Kitty's puppy, Puppy's kitty (Sinju)

GFriend One Shot Series

“SinB babe!” a person trudged in before the door opened fully, leaving the manager to smile embarrassedly at the tall girl who was brewing the coffee in the opened kitchen. The owner of the name jolted along with her Switch on her hand and a tall woman crashed into her.

Then, her manager left after assuring her artist reached home safely.

Sowon, the tall woman standing in the kitchen holding the coffee she had finished brewing, heaved a sigh of relief that the coffee for SinB hadn’t been served yet. This must create chaos later.

“I missed you…” Yuju drew closer to SinB and kept nuzzling till they reached the corner of the sofa. Yuju was really missing her girlfriend after spending a week overseas for her job. She was fully enthusiastic to her despite the long flight, but SinB was full of irritation writing on her face.

“Yah! Yah! Get away from me!” SinB pushed her with both of her hands, nevertheless, the singer had learned pole dancing before and her grip strength was not a joke. “Mmm … Wae? I really missed you…” she pouted, and SinB’s heart soften without a second. "At least clean yourself first," she said, slightly tilting back, and Yuju headed to their room to prepare for a shower.

Sowon took the coffee cups to the tea table in front and sat on the one seat left to SinB, noting the young lady's knitted brows. “Failed again?” and she received a glare from the gamer.

Sowon chuckled and sipped her coffee, looking at her fully engrossed in the game she restarted.

Scientists proved that the different poles of the magnet will attract to each other when it is put together. But humans tend to group together like birds of a feather.

The year Yuju and SinB fell in love and announced their relationship was beyond their expectation.

Yuju, a junior in art performance high school, majoring in the singing course, is a hot extrovert, literally a puppy-liked person. SinB is a sophomore at the same school as Yuju, majoring in dance, and is a cool introvert. Likely an arrogant kitten. Other than sharing almost the same popularity, the top-tier students were the exact opposite.

Everyone wondered, and it became the largest unsolved mystery in the universe among high school students.

“Hurry up guys, get your partner and start the practice,” the instructor clapped his hand to alert the students in the activities room to revise the performance they prepared for the audition for the coming school festival performance. Everyone got their partner a second after the instructor’s words and dispersed to their personal space leaving SinB and another tall girl from a different group.

SinB and she stood stiff as she was absent last week, she was confused, and the girl was beaming at her. “You and you, a group. Move, now!” the instructor looked at both girls and had no response, so every second is gold now for them to catch up with the practice especially since them missing a period and falling behind a lot.

“Hello, I’m Yuju from the singing division. Nice to meet you.” The beaming girl stretches out her hand to SinB. The black hoodie girl stared at her and walked away, leaving her confused. “SinB doesn’t like to talk but she is the good one,” the girl from the same department nudged Yuju and told her about some of her classmates.

Later she retrieved from the too much information she received from the student; she felt an intense glare from where SinB went. She just stopped there as she felt no one following her, the dancer turned and Yuju could see the cold expression shoot at her.

Ah, this may be hard though. She shook her head and hurried to catch up with the cold girl in front.

A week passed; they met up after class every day to catch up on the practice with each other. SinB didn’t talk much other than the instruction and advice regarding Yuju’s steps and the singing part Yuju arranged for her.

And Yuju noticed some changes in SinB when she sang her part, her ears became redder.

On the day of the audition, the members of the student representative society were there and all the instructors as the panel to judge the suitability of the performance for the school festival.

They practice as many times as they could until reaching perfection, Yuju was relaxed, but SinB kept rubbing her palm on the microphone. SinB can dance confidently in the public, but singing was not her thing, she didn’t dare to sing in front of so many people.

“Are you okay?” concerned Yuju to her partner today later on the stage.

SinB’s every facial muscle failed to coordinate, and her expression was unreadable, kept changing her hand holding the microphone to wipe off the sweat on her palm. Yuju poked the dancer’s shoulder, hoping to get a response from her. However, the light poke was not working.

The singer breathed in and out and smacked the dancer’s back. The dancer jumped and looked at her, at that moment, Yuju was like the light shone into her.

“Come on! Let's go, it's our turn! Re"Relax and take the stage!" SinB was practically dragged on stage to start their performance. In the aftermath of the stage, SinB's felt full and her eyes never moved away from Yuju again.

