A farewell living up to the encounter

GFriend One Shot Series
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[Sowon X Eunbi, Eunbi X Yuju] *Eunbi can be Eunha or SinB

A carton box was placed on the table. Sowon stirred the coffee slowly as if time could never be there. She wished the moment would not come anytime soon, perhaps it would never come.

The customer in the shop was getting less after the peak time, a woman in a brown apron stood in front of her, "Why are you here?", yelling her back to reality. The expression of the woman shown was antsy, detested and awkward, maybe the staff never predicted she would meet her ex again in her new workplace after they broke up.

"To return this to you." Sowon pointed to the box beside which almost occupied a single-seat table. Her hand stopped and removed from the stirring stick and gently brushed the box in a way that reminded her of the precious things in her life. She finally dared to face the woman, and requested. "5 minutes?"

Scanning around only fewer customers dined in and orders were almost served, she sat unwillingly across Sojung hoping the time would be passed faster.


As Sowon looked at the attractive face, she smiled. "You look uncomfortable," she said gently. Another woman came in with a cup of drinks and placed it in front of the staff, a glance and whisper were exchanged between them. The intimacy between them made Sowon instantly comprehended their relationship, her ex's current. They worked together.

"Are we still in a relationship to see each other at any time? I thought we ended it years ago." The woman asked, not touching the drinks in front. She knew it would prolong the time she sat there. She didn't want anything to do with Sowon.

Sowon just stared at the woman without saying anything, just ... staring. Miss Kim, I can prepare coffee and serve a few tables in 5 minutes, but what is your intention now?" The woman gradually showed her impatience as Sowon did not say anything, causing her to be annoyed.

"Eunbi!" She heard the other staff calling her to assist. Eunbi left her seat at once, stood, and glanced back before she really walked away, without a second of thought, "It is enough for you to stare at me, I need to return to work now, you can leave the box there, I'll come back to collect later." She walked a distance and seemed to forget something, "And I don't think we need to see each other anymore."

As Sowon expected, it is also true that no one wants to se

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germsrocket #1
Chapter 10: do another Yujuna 🥹🙏
Andrea_97 #2
Chapter 15: pls do sinrin too
author-nim...wonb please :")
oh wow this is really interesting
Buddyk17 #5
Chapter 13: Thank you very much authornim ,
The story is cute , at first i feel it's too short but later on i realise that the story is actually long .
Thank you very much again and waiting for your next work.
Chapter 12: This sinju was very well written. Thank you for the update author-nim! And Happy New Year!
Buddyk17 #7
Chapter 12: Authornim please can we get sinju couple again please , with fluffy storyline and little bit of jealous sinb please 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Anyway love your works.
Chapter 11: I enoyed this short story... Thank you for sharing :)
Chapter 10: Wow... This is dark... But so well written... Thank you author-nim
Chapter 9: This is..... So goood yet so heartbreaking 🥺🥺