Ch 1: Amare

Don't Go Breaking My Heart
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Everything seemed sound and posh for her. The clothing brand she inherited from her parents is still at its peak. Even better, if she may add. She has come a long way to be able to make her brand reputation and image the current trend of this decade and hopefully the future of fashion, too. It is an extraordinary life indeed.



It has been gaining a lot of attention recently as the rising fashion powerhouse in the continent. From starting at her mother’s small basement, she watched how her late mother would draw or sew dresses from morning to midnight, that’s why when her father surprised them of the small boutique he bought downtown from his own savings, she saw how real love was supposed to look and feel like. She was only seven by that time.



It became a hit.



Her mother’s collection became the talk of the town. Milan was the birthplace of the famous collections they showcase today. It was the birth of a fashion mogul. Time passed by, and they were already dressing people who would grace the covers of Vogue, Esquire, and even Rolling Stones. Some runways needed to be beautified, models to check out, and orders that needed to be delivered. It was almost like an internship. Running around and doing errands for her mother, who was in the spotlight for quite a while, was one of the memories she holds close to her heart. She was only 14.



However, a tragic accident had halted and shaken the family and brand when her mother died of cancer. Her father was in charge of the marketing and finance division of the group, with the passing of her mother, the love of his life, puts the company in danger.



With no new designs to work on, she was forced to take over as lead designer at the young age of 17. Still, a year left before she finished her studies in London for fashion and marketing. She grieved, of course, and her mother was the best in the universe in her eyes. It was a great responsibility left on her, even if her mother was her inspiration for studying fashion. The amount of expectation was so heavy on her shoulders she felt like running away. But good thing her father was there to support and guide her.



So here she is sipping on some Dom Pérignon after another successful release of Amare’s recent collection. Known for their chic and unrivaled reputation for luxury and glamour, Tiffany Young has continued to push her mother’s legacy on fashion to put a mark and name on the industry. Amare became internationally renowned for ultra-glamorous creations as well as spectacular theatrical costumes and innovative designs ranging not just from clothes but up to bags, accessories, and footwear. She is only 28.



Over a decade since her takeover, her father, now past his retirement age, serves as a consultant instead. From Milan

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