The Soldier

Story of Us
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Nine years old Oh Sehun was watching his friends, Jongin and Kyungsoo, quarrelling about which game they will play after the school ends. “I said, we should play football after school!” Jongin yelled.

“No! we should go to the arcade! There is a new game, and I don’t want to missed it!” Kyungsoo declined.

“Eoma Mama said your eyes will hurt If you play too much arcade game!”

“Do you know you can break your leg if you play football?” Kyungsoo asked.

“That is impossible!” Jongin denied, he and Kyungsoo turned to Sehun.

“It is true,” Sehun said, “Player Joo Dongbaek broke his leg during the game last night.”

“Yoohoo! We are going to the arcade later,” Kyungsoo danced around.

“How about we play tag? We can ask our classmate to play against the class across the hall.” Sehun suggested.

“Woah! That is a great idea Sehun!” Kyungsoo exclaimed. “What do you think Jongin?”

“I think it will be fun!” Jongin climb up his table, “Everyone! Let’s play tag against the class across the hall after school!” receiving cheers from his classmates. Jongin looked around the class and saw Gyuchan who belong to the said class across the hall, “Channie, don’t forget to tell your classmate,” which answered with a thumbs up from the boy.

The teacher walked inside followed by a girl with a green bow on her hair. Sehun’s eyes could not stop following the girl, even though she had her head down and her hair covering half of her face, he could see how pretty the new girl is.

“Kim Jongin, get down from the table! You are as regular as other students in this school,” the teacher ordered. Sehun turned his attention to his friend, who’s eyes also fixed on the new exchange student, “I love you!” the boy confessed.

The girls squeal in delight and the boys made fake barfing noises. “Kim Jongin, are you not going to return to your seat?” the teacher scolded. After Jongin sat back on his seat, the teacher started, “Everyone, say hello to the new exchanged student. She will be your new classmate starting from today. Introduce yourself.”

Seyeon waved her hand, “Hi everyone, my name is Choi Seyeon. I moved here from Pohang.”

Jongin ran to the front of the class and held Seyeon’s hands, “Hello, my name is Kim Jongin and I will make you my princess in the future.”


Sehun saw Seyeon sitting on the swing alone, watching other students playing with their friends. “Should we sit on the swings?” he suggested.

“Why? Didn’t you say playing on the playground is childish?” Kyungsoo asked.

“It is! Boys should play sport!” Jongin agreed, he looked to the direction of the swings, “On second thought, we are children. Let’s play!” he ran, followed closely by Sehun and Kyungsoo.

“Hi Buns!” Jongin greeted.

Seyeon looked around, “Are you talking to me?” she asked.

“Yes. My parents have nickname for each other, and as future couple, we should also have one. I think ‘Buns’ would be a perfect nickname for you,” Jongin pinched Seyeon’s chubby cheeks.

“Just ignore him!” Kyungsoo shoved Jongin out of the way, “My name is Kyungsoo, Do Kyungsoo. I am actually a year older than you, but you don’t have to call me oppa.”

Sehun reached his hand out, “My name is Oh Sehun, you can call me Sehun.” Seyeon took his hand and shook it lightly.

“Do you want to be our friend?” Sehun offered, Seyeon nodded.

“You said you moved from Pohang, right?” Kyungsoo asked, “I have a cousin who lived there. Why did you move to Incheon?”

“My father got reassigned to the Naval Base in Incheon.”

“Woah, your father works for the navy?” Sehun asked, once again Seyeon nodded.

“I appreciate your father’s service for the country and my family,” Jongin showed up, Seyeon tilted her head in confusion, “I am His Highness Prince Jongin, son of Grand Prince Joonmyeon and Grand Princess Consort Hyunjoo.”

“Seyeon!” A boy with slightly tanned skin ran from afar. Jongin blocked the boy from reaching Seyeon, “How dare you talk casually to my future wife?!”

The boy moved around Jongin, took Seyeon’s hand and hide her behind him. “I am Choi Minho, Seyeon’s protector and older brother.”

“Hyungnim!” Jongin bowed ninety degrees, “Please forgive me, I am your future brother-in-law. My name is Kim. Jong. In.”

“Hyung, you are not much older than us, how do you protect Seyeon?” Sehun asked.

“Because our father is busy protecting our country, I learned taekwondo to protect my mother and sister in his stead.”


❧ ❧ ❧ ❧ ❧


Sehun walked inside his father’s dojo as his father was preparing for afternoon class. His brother walked out from the door connecting to their house, “Sehun, you’re home.“

Sehun bowed to his father, “I’m ho

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tang53 #1
Chapter 32: Finally Jongin is going to be a dad. Its a double celebration for the grand heir. Looking forward to their journey of parenthood.
Baekie_18 #2
Chapter 19: The chapter is funny yet sad to me. You make me feel all of those emotions that I can’t even describe it in words probably. Just want to say that it’s my pleasure to read this chapter and the rest of the chapter as well. Thanks for the update and have a nice day authornim.
Your writing is beautiful
Baekie_18 #4
Chapter 11: It’s fine authornim, please take time to complete your work first and I will be waiting for you patiently also thank for the update and have a nice day authornim!
Baekie_18 #5
Chapter 9: For a moment, I do think that the baby’s jongin’s! You have completely fool me again authornim!!!>