the counter, walked straight to the lift, pressed the button, and the door gradually closed.

As soon as they arrived at their destination, the passengers in the lift departed. She was the last to go because she was the only one in the lift.

She was on the 26th floor, which had the suite at a price she could never afford.


She stood in front of the door, retouched herself for the one last time and placed the card on the sensor. The door beeped to open. A tipsy woman was almost on her way to drunk appeared to welcome her.

"Sowon, you're late today," she lunged toward her make the latter stumble back a bit. With the momentum across, the door was closed effortlessly.

Her alcohol scent filled the latecomer as she started to bathe her with kisses. Her sling bag slid down as she was practically carried to the door by the married woman. She began to wonder why she had called her here.

The silver ring was placed on the dresser shortly after Jung entered the room, drank, and sighed incessantly about her marriage. She was just a vase, and the arrangements were all for show.

Until the second bottle merely to end, she fished out her phone, pressed and dialled the number she thought she was deleting last time when the person came over.

"Ye, Ye... Rin ... " Sowon was unable to form the sentence although, in the middle of changing her breath, Yerin did not give her the chance to talk about anything. She stripped down the white tee roughly and caressed her slowly down to her stomach, sending a ticklish sensation to the sober.

With the passionate act of the top, the moan and pant filled the room.

The paperback magazines on the table were flipped to a certain page, announcing the marriage news of the future CEO of the top estate agency's son to the only daughter of the city mayor. The wine glass was left with some dark purplish liquid and the ring, like the most sarcastic presence in the room.

"I was wondering why you're calling me right now," Sowon said, handing Yerin another wine glass as she lay in the hot water-filled bathtub.

Pink and purple marks spread across the latecomer's neck and shoulder although the robe covered most of them, after hanging nicely on the rail, she joined her.

"I wondered more why you are coming, you state sternly last time after you stepped out from the room," replied Yerin while her eyes still stared at the view from the 26th floor.

"Maybe habits? " she chuckled and sipped another taste. The boundary between them was getting blurred as time passed, breaking the agreement set earlier during the re-defined.

Sowon encountered Yerin under a physical relationship to pay her mother's hospital bills. This was only the fastest way for her to make such money to pay in a short time. Yerin was her first customer and also the last. Her mother did not go through the treatment and passed away. After settling the funeral, she initiate cutting off the tie, without her realizing it, Yerin was fell for her.

Sowon was stunned and started shunning away from her. Sowon was shocked and tried stepping away from her. Nonetheless, her first and only customer was unconcerned and hired a private investigator to acquire everything there was to know about her, including where she lived, went, and worked. When it came to Sowon, Yerin was determined.

"You said I could stop this agreement at any time, and I told you I wanted to when I came over the last time, so why don't you just let me go?" Sowon voiced her discontent.

"Yes, but I did not want to let you go, I just want you," Yerin pleaded. "Our agreement was listed, no affection involvement," replying with her cold eyes. Tears pooled and flowed down. Yerin did not want their relationship to end.

"Please..." the rich girl clasped her hands tightly on hers, begging her not to cut off the kinship.

"No," how stern her tone to reject her. Yerin cried and leave.

Her hand was limited to move, she looked up. "Remain the deal with additional terms, pretend not to know me outside, the relationship only limited when in the room," said Sowon.

Then there was the day before the wealthy girl's wedding when she brought up the subject once more.

"Let's end this, the deals between us are against the morale but I still with my principle. I don't want to become the third wheel between you and him," she understood how important a public figure's fame and reputation were to them and their families.

"Please, no. I did not like him, it's only the deal of my family to gain resources." Yerin pulled her hem, but she did not softhearted this time.

She left the room.

Sowon was nowhere to be found in the morning. She had a rule that she would not stay overnight every time they did it.

The most blessed thing in the world is having the person you love to wake up alongside you, but no, when the person does not belong to you, no matter how much you love him (her).

Nevertheless, they have an unspoken underground relationship.

The warmth has faded away. Sowon tidied up all the mess around the room, putting the rich girl who fell asleep in the bathtub to the bed. Sighed when accidentally glanced at the marriage news, flipped back to the cover and placed it neatly on the table.

Then, she left as usual.

Yerin put on her clothes which the latecomer hung up tidily in the opened wardrobe, retouched the marks with concealer and lastly slid back ring to its place.

The cold metal material is supposed to represent the blissful moment. 

However, it means nothing to her.


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