Vanilla Sugar Killer (Yumji)

GFriend One Shot Series
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In honour of a long work week, the street, building complex, and eatery were packed with people on Friday night.

Umji punched her attendance right when the clock struck the end of the time She ran a short distance to where she parked and started the engine in flow.Her heart pounded a little when the date time came near. With her fingers strumming on the wheel, her lips crease uncontrollably as she waited for the traffic lights.

Back at her apartment, Umji quickly got into a shower and changed into a pair of clothes, which caused her a temporary headache last night. Slightly retouching the makeup, she found that her heartbeat of herself was pacing. Although they dated a few times, each of them made her heart flutter as if this was their first date of them, she still have some time before the flower shop closes. Maybe she could be the last customer of the day.

The owner was surprised by her coming as the shop was about to close. She quickly came out the counter and picked flowers for her even without inquiring, Umji was a regular here. Umji walked across and wrote something on a wishing card that was sold in the shop and tipped it on the bouquet after it was perfectly wrapped. She paid and took over the bouquet to her fullest content, scrunching her nose to sniff the floral fragrance and exit to her car.

She keyed in the address to the navigation apps and promptly started her drive to the place where they decided to go for a date last week. She went to the reception in front of the restaurant lounge, pointed to the reservation booking under her name, and the manager led her to the seat. A woman who tied her long ponytail into a bun was already sitting there, enjoying the landscape view from the french window.

"Yuju," she called and hugged, then gifted her the flower bouquet to her. The latter kissed her forehead in return, and she gestured for the servant to serve the menu. "It has been a long time since we have had a fine dinner like this," said Umji, and Yuju placed the flowers beside her. "The view here is breathtaking. You looked immersed in it," both of them turned their gaze to the outdoors in sync.

"But, the view is better now because you're here." Yuju turned her head over and moved Umji's too, with a lovely smile. "You h

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germsrocket #1
Chapter 10: do another Yujuna 🥹🙏
Andrea_97 #2
Chapter 15: pls do sinrin too
author-nim...wonb please :")
oh wow this is really interesting
Buddyk17 #5
Chapter 13: Thank you very much authornim ,
The story is cute , at first i feel it's too short but later on i realise that the story is actually long .
Thank you very much again and waiting for your next work.
Chapter 12: This sinju was very well written. Thank you for the update author-nim! And Happy New Year!
Buddyk17 #7
Chapter 12: Authornim please can we get sinju couple again please , with fluffy storyline and little bit of jealous sinb please 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Anyway love your works.
Chapter 11: I enoyed this short story... Thank you for sharing :)
Chapter 10: Wow... This is dark... But so well written... Thank you author-nim
Chapter 9: This is..... So goood yet so heartbreaking 🥺🥺