It's you (Sinrin)

GFriend One Shot Series

I guess you all know your smile
I think it wakes me up, that pretty smile make me laugh
I keep thinking of you. Do you know me like this

Standing in the middle of the podium, SinB gasped as the door opened. Yerin is beautiful in white. People said she was too emotional, but SinB didn't care. There was no audience for their wedding, no clapping, no cheers. There is no way she acts.

Both of their mutual friends, just a few are enough for them. Sowon led Yerin down the aisle. Yerin has a beautiful smile as if she was an angel from heaven. The first time she saw her, she thought she had won the lottery.

The semester before summer vacation,

She had her meal in the cafeteria alone after the dancing practice, playing the recorded dancing over and over again, watching every movement in detail. The strength, the angle, and the flow.

"SinB!" Her friend found her. After a glance at her friend, SinB returned to her phone screen. "Hey SinB, don't be so boring. Come on, this is my friend, Yerin."

Yerin was kind of awkward as she attempted to wave her hands to greet, but she did not get a face-up from her. To ease the awkward atmosphere, Yuju nudged SinB and sat across her, so Yerin did the same, narrowing her lips. Her friend poked at the dancer's phone to get her attention.

She was successful, SinB glared at Yuju and positioned her phone neatly next to the plate. "This is Yerin," she repeated once. SinB looked beside Yuju, a smiley face greeted her. It sent some butterflies to SinB, made her churn and she didn't want to look at her again.

SinB resumed her meal and Yuju kept talking to Yerin. She only raised her head whenever the dorm duo needed advice from a third party. A small raise could make her blush. Every word Yerin said every smile she gave, and every gesture she made created a space in her mind other than dancing moves.

There was the first time she met Yerin, the love of her life.

(woo woo) In that wind that blows
(woo woo) My heart
I’m in love
with you with you

Sowon kept leading Yerin, Eunha and Umji stood beside her as flower girls, pouring down the flower petals and the confetti to the new couple. The petals drizzled down slowly, gently over her blissful face. Holding back her tears, Yerin wanted to keep the precious moment beautiful for as long as possible.

It reminded SinB after her performance at the spring festival.

Her team members left one by one after their friends came to enjoy the festival. SinB bid them goodbye and walked around the stalls. She opted for a cup of iced lemonade. It's helpful to replenish her energy. She walked then sat under a big tree.

A spring market with people coming and going. Some of the visitors were dating couples, some were friends, and some were with families.

SinB sipped the cold drink, her eyes focused on the pathway. Flowers tree side by side, the soft pink petals falling down occasionally as the gentle breeze passed.

As if we had a date there, it would be romantic, too. SinB thought. However. It was like building a castle in the air. First of all, she doesn't have a date. She wanted one for herself too, to block out all the cringe she felt when her dormmate Umji bragged about any sweet moments she shared with her partner. On the other hand, she was worried about meeting a bad person.

"SinB?" SinB knew who was calling her. She remembered the voice well. Her heart thumped as she heard the voice. She looked at her. A yellow dress with a sling bag imprinted with ducklings. Her hair was braided like a flower girl.

The eye-catching smile.

The smile made her drown.

The second SinB is the only one that truly feels like eternity to her.

I wanna fall in love
with you with you

You like the wind
blow endlessly
shake me oh
You are like the night sky

They almost reached the podium. SinB couldn't suppress her lips curving upwards. Her heart beat fast, stamping the stage in reflex, her tears pooling up too.

They get along together, studying together in the library, eating in the cafeteria, present in the dancer's performance or whenever Yerin needs a partner to the bakery workshop then graduate together. They worked in a different city and rarely saw each other.

In the winter years after, SinB received a call from Yuju. When she heard the news, she dropped everything she owned in the city and hurried there.

The wind was piercingly cold, especially in winter. SinB was in her car and called Yuju from the city.

"SinB, Yerin is missing. I received a call that she wouldn't be attending the gathering. Her voice was trembling, and I heard some sobs behind her. After that, the line was cut. I called back, but no one answered. I am scared, I couldn't find her then I reach you," Yuju was in panic, she couldn't calm herself down.

"When she called you?" SinB asked. "Right 3 hours before the pickup time, she wouldn't cancel the gathering last minute as she promised to attend. Now the gathering has ended, and I still can't reach her. What should I do now? You got along with her well during uni, you may know where she is right?"

"Did you try to find her at her house?"

"Yes, no one is there. All the places we had been, the café, the park, the bakery workshop. What should I do now?"

A flicker passed through the bakery workshop!

"I'm on my way to university town."

"What sh- What? You're on the way here?! Don't you have a meeting coming up in the next few days? Yah! Hwang Eunbi! Are you insane?" Yuju shouted across the phone. SinB winced as the high frequency from the in-ear piece pierced his ears.

SinB looked back, she had never been so impulsive. Her friends said she is a very calm person; everything will work according to her plan. Why did she go wrong this time?

Yea, why did she go wrong this time?

She didn't know, maybe because the person was Yerin?

She had deep feelings for Yerin that she never confessed to. She never once wanted to give her a hard time.

SinB almost reached the park near the university. She parked her car in the designated parking lot, draped over the fleece, and added a scarf to keep warm.

The garden kiosk between the university and the bakery workshop. The place where they used to meet whenever they needed a partner to go somewhere else.

"I got you," she said stepping in to see a silhouette hurdled up the ground. She raised her head to the source. "...SinB"

She levelled to her height and quickly embraced her. The face full of tears hurt SinB. "Everything is okay, I'm here. I'm here for you."

I guess it’s love, my heart for you
It must have been love, the eyes looking at you

I keep seeing you in front of me
Wherever I go, I only think of you
Do you know my heart like this

"Yah, don't you dare to daydream in your most important day. I know just a simple one and only few of us, but can you still show some respect?" Yuju nudged SinB who drool at the beauties of Yerin.

"I'm not," SinB denied and inner gasped on Yerin in the simple white dress with the veil and flower crown. And she, herself only bought a white suit, which is more likely to be a working one. But who cares? The most important thing is that they like it.

SinB stole glances from time to time when the pronouncement of the officiant. She changed rings, exchanged vows, and promised to be hers forever.

In autumn, leaves fall to form a golden yellow layer on the floor and some stack beneath the tree. As the weather turns colder, people put on more clothes.

They strolled hand-in-hand in the nearby park. Rarely did Yerin let go of SinB's hand to feel the fallen leaves. She looked like a toddler having fun in the rain. SinB always stood by Yerin's side, staring at her and smiling.

After their elopement, they relocated to a completely different country to start their lives over. They lived through thick and thin together, sometimes fighting a lot.

Fortunately, that is now a thing of the past.

She asked her all the time, "Will you regret this?" Yerin always asked her, and SinB never felt irritated to answer her. "No."

But this time, she planned to trick Yerin. "Yes."

"What?! I knew it," her cheeks grew puffy.

SinB tittered, "I haven't finished yet! Stay calm! ", and held Yerin to prevent the pinching punishment.

"If the person wasn't you."


Inspiration by Dvwn (다운) – I'm In Love With You (봄바람처럼) | The Law Cafe OST Part.4

Author Thought:

The storyline may not aligned to the lyrics, but it give the kinda vibe when I listening. Gotta hook me the first time I listening when watching The Law Cafe. 

10 days to Eve, 11 days to the Christmas. See ya !

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