The Elopement

Story of Us
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An SUV speeds to the City Hall, the driver parked the car on the first parking spot he can find, it's parking position would definitely spark unpleasant comment from passerby. But the driver couldn't care any less.

Three men in soldier uniform alongside three beautiful ladies stepped out of the car, one man in particular seems to be dragging the rest of the envoy, "Come on! The City Hall is going to be closed any minute!"

“No, the City Hall is closing in an hour. I still don’t get how rushing to the City Hall is a celebration for your discharged from the military?” despite no signs of stopping her friend, an obviously annoyed Shim Daeun rolled her eyes.

The soldier with Kim Jong In written on his chest replied “Well, the line could be longer than we expected. What if the office is closed before it is our turn? Do I have to get married tomorrow?!” earning confused stare from four out of six of them.

“I’m not sure how the system in the City Hall works, but I’m pretty sure as long as you got your queue number, your turn would still be today.”  

“Well, Captain Oh Se Hun. If none of us sure what would happen, wouldn’t it be better to hurry up?!”

A man clasping a woman’s hand says “Can we slow down? You know that Jinjoo doesn’t have long legs and do you see how high her shoes are?!”

The tiny woman in question smacked the man’s shoulder “It is called heels and you are not that tall either Sergeant Do. But I do agree, can we slow down a little bit?”

As the group arrived in the lobby of the City Hall, Jongin frantically looking for the marriage registration office. “Babe, the marriage registration office is on the third floor.”

Jongin turns around faster than Sehun can say “Long live the King.” “Where do you get that information?”

Seyeon waves the ticket printed out from the machine, complete with their queue number and information of where they have to go. Jongin took three long steps, grab Seyeon’s face and kiss her. “I knew I choose the right bride,” earning complaining grunts from the group.

“Seriously? Can’t you wait until you are man and wife? You guys are literally going to be officially married in an hour,” Kyungsoo complains.

As the elevator door opens the culprit glance to the back of the group, “If I can kiss Seyeon in front of her father and still live to tell the tale, I would definitely care less of your response. Besides, I would be married by now if someone could eat a little bit faster.”

“Excuse me that we ladies, have not been spending the past 23 months eating with soldier in military base. Who extends their military service anyway?” Daeun crossed her arm.

A small sound of “Excuses” from the eager man, and a reply of “It is called patriotism” from Sehun can be heard, but she chooses to ignore it.

“Can you give us a moment to prosses the fact that two of my best friends are getting married?” the frown on her face turns upside down as she holds Seyeon’s hand.

“I am sorry that this is so sudden,” Seyeon starts. “But after being separated for almost two years we don’t think we can be separated any longer,” she looked at her soon to be husband lovingly.

“They are, never been separated since they were what, eleven?” Jinjoo remarked.

“Nine,” is the short answer from Kyungsoo.

As the group stepped out of the mechanical box and proceed to take a seat, per request of the groom, as near as possible to the announcement board. “I still don’t feel so good that we didn’t tell your or my family about us eloping yet,” the worried looking bride says.

“That is, actually the point of eloping. And do we have to remind you that both of you are barely legal to get married?” asked Kyungsoo.

“Emphasise on the word legal,” Jongin says as the matter of fact. “We all knew that this is coming sooner or later anyway. Even if I ask your father’s hand in marriage, there will be engagement, other traditions to follow, wedding organising, and the wedding itself. By the time we are actually married, we would be like 22!”

“Wow, are we back in the sixteenth century?” Jinjoo says sarcastically.

“First ever sarcastic remarks from Ha Jinjoo, credit to truly yours, Kim Jongin.” Daeun added.

Jongin ignore his friends, “Parental consent? I’ll be damn! I will deal with thy father after thee became my wife!”

“You do know that my father works in the Navy, right?” asked bride. “Yes, my dear, I am aware of that fact,” replied the groom.

“Do you remember your future brother-in-law was our instructor during our service?” Sehun asked.

Jongin take a big gulp of invisible water, “I would never forget.” Kyungsoo taps his shoulder, “We will give you a moment to process this information, as we process to your sudden news of marriage.”

As silent communication between Seyeon and Jongin were made, to make sure that he is okay, the announcement board shows that it is their turn.

“We actually only need two witnesses, you guys sort out by yourself who will be the witness while we fill the marriage request form,” the rest of the group starred at Jongin in disbelief, looked at each other then proceed to play rock paper scissors.

As they finished filling the form, Seyeon smiles “This is it Babe, no more turning back,” Jongin caresses her face and kiss her forehead in return.

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