The final performance list came out and the selected teams were required to visit the instructor for comments to improve the completeness of the performance.

“The performance of your group is impeccable in every aspect, formation, strength, time, and many other. But it still lacks something between you, I couldn’t verb out too, like … chemistry? To spice up the performance, I suggest you both improve your relationship first. Fighting for the performance next month!”

And the instructor just drilled the right hole …

“Come, hug once! For we have been selected!" the singer requested from the dancer after walking out of the office. She opened her hands wide and waited for SinB's return. Yuju always did this to the partner when they were picked to perform publicly.

SinB looked at her terror, the double triple times unwillingly to do it. She rejected it physically and psychologically to hug someone, especially in a public place. She felt uncomfortable with it, and her fur stood up when she was forced to hug someone she didn’t like.

Not waiting for SinB to prepare herself inside out, a transient strength dragged her into an embracement, and the strength was strong till she couldn’t breathe freely. The dancer inhaled after Yuju lose her hand, creating a small void for her to balance the oxygen intake to her body.

It was an earthy scent and a rosy cheek.

"Our junior's dancing skills are the best," Yuju said ruffling the younger's hair and walking away.

Who knows? The chemistry between them was slowly brewing.

The pair practised every day after the class and the weekend, and SinB became weirder and weirder according to Sowon, her only friend since stepping into high school. Her sudden mood swings gave Sowon a headache and the dancer was delighted in a second and turned dark in another second. The most severe, SinB promised Sowon to company her to the nearby complex but in another minute Sowon was not sure whether SinB encountered someone and walked away madly back to their shared dorm.

Besides, from the scene, Sowon witnessed herself, even weirder.

Yuju and SinB were tired after completing their practice for today and decided to grab drinks in the canteen. SinB gladly offered herself to buy the drinks after picking a nice seat. Choosing Yuju's favourite drink from the open fridge based on her daily observations and one for herself, she paid and returned. However, her mood of enjoyment died down when she saw someone sitting there chatting with Yuju and the singer didn’t notice her. She left the drinks on the table behind and stormed away.

Sowon saw it all as she entered the canteen from a different direction which was just right for her to enjoy the whole scene when she approached her girlfriend, someone who chatting with Yuju, and the latter was Eunha’s classmate who joined the same society.

As the couple observed Yuju, she kept looking in the direction of the convenience store, as if she was searching for someone who had already left without her knowledge. “Who are you looking for?”

"My partner, she says she will grab the drink, but she seems like … lost?”

Eunha got her attention when she asked, "Who is your partner?". “Her name is SinB, a year younger than us. That’s all I know.”

“SinB?” Sowon muttered to herself, it shouldn’t be a coincidence, Should it? The petite’s girlfriend walked to the table where SinB left the drink, took it, and gave it to her. "Wow, it's rare for someone to get her the right drink in one guess," Eunha replied, with a tinge of jealousy.

“I don’t, I just pick it from there. SinB left it after seeing someone walk in this direction and leave.”

“You know SinB too?”

“Yup, she is my dormmate. She is weird these times.” Taught Sowon when brought up the topic of SinB.

“I feel it too, the first impression was like cold, doesn’t like to talk much, introvert but slowly turned to a grumpy one, grumpy all the time from the tone I perceived from.”

"Maybe we should set up a bureau if you want to know what's going on with her. is tightly sealed.”

“A bureau?”

“Yes, a bureau”

A week before the official performance, the amount of practice increased. Yuju was left alone as SinB walked away to get drinks for them to quench their thirst after the intense practice. As a hot girl in high school, few people accost her when the singer was alone there, and Yuju, who likes to make new friends, did not reject and chat for a while.

SinB stepped out of the convenience store and felt everything like déjà vu, but worse was she was in the middle of the boys. The cold aura that SinB always gave worked so well, and they were excused to leave when the shivering personality stepped forward and stood behind Yuju.

“I’m sorry. We are in rushed,” spoke SinB and dragged away the singer who was still in the middle of bidding bye to the boys.

“Ah~ Wae~ I just get to know them,” the singer whined as the dancer loosened her hand on the singer’s collar when they were far enough from the crowd side at the cafeteria. “Because you are mine,” the dancer tucked in the straw to the drinks to Yuju and later to herself.

