GFriend One Shot Series

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Just fanfiction based on my own imagination

May go wild sometimes =)

Some might OOC


Wonrin - Boundary

Wonha -

Soju - Homework, Tell me this is NOT real

WonB - Yuan

Leamak - Love

Jungsis -

YeJu - Rain and thoughts

SinRin - Accident, It's you

Yesis -

97 line - Sunflower

Eunbi line - 

Smol line -

Sinju / main line- We had , Kitty's puppy, Puppy's kitty

Yumji - This is how we meet, Vanilla Sugar Killer

98 line - 

I'm sorry if any mistaken described the job, so it might be have bug there. Plot's needs plot's needs 😗
Enjoy the story anyway:)


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germsrocket #1
Chapter 10: do another Yujuna 🥹🙏
Andrea_97 #2
Chapter 15: pls do sinrin too
author-nim...wonb please :")
oh wow this is really interesting
Buddyk17 #5
Chapter 13: Thank you very much authornim ,
The story is cute , at first i feel it's too short but later on i realise that the story is actually long .
Thank you very much again and waiting for your next work.
Chapter 12: This sinju was very well written. Thank you for the update author-nim! And Happy New Year!
Buddyk17 #7
Chapter 12: Authornim please can we get sinju couple again please , with fluffy storyline and little bit of jealous sinb please 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Anyway love your works.
Chapter 11: I enoyed this short story... Thank you for sharing :)
Chapter 10: Wow... This is dark... But so well written... Thank you author-nim
Chapter 9: This is..... So goood yet so heartbreaking 🥺🥺