The Interview

Story of Us
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Kyungsoo and Sehun were warming up their bodies in the tennis court while talking about the latest game, when a very grumpy Jinjoo walked inside. “Who the hell play tennis at eight in the morning?”

“It’s called morning exercise, sunshine,” Kyungsoo answered without looking back.

“It is quite rare for us to do morning exercise; we usually meet up after the day ends” Sehun commented.

Kyungsoo lifted both his hand up in surrender, “Don’t blame the messenger, it was all Daeun who arranged for us to meet this early.”

“Yah, yah you lazy bum! A lot of people started work earlier, a lot of lectures also started around this  time,” Daeun yelled as she enters the court.

“Easy for you to say, you carpooled with the newlyweds,” Jinjoo retorted as the said lovebirds followed inside.

Daeun dropped her tennis bag beside the bench, “You didn’t drove here either, it was your driver.”

“Hey, why don’t we stop quarreling and welcome the lovebirds, who finally get out of their cage!” Kyungsoo tried to stop Jinjoo and Daeun from fighting, because everybody knows how that will end.

Kyungsoo walked towards Jongin and Seyeon to gave each of them a hug. “Wow, only three days away from civilisation? Jongin must have bored you so bad.”

Seyeon laughed, “No, we thought we owe you a thank and an apologize. We did drag you to the City Hall without any explanation.”

“It is okay, in spite of all the confusion and surprise, we are all happy for you,” Jinjoo said as she hugged Seyeon.

Jongin let go of Seyeon's hand and sit on the bench to tighten his shoe lace, “We were about to buy you guys brunch, but if you are okay with it, then we can just save more money for the wedding then.”

“She is talking nonsense! We are not okay! You have to buy us brunch in order to be friend with us again,” Daeun responded and laughter filled the tennis court.

“Are we playing doubles?” asked Sehun.



After the food arrived, the group took no time to start digging in. “I still don’t know why we met so early in the morning. This is, the last week of summer vacation.” Jinjoo started.

The group’s attention turned to Daeun. Knowing her friends, Daeun took her time to finish her bite, “Oh God woman! Can you chew faster? The tension is killing me!” Jongin complained.

Daeun pretended to cover and swallow, “Excuse me for being a proper lady,” then proceed to take a sip of water, Kyungsoo dropped his cutlery in frustration. “I have good news that I want to share with you guys.”

“Don’t we usually share it while having drinks in the evening?” asked Seyeon.

“Yes, we do. But I want to share the news before it happens, you know to get some good lucks from you guys” Seyeon made a gesture for Daeun to continue. “I have interview for an internship today,” Daeun said excitedly.

Seyeon bend her body to hugged Daeun, followed by a series of congratulations and good lucks. “For which company are you going to work for?” Sehun asked.

“The Lady Kyunghyang,” Daeun continued to take a bit of her food.

“You don’t seem the type to work for a lifestyle magazine. I always thought you are more like News Kyunghyang type of girl,” Jinjoo commented while waving around her cutlery resulting some drops of sauce to splat on Kyungsoo’s shirt. Jinjoo took a napkin and tried to cleaned the stain off Kyungsoo’s shirt.

“Well, they don’t usually recruit a total rookie or someone as young as we do. They are more a fresh graduate type of company. But I do think working for The Lady Kyunghyang is a stepping stone for News Kyunghyang.”

“I think that is an excellent idea,” Sehun said, while Kyungsoo walked away to clean his shirt.

“It is going to be a great experience for you to learn, that is what my sisters told me about their internship,” Jongin said and took a piece of carrot from Seyeon’s plate, where she kissed his cheek in response.

Kyungsoo remarked as he walks back to the table, “That is because your sisters are daughter of a Grand Prince. You don’t expect a princess to get coffee or photocopy documents for everyone on the floor.”

“What? Everyone can do that, why does only the interns have to do it?” Jongin asked in disbelief and turned to his wife, “Is this all true?”

Seyeon smiled apologetically, “I’m sorry babe. Let us think that your sisters are lucky to work for a reasonable company during their internship.”

“I would pay to see Shim Daeun getting coffee and doing photocopy for everyone,” Kyungsoo chuckled.

“Don’t worry, I know what I signed up for. I am mentally prepared for whatever ridiculous task they will be giving,” Daeun reassured.

“No wonder Daeun looked crisp today,” Jinjoo complimented earning a thank from Daeun. “Speaking of which, have you guys applied for any course of study?” Jinjoo turned to the guys.

“I’m thinking of studying political science.” Jongin answered as he finishes his food.

“Continuing the family business, I see,” Kyungsoo uttered.

“Aren’t royal family members beside the crown prince’s banned from politics?” asked Sehun.

“Yes, but there is still possibility for a royal family to be sent to another country for diplomatic purposes,” Jongin pointed out.

Realising something, Daeun asked, “Is that why Seyeon applied for international studies?”

Seyeon shrugged, “We were in a very steady relationship. The question of marriage between Jongin and me is when, not if. We discussed about it shortly before we graduate high school.”

“Your loyalty towards each other never disappoints,” Jinjoo said in awe. “We all know what Sehun would do, what about you Kyungsoo?”

“What makes you think I will work in my father’s dojo?” the group turns their attention to Sehun.

“Isn’t that what you have been training since you were nine?” asked Jongin.

“Yeah, and it seems like uncle could need some help,” Jinjoo injected.

“If you don’t enlist early, those national athletes have no chance of winning,” Kyungsoo added.

“I actually got an offer from the Navy to stay,” Sehun played with his food to avoid the group’s stare. “I can learn more about weapon combat and surv

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