Accident (SinRin)

GFriend One Shot Series
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Specks of dust seemed to dance in the shaft of the morning lights. The fragrance scent was all in the garden. While everyone was outside enjoying the warm weather, SinB, who was still in the intensive care unit, remained indoors.

"Rin, wait for me back," SinB clasped tightly the hand of the lifeless body, connecting the lifeless body with wires and tubes. Her girlfriend's pulse was displayed on the monitor beside her.

There was no telling how long she would be here, not an inch from Yerin's bed until she regained consciousness.

"SinB, it's almost time, we need to leave," Eunha reminded her as she received the call from Sowon that the car was here. Although the couple was tired enough to take care of them Sowon insisted on fetching her.

In reminiscence of last week, Yerin and SinB were up all night preparing the business proposal for the upcoming launch event. It was a prominent meeting, and their efforts were relentless. They were too tired to avoid the stray dogs and hit the lamp post due to fatigue.

After Sowon and Eunha received the call from the hospital, Eunha took care of the younger who had already been sent to the regular ward when they arrived. Meanwhile, Sowon stood before the operating room. Hours ago, the light was still on and she rubbed her hand nervously while waiting for the results.

The effect of the anaesthetic dosage was fading, and her eyes fluttered to open. Regaining what happened before she passed out, SinB yelled Yerin's name. She pushed away Eunha who sat beside her and ran out to where the operation was. The way SinB pricked out the IV needles and blood dripped was how she had gone. Eunha followed the trace and found her. Sowon was mad when she saw SinB appearance and Eunha looked at the scene helplessly.

Though she was upset, Sowon lowered her voice, saying, "Eunha, you wait here. Hwang Eunbi, follow me.". She did not want to create chaos in the hospital.

SinB obeyed despite her being too worried about Yerin's condition but felt the elder's aura darken. While passing by the station they noticed the nurse conducting a general check when they returned to where SinB was supposed to rest.

"Are you trying to wear yourself out?" Sowon chewed her out with a mad yet worrying face.

"Yerin ... Yerin ..." SinB muttered her lover's name unconsciously.

"I know you are worried about her, but can you at least take care of yourself first? Are you going to wear yourself out during this period? What if she is recovered and you are the one who collapses later? What do you want her to do? " Sowon chided her without letting SinB get in the way.

As a response to this accident, SinB recaptured what they were doing before the accident. "Proposal, yup! The proposal!"

"Hwang Eunbi!" the injured froze as Sowon bawled out her name. The elder's level of madness was off the charts, but as stubborn as she was, SinB remained still in her bed.

Just as the doctor in charge was here, Sowon excused herself to Yerin.

A doctor in a surgical gown walked out of the operating room asking, "Who is the patient's family?".

Sowon and Eunha approached him, "Her family is abroad. We are her close friends. What's her condition?"

''The wound on her hand is okay, but her head received substantial impact; blood clots formed near the critical nerve, so we were not able to treat it. It was too risky to operate. She may regain her consciousness as it dissipates itself. After explaining Yerin's condition to the couple, the physician said, "All we can do now is a wish for her recovery."

"Eunha, you followed them to Yerin's unit. I'll take a look at the worrisome," the taller gave a reassuring hug to boost her up and pushed her to follow the nurses who sent Yerin.

Sowon was on her way back to SinB's ward when she heard some sound in the corridor. Their sound was fine, but she still thought it was too loud. From outside, she saw the doctor was still in the ward seem bargaining something with his patient and the patient wouldn't let him go.

Sowon peeked at the glass window and wondered. In response to her appearance in the void, SinB ceased her agitated behaviour towards the doctor. Sowon shot the daggers at the injured and gestured to the doctor outside so that they could discuss her condition.

Sowon glanced through the narrow glass panel of the door frame and whispered to the doctor. The doctor frowned but agreed in discomfiture over her emotional state.

"She is away from the critical stage. Eunha is with her now," Sowon told half the truth and deceived another half.

SinB widened her bright eyes. "I'll let you see her, but there's one condition," she explained. It was the only way to visit her lover now.

"First, take the meds," SinB gulped them down, followed by a cup of warm water.

"Could I?" she asked after swallowing the last drop of water.

She agreed, too. "After this visit, let's put company work aside. I'll handle it," she said.

Nevertheless, you could see the unwillingness in her eyes.

The woman supported herself with a pole, holding an IV fluid while standing in front of the intensive care unit where Yerin was brought. Since she was not allowed to enter the ward due to her condition, she visited her through the huge glass. Eunha who was always there briefly reported what the doctor said to her.

As SinB self-blamed non-stop, and as the tranquillizer slowly drained her strength, the elder asked to inject it into her. They caught her before she sank.


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