Ch 3: Goin' Retro

Don't Go Breaking My Heart
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Hopping on Sooyoung’s Ferrari Mondial 8, Tiffany could feel the rush of air with the windows down. Her hair is flying everywhere because of the fast car. Sooyoung, who was driving, turned her head to look at her best friend having so much fun screaming and saying ‘Hi’ to some of the people they passed by.



The actress laughs at this scene.



She hasn’t seen Tiffany for quite a while with their busy schedules. They stop at a red light, in awe of the city’s city lights that don’t seem to sleep soon. Retro music can be heard left and right. Inside their car was Hot Stuff by Donna Summer playing. Singing along, the car beside them honks at the two women.



“You guys going to The Crown?” one of the three men asks, looking interested in them.



“Of course! No other place to be!” Sooyoung shouts back amidst the loud music playing.



“Damn, actress Choi! Such an honor to see you and your lovely friend Miss …?”



Tiffany just smiles, rolling the window up, cutting the conversation as the green light shines on them. She looks at Sooyoung, “He wasn’t attractive, anyway.”



They both laugh, speeding down the highway on the way to Sunmi, who was already waiting for them.




“I told you this is the best ing place right now in Seoul!” Sunmi yells while dancing with Tiffany.



“I know! Better than most parties I’ve been to, the music is waaaay too groovy!” the designer laughs.



Blasting from the loudspeakers and making the dance floor flooded with people, a mix of Bee Gees’ Stayin Alive was playing. It was indeed a Saturday night fever. Tiffany was wearing high-waisted jeans paired with some black medium-heeled pumps and a plain white shirt. Add in those signature big earrings, making her the hottest.



The three of them had their own table since they didn’t feel like getting a private booth. It would only kill the fun because it was better to dance and socialize with everyone. It’s also the first time Tiffany went into a disco bar like this here in the outskirts of Seoul. Who would’ve thought that a place like this would exist here? She even saw one of the girls who modeled her clothes when Amare first launched here in Korea ordering drinks with some friends.



Sooyoung calls both of their attention to have some drinks on the table, and they head back.



“Soooo, how is it?” the actress excitedly asks. Feeling much hyper than usual.






“So much fun!”



Sunmi and Tiffany exclaim at the same time. All of them chuckles and clinks their whisky-filled glasses.



The lights change into other colorful hues signaling a new song to be played.  Hearing the guitar and familiar long ‘Hey’ from the speakers means it’s Play That Funky Music playing next. A crowd gathers again, but this time the spotlight was on what seemed like a group of college kids garnering loud cheers and claps from people.



Tiffany watches them.



She nods her head with the excellent music but doesn’t help but notice the one wearing a red striped shirt, denim pants,  denim jacket hanging on her shoulders, and Adidas Campus. The girl is the best dancer among them and knows how to hype the crowd. She wonders if she was in the entertainment industry.



The girl had black

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