Homework (SoJu)

GFriend One Shot Series
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The light of the rising sun seeped through the curtains, warming up the space it shone in. The rays were not as blistering as in summer, and the temperature contrast just created a cosy place for someone to wrap in a blanket and tuck in bed like forever.

A taller woman was standing in front of the stove, preparing the breakfast her family like the most. On the dining table were placed milk, toast, sunny-side-up and some traditional Korean side dishes.

"Good morning, momma ... " a little girl stood at the doorway with a teddy bear in her arm, rubbing her tired eyes.

"Morning, my little beanie, can you help momma to wake up mommy? The breakfast is ready soon," said Sojung as she was busy setting up the table and cleaning the pot she used just now.

"Okay!" the little beanie jumped along with her pace to her parents' room. Another woman was in the room.

After a quarter, seeing no sign of both of her precious coming out of the room, Sojung hung the apron on the wall and make her way to their room. She saw her little beanie pouting pathetically and pointing to the person still in bed, complaining, "MOMMA! Mommy doesn't want to wake up. I gave the kiss I save to you for her, but still not using."

"Okay, momma knew it. Can you have your breakfast yourself first? Momma will return with mommy later." Sojung reassured her daughter to have her breakfast first. Sending her daughter out of the room, she pulled open the thick curtains and the sunlight lit up the room. The person hid under the blanket, curled into a heap and slowly moved to escape from the heat.

While looking at the 'creature' moving, Sojung, who already knew the person's habits well, sat on the side where the heap was moving to. The person dragged the blanket a little bit and peered at, as she felt the hot breath nearer, "Why don't you wake up, Yuna-ya?" A faint smile was welcome to her big baby on the bed.

"I ... don't ... want ~" she groaned and hid her face in the pillow. Sojung whispered into Yuna's ear, making the latter's pupils widen and she quickly got out of bed. As Yuna did not notice their position, their lips crashed as the elder planned.

"You are so proactive today, I saved it as a deposit," she teased, "Let's get breakfast, little beanie is having her breakfast alone now. And... if you keep staring at me with those eyes, I can't be sure what will happen later..." She got up and left and into the dining room with a foxy smile that made Yuna's heart skip a beat.

"Mommy, morning!" the little beanie gave her best smile ever to greet her.

"Alright, alright. We need to make it quick; the time was almost there, "said Sojung, and started to dig in.

They spent their time together every week

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germsrocket #1
Chapter 10: do another Yujuna 🥹🙏
Andrea_97 #2
Chapter 15: pls do sinrin too
author-nim...wonb please :")
oh wow this is really interesting
Buddyk17 #5
Chapter 13: Thank you very much authornim ,
The story is cute , at first i feel it's too short but later on i realise that the story is actually long .
Thank you very much again and waiting for your next work.
Chapter 12: This sinju was very well written. Thank you for the update author-nim! And Happy New Year!
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Chapter 12: Authornim please can we get sinju couple again please , with fluffy storyline and little bit of jealous sinb please 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Anyway love your works.
Chapter 11: I enoyed this short story... Thank you for sharing :)
Chapter 10: Wow... This is dark... But so well written... Thank you author-nim
Chapter 9: This is..... So goood yet so heartbreaking 🥺🥺