"Yours?" the singer asked with a question mark in her mind.

“I-I-I mean the performance group. Yeah, we are in a group, you’re my singer and I’m your dancer. That's all," SinB rapped, still biting into the straw when she realized what she had said.

"That's it?" Yuju moved forward until her head tilted near the dancer, face to face.

“That’s it!” the dancer put up her hoodie and stomped away, likely to escape from the awkward situation.

A smile rose on her.

On the day of the school festival, the crowd is larger than usual as the students bring along their family members too to enjoy the largest event in their high school life. Yuju and SinB were the fourth groups to perform. They were all groomed and waiting backstage, practising until the last minute before stepping out.

A member of the PA crew had passed her a head-mounted mic, and SinB was frowning to put it on. It is the first time she saw the thing, and a bit frustrating to adjust the wires. While Yuju doesn’t have a problem since she is using a hand mic for the performance. SinB practised the dancing movement and the wire swinging here and there, and the dancer was slowly losing her sanity.

Yuju tittered as she was never taught to see a kitten and was frustrated to handle the mess yarn in her real life. She held back her laughter remained low and lent helping hands to the fussy kitten now.

SinB felt a force dragging her mic and she became more furious, she turned around and found her partner has removed the plug and slipped in the wire under the clothes, then plugged in again to the small monitor clipped on her waistband. Before the singer's hands left the dancer, she tidied up a bit of her attire.

The aircon backstage was cold but SinB felt hot all of a sudden now.

Their performance was perfectly done and earned big applause from the audience, SinB followed where Yuju had been since her only friend and dormmate will be late, and the singer insisted she tags along with her singing team. They cheered to welcome the pair and SinB was forced to adapt to the enthusiastic atmosphere, tugging Yuju’s hem tightly and hiding behind her. Even worse, her performance clothes do not have a hood or a cap, so she cannot cover her face.

“Wow, Yuju, your guys’ performance is great. It makes me alive from hell!”

"Doesn't it make you feel like you're in heaven?" Another joked.

*Cheon-sa, your everything is just right, even god let you be born at the day with an angelic voice as a gift!”

“Wendy, stop overreacting, it is too greasy,” Yuju teased at the excessive compliment from her division mate which earned the group people enough of a laugh. SinB slowly peeked at once when she lifted her head up a bit.

“Eunha! Someone is looking for you,” a person noticed the tall figure standing outside the room with a bouquet, and the person ran outside.

The voice, "Congratulations!" is familiar to SinB, who swears she has heard it every day. “Sowon?” her dormmate asked to come after the performance. "SinB?" the person rejoined as she heard the mumble as well. SinB raised her head in the direction of the person calling back to her. As if she had met her saviour, she detached her hand from Yuju and reached out for her dormmate. SinB felt she was able to breathe freely now after escaping from the room that suffocated her. Feeling her battery draining fast as the short but intense socialize earlier, she bid goodbye to her dormmate and quickly returned to rest, not planning to bid her partner personally, she pleased Eunha to bid and thanked the performance on behalf on her.

As Yuju felt the absence of her dancing partner, she went out to meet the couple standing beside the door and asked if they had seen SinB leave.

“She would like to appreciate the performance and bid goodbye to you personally, but inside was a crowd and she just couldn’t,” and Yuju seem a bit sad as she lost the opportunity to share the one last time before their cooperation officially ended.

The sound of one of the division members came from inside yelling to urge them to go as the table reserved for their small celebration is around the corner. Yuju only could put aside her personal feelings to follow the team's steps.

SinB is awkward after realizing that Eunha was someone, after all, Sowon had told her the whole thing. Her face almost reddens whenever they bring up her jealous act of her for the whole past semester.

She left the console on the tea table and pushed the door in while Sowon was alone in the living room enjoying her time. She found a sleepy puppy who hadn't showered yet slumped on their shared bed. She sighed. Yuju was exhausted now and had no energy to move. Quietly, and gently, she moved her completely onto the bed and covered her with a blanket. Although she couldn’t bear with wearing the clothes outdoors directly lying on the bed, she let it pass because she is Yuju.

