Don't Go Breaking My Heart

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A retro-colored affair. Will they make it out of the ’80s together or wish for the ’70s to stay as strangers?

grateful to everyone who drops by. stay safe! o(≧▽≦)o


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peacerworld #1
I feel sad for Taeyeon, but Taeyeon , you should go for your love hehehe
Chapter 25: My heart is hurting for taeyeon 🥺 but i know taeny will be okay slowly. Thank u for the chapter author :)
CrissYoung #3
Chapter 25: Very slow phase that I want to beg for more updates 🙏🏼🙏🏼
TaeNy getting there, hopefully..
1130 streak #4
Chapter 25: Lol Daddy Hwang is just like my mom in the morning even if it was weekend Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣
Chapter 25: Wow! Another update!!! How blessed we are~

The slow burn of this chasing "dream" for Taeyeon is necessary I think, made her to think that it'll take some time and effort and even make her to feel unworthy of getting Fany back again, I even think that maybe Tae will gave up in pursuing then decided to go back to Korea but then at the last moment, Fany will be the one to ran after her attention. Oh so sweet~ 😈 kekekeke

Overall, I love how you made Fany getting all warm by lil gestures of Tae, so purrfect!!! Couldn't ask for more.

Hope these comments of ours are enough to keep you going for writing this wonderful story, super grateful for this Friday surprise!!!

Keep being healthy and well! (⁠。⁠•̀⁠ᴗ⁠-⁠)⁠✧
Skye1234 #6
Chapter 25: Thank you for the update.
wanderluzt05 #7
Chapter 25: from here on, its always just about wondering if shes gonna ask to talk about the past, or just be comfortable with what they have now. its alright but not quite enough. being in between is always just a little bit painful.
aerolcaroline #8
Chapter 25: They can have that small phase as long as the love is strong
Dreamline #9
Chapter 25: This story is so good, look forward to more updates!
I just hope that they are courageous enough to find their way back to each other …
IamWatchingThis #10
Chapter 24: Thank you for the update and looking forward for the next chapters😁