Ch 7: On Sunsets & Sunrises

Don't Go Breaking My Heart
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Sprawled on her table were various pens and coloring materials, along with crumpled papers that she had thrown because she wasn’t satisfied with what she had drawn. Driving to work early, Tiffany was rushing to go to Amare and keep herself busy for a couple of hours - or days if it’s only possible. She didn’t need her mind to be thinking about anything else but work at the moment.



Drowning herself to work was the only way to keep her mind off Taeyeon.



After the girl started to appear in her dreams, Tiffany thought it was the last straw for her. Ever since she met Taeyeon, she couldn’t stop herself from thinking about her. She feels a little stupid for this habit because it wasn’t likely of her to dwell on some memories with someone. Heck, she didn’t have these lingering feelings towards her ex-husband, David.



Just Taeyeon.



“Why the hell are you acting like a teenage schoolgirl, Tiffany?” she tells herself while drawing concepts for new clothes.



She continues to draw even after many failed attempts since she was having a hard time focusing due to a certain someone running in her head.



One of her staff members comes in bringing her coffee, “Ma’am, here’s the coffee you ordered. There’s also a call from your father asking you to join him for lunch just a block away from here.”



“Oh? What time did he say?”



"Around 12. But he would appreciate you coming earlier because he had a reservation.”



“Twelve? That’s odd. He is supposed to be at the airport by that time. Anything else?” Tiffany asks while taking a sip at the hot liquid to wake herself up.



“Dress nicely.”



Tiffany gives her an incredulous look, “What?!”



The staff quickly realizes that she worded it poorly. “I... I mean, that’s what he said, Miss Young! Your father - I mean Mr. Hwang,” she panics that she might get fired.



The designer dismisses the staff, making her almost hit the stacks of boxes of newly handmade embroideries on her way out.






“Dad,” She greets her father with a peck on the cheek before sitting, putting down her bag, and she grabs her hair to pull it on one side, showing more skin thanks to her black strapped jumpsuit.



“Looking beautiful today, Tiffany.” Taeyeon smiles and sits beside her while handing Mr. Hwang a Perrier-Jouet, for today’s drink during lunch.



This girl just shows up out of nowhere.



The man acknowledges her presence, making Tiffany confused as ever.



“Uhh, excuse me, what’s happening?” she asks, looking at her father and then Taeyeon next.



“Sweetie, why don’t you greet Miss Kim first?”



There were a lot of thoughts running on her head as to why her father was already out here enjoying fine champagne with Taeyeon, who came earlier than her. Maybe this is why her father wanted her to dress nice, to talk about business, right? Nonetheless, she greets Taeyeon and hears the man speak.



“I’ve only come to show my appreciation, Miss Kim, for the consideration and approval of your office.”



“It’s just Taeyeon, Sir.” she looks at Tiffany to update the woman. “We’re approving your proposal regarding the shipments.”



Tiffany is currently at a loss for words and can only talk when Mr. Hwang calls her. 



“Thank you, Mis-, I mean, Taeyeon. It means a lot.” Taeyeon looks at her with those soft eyes.



“Since we’re business partners now, I’d leave it to my daughter here for the rest of the other papers and demands. I trust you can take care of her?”






Taeyeon laughs. “Of course, Sir. I think I’ll do a good job at that.”



Tiffany hits Taeyeon’s leg under the table, but the woman does not show any other signs of hurt when she stands to shake her father’s hands.



“I’ll take my leave, then. Tiffany, I’ll call you when I land in New York.”



“But I told you I’d accompany you to the airport.”



“No need, sweetie. There are far more essential things.” he kisses the crown of her head and leaves.



It took Tiffany a couple of seconds to realize that she’s now left alone with Taeyeon when she sees her father drive away through the window. She takes a deep breath and glances at the other girl who was busy cutting and eating her steak. One wouldn’t notice that this person holds so much power in this country if it weren’t for her being a Kim. She was just back in her regular denim jeans and some white Vans sneakers. 



“Eat. The food’s getting cold.” Taeyeon tells her.



Tiffany pursed her lips but took a bite as well.



“Stop looking at me like that.”



Taeyeon stops and leans back, arms crossed on her chest. “Like what?”

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