Ch 11: Wonderful Tonight

Don't Go Breaking My Heart
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Days went by too fast when people had fun.



It’s true.



Taeyeon and Tiffany could barely keep up with whatever force of the universe was given to them. Their relationship took them to a lot of different levels of happiness.



It was a different type of being high.



It had everything Tiffany had wanted. Someone who was dependable, attractive, with good morals, and with a great mind. You can never go wrong with choosing to date Taeyeon. Not even in her dreams that she imagined meeting someone she could be so compatible with.



If that’s what people liked to call it.



Every moment spent with her felt like something straight out of a Disney fairytale. The way Taeyeon hold her hands, those dark onyx orbs focusing on her every time she looks at her while speaking, the secret kisses Taeyeon gave her when she visits her at the office, and let’s not forget the mind-blowing they often have if it weren’t for their busy schedules.



It felt like she was levitating.



The recent events made her forget the risks of this relationship or whatever problem that could happen in the future. Not a single thing bothered her right now except for the fact that this could be taken away from her. That cannot happen.



She needed to be with Taeyeon.



Her little musings were interrupted by the door’s opening, and Taeyeon waltz in her drawing room. As always, Taeyeon never forgets to kiss her on the cheek before lazily slumping her tired body on the sofa.



“Long day?” Tiffany asks.



The girl sighs loudly, “Tell me about it. When will this end?”



Tiffany chuckles. Ever since Taeyeon took a seat on the Assembly last month, making her an official leader, the young politician never misses a day or two to voice out her complaints, which leads to Tiffany telling her it’s the job she signed up for the people that needed her.



It wasn’t a lie nor an excuse to make her feel better. Tiffany knew that Taeyeon was good, not by being biased, but the girl was excellent at her job.



One proof would be that people supported her. She once overheard her employees gushing over her girlfriend about the recent debates on some environmental provisions where Taeyeon angrily rejected the proposal of a building complex near Han River’s protected area.



Taeyeon was right; working women are gorgeous. And y.



Tiffany stops her sketches and moves to the back of the sofa where Taeyeon was sitting. She gently squeezes the tensed muscles, giving her a light massage. She continues this a couple of minutes before kissing the top of Taeyeon’s head and moving to sit with her.



“Do you want to talk about it?”



“Nope. I feel better now. Are you done working? I’m planning to take you out tonight.” Taeyeon smiles.



“I can end work hours if it’s dinner with you.” she stands to gather her things. Taeyeon followed suit, browsing a couple of magazines.



“Baby, it isn’t just dinner.” she reaches inside her coat and flashes two black and red-colored cards. “I’ve bought us VIP tickets for that musical you’ve been wanting to see!”



“Oh my god! Are you serious?!”



“Definitely! Now hurry up, the show starts at seven!”



She quickly gathers her things, and before leaving, she lunges at Taeyeon and starts peppering kisses all over her face. Their foreheads touching, Tiffany whispers. “You’re so perfect, don’t you know that?”



“Don’t worship me.”



“I love you.”



“I love you more than life itself.”



Tiffany kisses her fervently while Taeyeon pulls their bodies closer. Not even an inch for a gap.






Tiffany found herself congratulating the lead actress of the musical she’d wanted to see among the large crowd. It was no other than her friend, Choi Sooyoung. It has been a while since the two last saw each other.



“That was an amazing show!” Tiffany hugs Sooyoung and hands her a branded paper bag that holds her gift to the actress.



“Please, you didn’t have to! But thank you, Tiff. How are you?”



“Very occupied. I would’ve dropped by on the first show if I wasn’t.”



“It makes sense. Hmm … but you’re glowing! Explain.”



Funny how they’ve been out of touch for some time, but Sooyoung never fails to notice small changes or perhaps just . She just rolls her eyes at the threatening finger in front of her.



“Business is good, that’s why.”



“Fine, go ahead and lie to your best friend. You know I’m going to find out about it. Like over dinner. Do you want to catch up tonight? I just need to tell my manager.”



“Uhh … rain check?”



Sooyoung gasps loudly. “You’re with someone, aren’t you?!” the actress pulls Tiffany on a corner. “Tell me, tell me~.” 



“God, shut up. You don’t-” she stopped talking when she felt a hand on her lower back along with the shocked expression on Sooyoung’s face. Tiffany instantly knew what was going on.



“Fany, I’ve been looking for you. Where have you been?” Taeyeon asks in a concerned tone, she realizes the other person with them, and she immediately bows, flashing a rather dashing smile that made Sooyoung a bit starstruck.



“My apologies, Miss Choi. These are for you, by the way.” she hands her a bouquet of flowers. “The name’s Kim Taeyeon. Congratulations on the show, wonderful performance.”



Sooyoung took Taeyeon’s waiting hand and shook it. “Wow, thank you. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Kim. I love your work.”



“The pleasure’s mine, Miss Choi. It’s not every day that I get to watch great shows.”


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