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Story of Us
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Despite of the happy occasion of the unity of their love, the gloomy sky seems to reflect Jongin’s gloomy mood on the newlyweds’ journey to Seyeon’s house. “Do you regret marrying Babe?” Seyeon’s question brings Jongin back from his train of thoughtsf.

“What? I am the luckiest man in the whole world to have you as my wife,” was Jongin’s reply.

Seyeon scoffed, “Yeah, I can see that.”

“No no no, it wasn’t like that Buns. As you know, we are on our way to my potential death.”

“You know despite your good intention of calling me ‘Buns’, it never really suits me.”

“You have no idea how the name ‘Buns’ is the perfect pet name for you,” Jongin can practically feel the dagger Seyeon was throwing him, so he continues “Of course it was seven years ago, but doesn’t it represent how much time we spent together, my love?”

Knowing that she would never be able to change her husband’s mind, Seyeon continues “Anyways, you are exaggerating. It is true that my parents or my brother might not be too happy about us eloping. But they surely wouldn’t kill you, I know at least three reasons.”

“Please elaborate, oh dear wife,” Jongin said as he kissed Seyeon’s wrist.

“One, it is a felony. Two, it is a treason,” Seyeon moved closer and stared at Jongin. “Three, they wouldn’t let me become a widow barely an hour after I got married, won’t they? Loving husband,” Seyeon kissed her husband’s cheek.

Seyeon action does ease Jongin’s mind a little, “But the fact that your father is the Vice Admiral and your brother is Junior Lieutenant of the Navy doesn’t change.”

“And the Navy’s loyalty lies to your family. Therefore, you should not be too bothered about that fact. Okay?”

“One thing I know for sure though,” Jongin said as the car stopped at traffic light. “Their loyalty lies to Princess Seyeon,” Jongin was lucky enough he has time to spare to kiss his bride.

The sound of horn from the car behind them cut the loving moment of the newlyweds short. “Hear goes nothing,” Jongin sighed and stepped on the accelerator.



Jongin and Seyeon stand with their hand clasped tight in front of the gate of Seyeon’s house, or as of today, Jongin’s in-law’s house.

Seyeon chuckles “Whenever you’re are ready Babe,” followed by Jongin’s finger—unwillingly—pressing the bell of the gate.

A few moments later the intercom shows a familiar face of the house keeper that worked in the house even before Seyeon was born, “Welcome back Jongin Gun and Miss Seyeon” greeted the middle age woman. “Hello auntie, please open the gate.”


As Jongin and Seyeon stepped in the family room, Seyeon’s mother can be seen watching the daily drama most of middle age women in the country enjoy so much, while her father and brother looking obviously would rather be somewhere else, or change the channel to the football game they missed yesterday.

When Seyeon’s father became aware of the presence of Jongin and Seyeon, he stood up immediately, “Jongin Gun,” resulting Seyeon’s mother and brother to stood up as well.

“Your Highness, please accept our greetings,” followed by a bow from Seyeon’s family.

Jongin rushed to help Seyeon’s mother, “Please Sir, Madam don’t be so formal with me. You have known me for more than a decade by now. Please take your seat.”

Seyeon’s father move to sit on the seat beside the middle seat, where he usually sits when Jongin comes by, as Jongin has higher rank than him. “Sir, for today, please sit in the middle,” Jongin guided Seyeon’s father to sit where he sat before.

Jongin’s action made Seyeon’s brother looked confusedly at Seyeon, to which she only replies with a nod.

When Jongin took Seyeon’s hand and brought her to kneel on the floor with him, the rest of the family immediately fall down to their knees as well. “Your Highness, please this is inappropriate,” Seyeon’s father tried to help Jongin up.

“Yes, Your Highness, at least please sit on the edge of the sofa,” Seyeon’s mother added.

“As the custom dictate, I would usually agree with you, but today is not like any other day Madam,” Seyeon could feel Jongin’s hand began to tremble, while her family member took their seat back.

As Seyeon put her other hand on top of Jongin’s trembling hand, Jongin started “I have done a great sin, Sir,” he can see Seyeon’s father’s expression starting to change.

“And what is this sin that you have done, Your Highness?” Seyeon’s father tone sounds different than it was moments ago.

 “After the discharge ceremony at the military base, me, Seyeon, and four of our friends, as well as our families went to have lunch Sir.”

“I am aware. My daughter told me about it.” The change of title her father referred her to, doesn’t go unnoticed by anyone in the room.

“Sir, I have been in love with your daughter since the moment she enters my classroom when we were nine.”

“Thank you for loving my daughter,” as seconds goes by, his tone doesn’t sound any friendlier.

“This past two years apart from her make me—and Seyeon—realised, that we could not be without each other for even a second longer.”

“She might have mentioned something similar a couple of times.”

Jongin gathered all his courage and raised his head to look at his father-in-law in the eyes. “You know I would do anything to make Seyeon happy.”

Cannot take the procrastination any longer, Seyeon’s brother intercepted “Please get to your point—“, to earn a warning glare from his mother, “—Your Highness,” he added.

With a sigh J

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