SinB lying later beside the singer in her minimize move, enjoying the side profile of her girlfriend which she had missed since she board the flight the days back then. A hand rest on the singer's arm and another hand on her own lap, resting on the headboard to support herself, look at the wall not far away, a stalk of nylon-tied knitting flowers hanging there, it is from Yuju to SinB, clipping a polaroid photo at the end of the string. It had some discolouration on the white edges, lamenting the old-time past.

SinB had received an invitation through a message from an unexpected person, the person who made butterflies flutter in her stomach. However, it makes her blunt. She doesn’t like any outdoor activities, not to mention the venue is an amusement park.

Observing her facial expression, Sowon asked, "What's wrong with your long face?". “Nothing.” She replied shortly.

“I’m out to date next weekend,” she dropped the notice and continue her work.

The day came and SinB show up at the promised place on time. She a hoodie as usual and cargo pants, sneakers which were the most comfortable and suited to her outfit today. A date doesn't mean she has to dress up fancy; SinB preferred wearing comfortable clothes.

Yuju jumped in seconds later after SinB arrived with a shoulder bag strapped over her shoulder, a bright tank top and a denim one-piece jumpsuit. It's the exact opposite hue of dressing colour. A hand hidden behind brought in front, and revealed flowers to her, "Tada~ This is for you!" My mother said that flowers are supposed on a date.”

SinB appeared to be reluctant, and hesitant, but still accepted the flowers from Yuju. She felt the sensation of the electric current flow through, feeling ticklish. The dancer quickly pulled away, but it turned to a strong grip as the singer grabbed her, hopping onto the bus which had just arrived.

SinB sat next to the window while Yuju was next to the aisle, the singer had inexhaustible energy and could talk to her non-stop en route. Her eyes never moved away but her body shrugged as the singer moved nearer to her, almost tucking herself between the gap of the window and the seat. She had hundreds of thoughts of being pleased to close , as the breeze kept blowing in as the window was half open, and if she had a mask, she would have covered herself before the sneeze started. Thanks to God, the air was better after they got off the bus because they had reached their destination.

There were rides, kiosk games, a show, and some food, kind of like the cliche routine the performance partner followed. SinB looked at every move of her quiescently and follow what the singer had requested her to do for the game, and she willed to even gift her the rolling eyes beforehand in her mind.

There was an area had caught the singer's attention, a few rows of clawing machines filled with the merchant. Though the cute plushies are too cute to resist, the singer tried several times but to no avail. She pouted as she walked away to where SinB stayed since her allergy symptoms heightened. Despite the discomfort, the dancer entered the space as the singer wished, as she could not bear to see her down, especially when she saw the puppy's pouting face when she got out.

“Here! Here!”

“That! That!”



The singer hugged her as the succeeding results, and SinB felt that she was practically lifted into the air and spun around.

As a click sound interrupted their moment, the cameraman snapped the picture and passed the copy to them as a memento of the moment. SinB was still in mid-air and Yuju was holding her, it came to their sense afterwards and the singer quickly put her down.

“This is for you,” Yuju smiled brightly, and stuffed the black kitten plush into the dancer's hand, while the yellow pup plush in hers. SinB stared blankly at the giver, who playing with the ears of the pup, and blabbering nonsense to her, she didn’t reject nor accept and the plush somehow followed her home.

The day is fun, but it was hard on her roommate. Sowon greeted with red patches on SinB's body curling in her bed, shivering when she was about to call her day off. Urgently send her into the 24/7 clinic and take care of her for consecutive days until the dancer was able to regain the energy depleted.

“Tell me, what happened that day?” Sowon served her the tablets and glasses of warm water, asking in an interrogating tone. “Almost winter now, and don’t you whistle that flowers grow everywhere as the excuse. Don’t tell me you forgot your allergy to pollen.”

“It’s been a while, so I didn’t take it seriously,” the dancer's eyes began fluttering nervously, remembering the red patches still visible and she put down her hand which was intended to scratch her nape.

“The flowers, why do you still accept them?" Her hand pointed at the flowers now framed in a first-degree battle-ready fashion. "I thought you'd reject it," she said.

“Yuju gave me, and I have no reason to reject her,” another lie followed another lie.

