The Royal Baby

Story of Us
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The moment Jongin opened his eyes, he was greeted by his wife’s y figure. Jongin supported his head with his left hand, enjoying the view of Seyeon walking back and forth in their room, getting ready for her princess training only in her undergarment.

“I do, hope you won’t dress like that for training, wife” Jongin commented.

“Oh, did I wake you up husband?” Seyeon walked to Jongin to give her husband a quick kiss, but her plan fell apart when the kiss became more heated. Soon, she found herself no longer standing on the side of bed, but straddling her husband, there was not a second where their lips separated from each other.

When Jongin unclasped the hook of Seyeon’s bra, Seyeon went back to reality, with all her strength she pushed her husband away and place her hands on his shoulder to give some space between them. “You did wake me up, but I would not complain if this is your definition of morning greetings,” Jongin smirked.

“I was planning to only give you a quick kiss you know,” Seyeon rubbed her finger on Jongin’s lips, she murmured, “Some of my lipstick smeared on your lips.”

He her finger in response and Seyeon closed her eyes in pleasure. Jongin pulled out Seyeon’s finger with a pop, “Why are you going to the palace so early in the morning?”

“We have host training today, Court Lady Nam thinks it is a good idea to practice as a host for a breakfast meeting.”

“Lunch and dinner meeting do exist you know. Why would she disturb our productive morning?”

Blushing by her husband’s comment, Seyeon lowered her head in embarrassment, “She said it is also a practice to be ready at any hour of the day.”

Jongin rolled his eyes, “Is that the dress you are wearing today?” he pointed to the dress hanging beside the vanity, Seyeon answered with a nod.

“I see your dress will cover you up to here,” Jongin ran his finger around the middle of Seyeon’s chest. “So, if I marked you over here and below, you will not be bothered to put a lot of make up to cover it up then?” Jongin’s hand started massaging Seyeon’s , the motion dropped Seyeon’s unclasped bra.

“Hm… yeah, no one will n-notice,” Seyeon closed her eyes once again and enjoy her husband’s service, she made a mental note to change her before her princess training.

Jongin started his wife’s until it became swollen, not forgetting to left a couple marks as he promised. He looked at his wife uneven , “I should give the other one the same treatment. What would people say if they see Seyeon Gunbuin’s has uneven size?” and proceed to continuing his Seyeon’s neglected , while Seyeon ran her hand around Jongin’s hair.

When Seyeon remembered the reason she dressed up this early, she looked back at the clock hanging on the wall. “How late are you?” asked Jongin.

Seyeon ran her hand on her husband’s torso, “I knew if you wake up before I leave the room, there would be consequences. So, I wake up two hours earlier than I should. In case I also have to retake a shower,” she raised her eyebrow at her husband.

“Two hours early? You are very optimistic wife,” Jongin grinned.

“I was not only being optimistic, husband,” Seyeon started rubbing her clothed and his unclothed private parts, and looked down, “I was being realistic,” she whispered on his ear.

Jongin kissed his wife passionately, his hand went to his wife’s waist and ripped her thong apart, “Hey, that was a wedding gift from Daeun!” followed by a moan.

“As much as I hate it for giving barrier between you and me, I love seeing you in it, I’ll ask Daeun to give you dozens more.” Jongin’s hand roamed around the nightstand for a , when he couldn’t feel any, he broke the kiss and look inside, “We have no condoms left.”

“We ran out of it two weeks ago, remember? That’s why I started taking morning pills.”

Jongin ran his hand on his hair, “Right, force of habit, I guess. Should we ask the staff to restock our condoms?”

“Well, for one, we enjoy shopping,” she kissed her husband. “Two, I do like the feel of you without anything between us,” Seyeon smirked.

“Fine then, we can go shopping after my last lecture later. But for now, let’s make your two hours of effort not go to waste,” Jongin flipped their bodies and continued their morning exercise.


❧ ❧ ❧ ❧ ❧


Jongin were walking with Sehun and Daeun inside the university cafeteria. As the grandson of the king, he was always the center of attention, but today felt different. The way people were looking at him made him feel like he had done a great sin. Well, what he did this morning on his bed and in the shower will be considered as a sin, had he and Seyeon not been married.

After getting their lunch, Jongin, Sehun and Daeun took the unoccupied seat on Jinjoo and Kyungsoo’s table. “What is wrong with the people today? They keep starring at you,” Kyungsoo pointed out.

“No sherlock, even a ten years old can see that,” Jinjoo remarked.

“People keep looking to their phone before they look up. Maybe there is news about you?” Sehun guessed.

“That would be the most possible scenario,” Jinjoo agreed, “Eun?” she signaled for Daeun to start br

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tang53 #1
Chapter 32: Finally Jongin is going to be a dad. Its a double celebration for the grand heir. Looking forward to their journey of parenthood.
Baekie_18 #2
Chapter 19: The chapter is funny yet sad to me. You make me feel all of those emotions that I can’t even describe it in words probably. Just want to say that it’s my pleasure to read this chapter and the rest of the chapter as well. Thanks for the update and have a nice day authornim.
Your writing is beautiful
Baekie_18 #4
Chapter 11: It’s fine authornim, please take time to complete your work first and I will be waiting for you patiently also thank for the update and have a nice day authornim!
Baekie_18 #5
Chapter 9: For a moment, I do think that the baby’s jongin’s! You have completely fool me again authornim!!!>