The Radiant Pearl

Story of Us
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Jongin and Seyeon sat silently, both looking out the view of Seoul in the morning, hands interlocked, the expensive vehicle had proven its value, almost no sound was produced by the running machine.

Seoul busy street gave a little bit of comfort to Seyeon, by reason of delaying the inevitable. A squeeze on her hand brought her back from her thoughts. She turned to her husband, he said nothing, however his eyes were asking her if she was okay. She was not.

She was not prepared to get pregnant, now. If they could have a seat, and talk about the possibility of a child, she could mentally prepare herself for a mini Jongin or mini Seyeon, before they started trying. However, it was too late now, as they were on their way to the hospital.

The vehicle halted on the main lobby, thankfully Jinjoo managed to prevent the board member from greeting the couple, or else the news of Prince Jongin and Princess Seyeon going to the hospital would be the trending topic in a few hours.

Instead, the couple was greeted by the Vice Chairwoman of Shinje Hospital, who was waving at them the moment Jongin opened the door. He jogged to the other side of the vehicle, intercepted the hospital guard from opening the door, and held his hand out for Seyeon to take as she was stepping out from the vehicle.

He immediately wrapped his arm around Seyeon’s waist, and the couple approached their friend. Seyeon gave Jinjoo an awkward hug, thanks to Jongin who refused to let his wife go. “The Chief of Obstetrics and Gynaecology would gladly examine you,” the vice chairwoman informed.

“Thank you Jjoo,” Seyeon smiled gratefully to her friend.

“I have something to take care of, if I finish early, I’ll meet you later,” the couple nodded, “Go to the third floor, a nurse will guide you to Doctor Park Gwinam’s consultation room,” as soon as she finished her sentence, Jinjoo rushed inside.

As expected, although their appointment was on a weekday morning, the hospital was buzzing with patients. Just like Jongin and Seyeon, a lot of soon to be mothers and fathers took a time off from their daily routine to examine the health of their loved ones.

Jongin went to the nurse station, and the nurse recognized him immediately. She stood up and bowed to the Prince. Noticing the gesture of their colleague, other nurses and doctors followed suit. Jongin gave pardon to everyone, and told them to let their fellow workers know to not be formal with him and his wife during their visit.

The nurse who looked the most senior out of the rest, guide them to take a seat on the bench in front of the consultation room. “Forgive us for not able to provide you with a more comfortable chair.”

“It is all right, we are ordinary patient and guardian today,” Seyeon reassured.

“Chief Park was in an emergency surgery, she will be here shortly,” the nurse notified.

“Thank you for your help,” Jongin dismissed the nurse.

Their attempt to hide from the public’s attention had proven to be fruitless, mostly due to the royal guard standing by, also due to the greeting of the nurses and doctors. The hospital staff may keep their professionalism by trying to ignore the couple, however the other patients and guardians have no obligation to do so.

As result, photos and videos were taken secretly here and there. The guards did attempt to block the intrusion, after a strong response from one of the guardians, Jongin told the guards to stand by as long as no harm was done.

The constant attention made Seyeon’s mood worsen, at first, she tried to smile back to the passerby, however now she could not even fake one. Understanding Seyeon’s emotion, Jongin took the nearest newspaper, he pulled Seyeon closer to him, forcing her to lay her head on his shoulder, wrapped his arm over her shoulder and held the newspaper with the said hand. Making the perfect barrier between them and the outside world.

Thankful of her husband’s gesture, Seyeon wrapped her hand around his chest, gave him a kiss on his cheek, and snuggled closer to him.

A woman’s voice clearing along with a formal greeting drew their attention, Jongin placed down the newspaper. A woman in her late forties to early fifties bowed to the couple. “Let us continue the pleasantries inside the consultation room,” Jongin signalled the doctor.

“Of course,” the doctor took a step back and let the couple walk ahead. After the door to the consultation room was closed, two royal guards jogged to stood next to each other in front of the door, completely covering the small window with their big build.

The doctor interlocked her fingers, and placed her hands on the desk. “Vice Chairwoman Ha informed me, that you are here to remove your IUD.”


❧ ❧ ❧ ❧ ❧


On a bright Saturday morning, in the quite neighbourhood, the birds’ singing could be heard, and other residents jogging on the safe street. Normally breakfast would be prepared by now, and the man of the house, his wife and their two daughters would be having delicious traditional breakfast.

Not on that day. Before the madam of the house could announce that breakfast was ready, the doorbell rang. Garnering the attention of the residents. The oldest daughter announced that she would open the door, and ran to the entrance. She halted in front of the intercom to let the guest inside, she was also reminded of her condition and walked carefully to the front door.

She smiled at the guest, dressed neatly in suit and tie, with three bouquets of flower on one hand and a package of wild ginseng on the other, anxious written all over his face. She gave the man a quick peck, however they were interrupted by the owner of the house. The couple’s attention turned to the man standing with his arm crossed in front of them.

A much smaller woman ran to the entrance, and halted her movement beside the man. Noticing the ambience, she placed her hand on her husband’s bicep, “Welcome Kyungsoo, Jinjoo didn’t tell us that you are coming.”

“Pardon for the intrusion,” Kyungsoo bowed to the older couple. “I hope you have a good morning.”

“We were,” Chairman Ha emphasized on the past tense.

Madame Ha slapped her husband’s arm, she walked to Kyungsoo and took the red bouquet, “I would assume the biggest one would be for me?”

Kyungsoo let out a chuckle, “Yes Madam.”

“How nice of you to get one for Heejoo as well,” the mother smiled and took the blue bouquet, knowing the pink one would be her eldest daughter’s. “Come on in.”

Chairman Ha did move from his position, giving enough space for his wife and daughter to pass through, not the guest. With annoyed face, Madame Ha pulled her husband inside. She gave the bouquets to her youngest daughter, ordered her to put them in a vase, and took a seat beside her husband, who still had his arm crossed.

After the elder situated themselves on the sofa, Kyungsoo kneeled down. Madame Ha gasped, immediately she covered he mouth, Chairman Ha raised his eyebrows. “Please give me yo

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tang53 #1
Chapter 32: Finally Jongin is going to be a dad. Its a double celebration for the grand heir. Looking forward to their journey of parenthood.
Baekie_18 #2
Chapter 19: The chapter is funny yet sad to me. You make me feel all of those emotions that I can’t even describe it in words probably. Just want to say that it’s my pleasure to read this chapter and the rest of the chapter as well. Thanks for the update and have a nice day authornim.
Your writing is beautiful
Baekie_18 #4
Chapter 11: It’s fine authornim, please take time to complete your work first and I will be waiting for you patiently also thank for the update and have a nice day authornim!
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Chapter 9: For a moment, I do think that the baby’s jongin’s! You have completely fool me again authornim!!!>