The Sequel

Story of Us
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deannarslvtt proudly presents the sequel to Story of Us: Queen of Hearts!

Story of Us is more like a prequel to Queen of Hearts, rather than the latter be a sequel, but I enjoyed writing this story.

I would also like to thank you to all my loyal readers for reading this story💕💕 If you wanna know how Seyeon and Jongin as the heir to the throne and the monarch, check out the sequel!

Special shout out to one of my early subscriber and constant commenter Baekie_18, your comments truly give me energy to keep writing. And emotionaldustbunny from simple&clean graphic shop for the amazing posters and backgrounds (That's right, plural!) who even redone the posters a couple of times.


Officially, I will be in hiatus, I would probably be back in the first quarter of 2022. As a bonus sneak peek, I will post the first chapter to Queen of Hearts.

Stay happy and healthy, See you next year!

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