The Drunken Behaviour

Story of Us
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“Taxi!” yelled a man with a very drunk friend hanging on his shoulder.

As the taxi stopped, the man opens the door and shoved his friend inside, “Why do you have to be unnecessarily tall?” followed by a thud coming from the collision between his friend’s head and the door, a grunt could be heard from the owner of the head.

“Mister, can you wait a little bit? I have to get my other friends,” he said to the taxi driver. “Anything for our fellow Servicemen,” replied the taxi driver with a salute.

The said man rushed to the entrance of the restaurant to be greeted by the sight of his tiny friend trying to help her much taller friend. “This is just the cutest thing ever,” he said while he took a photo of his friends.

“Yah! Do Kyungsoo! Do you have a death wish? Hurry up and help me!” at Jinjoo’s order Kyungsoo ran to help her.

The moment Kyungsoo reached his friends, Jinjoo let go of her drunk friend, “I think it would be easier if you pick her up rather than helping her walk to the taxi.”

An odd expression appeared on Kyungsoo’s face. “Aren’t you a Sergeant during your service? Surely you lifted more weight than she is, right?” Jinjoo asked with suspicion.

“Of course, I had!” Even though his tone doesn’t convince Jinjoo, she trusts, that Kyungsoo would not drop her friend. Even if he does drop her, Daeun would not let him be in the morning.

As Kyungsoo attempted to lift Daeun up, he almost fell down with her. Thankfully Jinjoo was there to prevent it from happening. “Are you sure you served in the Navy? I thought they are all strong men.”

“I was just not ready yet,” Kyungsoo answered as he lift Daeun up. “We did lift more heavy weight during training. But the weight has an equal distribution, do you see how tall this girl is?” he said as they walked to the taxi.

“She is taller than you” Jinjoo opened the door and held her hand on top of Daeun’s head to protect it from bumping to the door frame.

As Kyungsoo done positioning Daeun to give space for Jinjoo to sit, he finally replied to her, “She looks taller than me because she also uses this high shoes!” he pointed to the Jinjoo’s heels.

“It’s called heels! Urgh!” Jinjoo stomped her foot, enters the taxi and slam the door closed. Kyungsoo stood frozen in his spot in disbelief to the point Jinjoo has to open the window, “Yah! Are you not coming with us?”

Back to reality, Kyungsoo entered the taxi as well and froze once again. “Where are we going?”

A drunken voice of Shim Daeun could be heard, “just go to my place.”

Kyungsoo turns around and looked at Jinjoo for confirmation, “my parents are going to kill me if they knew how much I drank. It’s not like I’m doing anything wrong, and I am spending the night at Daeun’s. I just have to call my parents.”

“Fine, after that I’ll take Sehun to my house. She hasn’t moved, right?” after confirming Daeun’s address, the taxi drove off.

After a moment of silent, familiar conversation could be heard, “good evening mother. No mother, I am not alone at night.”

“No, Seyeon has left with Jongin-gun earlier today.”

“I am taking Daeun to her apartment, she is too drunk to go home by herself.”

“Yes mother, we all drank responsibly. No one is driving. As you know mother, it would not be safe for me to go home by myself, may I sleep over in Daeun’s apartment today?”

Shortly followed by “No, no, mother. Sehun and Kyungsoo will not be spending the night with us. After dropping us at Daeun’s apartment, they will go to Kyungsoo’s house.”

Kyungsoo felt a tap on his shoulder, “mother wants to talk to you.”

Kyungsoo took a deep breath and lift the phone to his ear, “good evening Madam.”

“Good evening Kyungsoo,” he was startled by the deep voice of the supposedly Jinjoo’s mother, only to realised that as Jinjoo gave her phone to him, Jinjoo’s mother had also handed her phone to Jinjoo’s father.

He spontaneously sits up straight. “Good evening Sir,” a small gasp could be heard from the back seat.

“I believe that you would keep my pearl safe until she reached her destination?”

“Sir, yes Sir,” was his stern answer.

“Can I trust you that you would not be spending the night in the same place as my daughter? To not even think about it?”

“Yes Sir, please trust me Sir.”

“Very well then. Please give the phone back to my daughter,” and Kyungsoo did just as he is told with a relieve sigh.

“Good evening father, yes good night father. Please also give mother my evening greetings,” was the last thing Jinjoo said before the sound coming from her phone signaling that the call has ended.

“I am scared to death of your father, and he’s not even in the military. I don’t know what Jongin’s fate tonight would be,” Kyungsoo said as he put his palm on his face.

“I’m sure it won’t be that bad. He is the grandson of King after all.”

Kyungsoo turns around once again, “So, is Seyeon now a Gunbuin?”

“Oh, you are right. Should we call her Seyeon Mama then?”

“It is not that we should, but we have to. At least when we are not by ourselves.”

When the taxi arrived at the lobby of Daeun’s apartment, Kyungsoo get out to help to take Daeun upstairs. “Mister, can you wait for me? I will take my friends upstairs and we will continue. You can keep the meter on.”

After settling Daeun on her bed, Jinjoo offered to walk Kyungsoo back to the lobby. As they stepped in the elevator Kyungsoo finally ended the silence, “So, what do you think about me tonight?” his oh so familiar mischievous smile is back.

Jinjoo crossed her arm like Daeun’s signature style, “and I thought you will at least be normal for today.”

“Oh baby, I know that ‘normal’ Kyungsoo is the only version that you will not be falling in love for.”

“You are seriously frustrating. But hey, don’t you think that Sehun drank too much today? I thought he has a high tolerance of alcohol.”

“Changing the subject I see,” he rubs his chin with a smirk. “I think you also know the reason though. H

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