Rains and Thoughts (Yeju)

GFriend One Shot Series
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Hey Guys, some of the plot might sound illogical but this is a story anyway =) Enjoy!


I sat on your bed, feeling your presence. Your warmth faded away. Today was the third month since you left us, leaving us dumbfounded. Earlier today, you said you needed some time alone after the commemoration of a complex. You did not return to the dorm with us; instead, you walked away from us.

While waiting for you to come back, I ordered our dinner, but until the delivery was cold, the automated light installed at the parlor did not light up once. I messaged you as I am worried about you, I am scared that you are lost in our residence area, I know, but your sense of direction totally . And without our knowing, you had planned it.

No one dared say anything about your absences except for the official announcement and press conference. Despite everything still being unclear about you, management did not clarify everything. The managers even visit your house, though you are there, you aren't. The sudden visit to your hometown surprised your parents. You lie to them. As you will be totally exhausted from preparing for the upcoming world tour concert, you will not be available for a long time. Who knows, the event may be due in a year. Managers lied to them too. What a white lie was created at this moment.

Maybe you need a rest this time, without any distractions, not even me. I looked through the window in your room, which faced outside the building. It was raining, I smiled a tiny bit, reminiscing about how we confirmed our relationship under an umbrella when we sneaked out for fun. Closing the umbrella, we played in the rain. It was drenching, but it was the happiest moment for us.

Yesterday, I walked down the street. It was not as dimmer as two years ago. It was a cloudy day, much merrier. I wish we could experience it together. You must be overjoyed that I found a sweet potato stall that was opened in an alley. I ordered two. The food came, then I remembered, you are not beside me. I took the extra and continued my walk almost to the end, reaching a crossroads. It poured, but why was the rain salty? I turned back from where I was facing, I saw us walking together, side by side. Once I returned my sight to my side, I was the only one there.

All of you always say that I'm the sunshine of the group as if nothing was bothering me. Yes, but it was before we got together; I smiled more often later, because of your presence in my life. I believed that I was the luckiest person in the world to have a precious treasure like you.

After you left, the Eunbis and the Kims teased me a lot and made me laugh like no tomorrow. I knew they missed their sunshine. I faked a smile, as I knew it wouldn't help, but I did not want to make them feel effortless. For years, we were like a family and we understood each other very well. It is useless. Shortly afterwards, an announcement of mine was made, which halted activities until I recovered from being mentally ill. I have taken a break until now. The other members have too, but not as long as mine. We came back for the twelfth mini-album, the album concept you favored the most until today. You talked non-stop while we did the jacket shooting, and luckily the MV was filmed along too. And I wanted to tell you that you look absolutely gorgeous. It fitted you too. However, the ethereal stage was performed with only four members. It appeared complete, but it was certainly not.

Maybe you left too hurriedly, the guitar that the fans gifted you still stood beautifully on the rack you purposefully brought to rest it on, and the music stand is still standing upright with the folder full of the guitar tabs of your beloved song. I still remember you messaging me to your room, having a mini-concert for me with all the songs I liked or newly composed. The mini light bulbs for decoration blinked slowly, and you sat between my legs. Being a "big spoon" for you was some kind of difficulty because of your height. But it's okay as long as I was able to scoop you into mine. Buried me in your crook as I missed your scent a lot while I couldn't do it publicly once we agreed to keep our relationship under the table.

I just missed you. A lot.

Two months have passed, and I still do not have any news from you, and my condition was still flat. Maybe no news is the best news for us. The managers could not bear it. The group's happy pill wasn't laughing or at least smiling. In order to get back to my old self, they hurried me on a vacation to the countryside. They sent me to the bus terminal station and asked me where I wa

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Chapter 10: do another Yujuna 🥹🙏
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Chapter 15: pls do sinrin too
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oh wow this is really interesting
Buddyk17 #5
Chapter 13: Thank you very much authornim ,
The story is cute , at first i feel it's too short but later on i realise that the story is actually long .
Thank you very much again and waiting for your next work.
Chapter 12: This sinju was very well written. Thank you for the update author-nim! And Happy New Year!
Buddyk17 #7
Chapter 12: Authornim please can we get sinju couple again please , with fluffy storyline and little bit of jealous sinb please 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Anyway love your works.
Chapter 11: I enoyed this short story... Thank you for sharing :)
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