"SinB, that's not a reason, you harm yourself! You have the right to reject her!”

“I’m just- just -” SinB stuttered and speechless, unable to find a point to fight back the argument.

“The reason is, the person gifted is Yuju,” Sowon sounded like a statement rather than seeking the truth. “No,” she still denied it.

“You wouldn’t do anything you dislike. You accompanied Yuju to the amusement park when Yuju asked, where you swear you wouldn’t go after our first dorm gathering. You receive the flowers even though the pollens could kill you. Nobody will remember someone’s favourite drinks, and pick it right the first time, especially a picky one.”

“We’re just friends, it is too rude to reject the kindness of friends,” she still stood her ground.

“Forget about it, SinB. Friends? Your action was more than that. Rude? You must forget last semester a same-grade student gifted you a box of chocolate, and you forwarded it to me without a hitch. And the time before that, a boy from another school gifted you a bouquet of flowers, just like the one you brought back days ago…”

“I accept it,” SinB rushed to answer before Sowon could say.

“Shut it. Yeah, you accept it. But guess what happened later? You take it like venom, extend your hands as far as you could, and it ended up in the dustbin at the entrance to the building. Besides, when did you become so attentive? The last time was last year when a girl courted you countless times. You accept it because moved by her sincerity, but you broke up in three months."

“You reject anything you dislike in the past, but Yuju? You even risk your health! Pure friends? Who believes it?” Sowon rolled her eyes, and kept going on, “You better figure out, she’s just a friend? or more than that.”

Just a simple question from Sowon, SinB still couldn’t figure it out. It is more difficult than the calculus exercises the teacher gave. She put all her mind into it until she was staring at the person of all the causes not far from her carelessly. She wanted to take a step forward, but thinking she was nothing but the past performance partner now, she decided to walk away without bothering the junior.

Of course, Yuju noticed her when the person came into her sight, she wanted to greet her, but her friends came. After a few sentences, the dancer disappeared, but luckily, her eyes caught SinB's back. Yuju excused herself and caught up where she left off.

“Hey, SinB. It's great to see you again. I miss you so much. You disappeared for a week after the date, and Sowon said you had an allergy for the week. I'm worried to death about you. I'm to blame, and you can just reject the flowers. Let me see whether you gain some weight," the singer didn't give SinB a chance to speak, bombarded her with all her concerns, turned her around and checked on her.

SinB was stunned by the singer's act.

“SinB, are you okay? SinB? SinB? SinB!” she patted once, twice, and ultimately yell to call her soul back.

“I-I am okay,” her body grew stiff as the singer’s hand ran here and there, her face heated up bit by bit, “I-I …”

“Do you have things to tell me?”

“I-I-…” SinB’s brain was glued together, and the ability to form complete sentences was out of service today.

“Do you have a crush on me or something?” her face grew redder, and Yuju was sure that she had hit the bull's eyes.

“Or perhaps, you are jealous of them?” Yuju moved a step forward and pointed to the group whose friends passed by.

"No, I'm not," she quickly responded.

“You’re in denial,” she saw her brows knitted and lips pouted in grudge, gathered from what Sowon witnessed weeks ago, she sure there is something the dancer holding on to.

And Yuju’s words triggered her. Suddenly her anxiety disappeared, and she fell into denial mode completely. "I am not in denial!" stomping off, Yuju sniggered when the dancer her grumpy mode.

“Come in, it is cold there,” the junior singer opened wide her padding jacket and asked the dancer to come in, the breeze in the winter chilled one to the bone. “I don’t.” SinB put both hands in her pocket and didn’t want to bother the invitation.

A shadow approached from behind, and the warmth embraced her out of the blue. The red tint almost faded away and recharged instantly. “I say I’m not! I don’t!”

“Had someone say that you look adorable when you puffed your cheeks? Like a mad-mad kitty,” she teased while resting her chin on SinB's shoulder.

“Don’t even tell me, I already know. No need to get that out if you couldn’t, but promise me you’ll tell me one day…”



*Cheon-sa meaning angel in Korean


Author note: 

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! This requested by Buddyk17 , I modified the setting a bit and I hope this Sinju couple suit your taste :)

Enjoy reading! :)

//Btw, Viviz come back today 🎊


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