Ch 6: Small Talk

Don't Go Breaking My Heart
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Every information she has gathered tonight just made her feel worse and restless.



She could list all of if. Tiffany had enough stress from running away last Sunday.



Sooyoung and Sunmi are teasing her about running away with someone.



Taeyeon being one of the VIPs tonight.



And now her father wants them to sit down and have a talk with the Kim Taeyeon, who she recently just found out could be a politician.



“Sweetie, I already called Miss Kim’s assistant, and she said that she’ll be here at any moment,” her father tells her while fixing his tie.



Tiffany unconsciously smoothens her black fitted dress, slightly shivering when a gust of wind comes because of her see-through sleeves. It was a bit low cut, donned with flower designs, the dress hugging her fit body and giving anyone in front of her a great view of her cleavage.



Not long after, two buffed men and a woman whom she thinks the secretary stands at their table greeting them. Her father stands and shakes their hands, along with Tiffany, who nods at Irene, who was dressed too prettily, after introducing herself as Taeyeon’s assistant.



“Miss Kim will be with us any mom -” Irene stops when she feels another presence on her side, it was her boss. Clearing , she continues, “Miss Kim, this is Mr. Yujin Hwang and his daughter Tiffany Young from Amare.”



Taeyeon smiles and bows to acknowledge the two. She shakes hands with Tiffany’s father, and when she gives her hand to Tiffany, Taeyeon does not miss the opportunity of looking at the girl straight in the eye with an amused smile.



Tiffany feels herself get hot, especially how Taeyeon took time in holding her hand in front of these many people.



More importantly, in front of her father. She just wishes that the man does not notice anything unusual.



“Irene, you may take your leave for a while so I can talk with them,” Taeyeon tells her. The latter follows and does not forget to bid goodbye to the Hwang’s.



Tiffany hears her father start the conversation, and she’ll be damned because she saw how Taeyeon crossed her arms and legs, meaning that this would actually take a lot of time.



‘, how is she supposed to stay still and talk with Taeyeon?’



“As I’ve told you before, Miss Kim, we would like your go signal and support in building more local stores not just here in Seoul but in more cities as well.”



“I have seen your proposal Mr. Hwang, and I am impressed with your vision. However, getting supplies from Europe to Asia is not an easy task if you plan on pushing with the authenticity of your products.” Taeyeon tells them browsing the portfolio she was handed earlier.



Tiffany wonders how Taeyeon could remain so calm, especially with the turns of events tonight. She must’ve been used to this. That’s why she could control her emotions. Well, politicians are great actors. Tiffany knew that even before. She stops herself from rolling her eyes at the sight.



“We take pride in authenticity, Miss Kim. These products are all made with utmost care and passion for the fashion and arts industry. It is what makes Amare. That’s why we are hoping your office could help us with the imports and exports.”



Taeyeon was silent, eyes focused on the paper she was holding and thinking deeply.



Mr. Hwang glances at Tiffany and gives her a look saying, ‘You should talk, too, because you are the creative director.’



Tiffany sighs. She knows she should be the one talking, but who is she kidding? The last time she saw Taeyeon, they were both in a bed.



She successfully avoids her father’s glare when they hear Taeyeon speak, “I have to know, what’s in for us if we do help you, the catch?” dark onyx eyes focusing on Tiffany’s, she continues, “What’s in it for me?”



Tiffany quickly looks down, breaking eye contact, feeling the temperature rise. She moves to tuck a loose fringe thanks to her hair tied in a messy bun which is tonight’s concept.



“Well, it is-”



“We’ve established it on the proposal, Miss Kim, it would be opening the ports of Busan and the rest of the country to more trades in terms of in textiles and clothing. We would also be able to give more jobs here.”



Tiffany decides to be professional because she is getting tired of Taeyeon’s cocky attitude. Her short was surely insinuating something inappropriate, and she wishes her father didn’t catch what Taeyeon meant.



Taeyeon just hums in agreement. She moves to sit straight this time, leaning on the table, never missing Tiffany’s pissed face.



“I guess I’ll take a good look on it, Miss Hwang.”



Taeyeon stands up from her seat and shakes hands with Mr. Hwang. “Please consider it, Miss Kim. We look forward to working with you.”



“I will, Sir. I’ll give you a call. Nice meeting you.”


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