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Shuhua waited outside of the hospital, leaning against the hood of Soyeon’s car that they rode in. She stared at the architecture of the hospital, and she couldn’t help her mind from wandering. 


She spent quite some time at this place when her Mother first began her residency when she was little. Her mother would bring her by when her father had to fly out of state for business, and her babysitter had called in sick. 


She was always intrigued with her mother’s job. She saved lives, and she looked so happy doing it. Shuhua wanted to be just that. And that’s exactly why she’s following her mother’s footsteps in becoming a doctor. And all the reasons for wanting to make her mother proud. Maybe then, she’ll accept Shuhua for who she is, and love her again. 


Shuhua in a breath, bowing her head at the thought. 


It’s been a while since she last saw her family. The last time was when she came out. Shuhua had just turned sixteen when she told her parents that she was biual. She thought that they would accept her, and that it was going to be okay. Shuhua did not expect to be kicked out, and cut off. If it wasn’t for Yuqi, she would’ve been homeless and on the streets, but her best friend took her in, and she was lucky enough that the Song’s adored her. 


She’s been working part time jobs ever since, to try and make money for herself, only growing stronger from her trauma. Shuhua still hopes that one day, her parent’s will call her and tell her that they missed her, and that they wanted to see her. 


Holidays were the loneliest. She would hear people talking about going home for break to their families during the holidays, and Shuhua can’t help, but acknowledge the emptiness within her, that she so badly wanted to fill. But it’s been ten years and she still feels empty. 


Shuhua’s thoughts were interrupted when her eyes landed on the three girls who were making their way towards her and the car. Soojin was in a boot, crutches helping her to keep off her fractured ankle, and to walk. Yuqi was grinning at her from ear to ear, and Shuhua assumed that something probably happened with Soyeon after she left the both of them in the waiting room. Soyeon didn’t show any emotion though, just trying to help her cousin in any way she could to make the walk from the hospital to the car easier for her, but Soojin, being the stubborn person she was, refused any sort of help. 


“I’m guessing your ribs aren’t broken?” Shuhua questioned, since they let her go in just a few hours. Soojin shook her head, not meeting her eyes. 


“Thanks for taking her to the hospital, Shuhua. No matter how stubborn this egghead is.” Soyeon knocked her cousin upside the head, to which Soojin scowled at her for, and helped her in the passenger seat of the car. 


“I hate this,” Soojin grumbled, sinking deeper into her seat. 


Shuhua kept quiet and listened to the cousins talk in the front seat. Soyeon turned her head towards the taller girl for a second, before a sigh left her lips, a little shake to her head. 


“Let yourself be taken care of for once, Soojin. It doesn’t make you any less tougher. And besides, you were the who got into a fight. Again. Haven’t I lectured you enough about how you deal with your anger?” Soyeon said, her voice becoming stern, with hints of concern edging her voice. It seems like this wasn’t the first time Soyeon has given this lecture. 


“You don’t have to lecture me. I’m more than capable of handling and taking care of myself. I am not a child. I do not need to be pampered.” Soojin growled, voice rising slightly. 


Soyeon could only sigh once again, and Shuhua came to the realization that this was how this conversation went all the time. Soojin was stubborn. And it didn’t need to take Shuhua more than a day to know that; just a conversation. 


Something about the way Soojin seemed so guarded within herself made Shuhua want to learn more about her. She seemed so closed off, unlike Soyeon who knew how to let loose and be outgoing. And she learned that Soojin didn’t trust people easily. It only made Shuhua want nothing more than to let the other girl know that she was someone she could trust. 


“Make sure to elevate your foot,” Shuhua said to Soojin before her and Yuqi got out of the car, already being dropped off in front of their apartment complex. 


Soojin still seemed a little worked up from the whole situation she was in, plus the heated conversation her and Soyeon just had, but nonetheless, she turned to look at her and said, “thank you, doctor.” And Shuhua could hear the sincerity, which made her smile a little. 


“Not quite a doctor yet, but I’ll get there.” Shuhua’s smile grew, showing her passion, and Soojin couldn’t help, but stare at her a little longer than intended 




Shuhua and Yuqi seem to have made Neverland their new hangout place whenever they’re not in classes or at home. Mostly, it was Yuqi who pulled Shuhua along to go, but the younger girl held no complaints, as she actually enjoyed being in Soyeon’s company. It was also a great place to study and do work, all while having an endless supply of coffees and cakes, that Soyeon still refuses to let them pay for. 


“Isn’t it unfair for us to get free things all the time, Soyeon? Treat us like everyone else, no matter how much you adore me.” Yuqi said, huffing, handing Soyeon her card for the second time. 


Soyeon snorted, “very bold of you to say.” 


Yuqi only grinned, waving her card, telling her to just take it. Shuhua urged for her to just give in and that Yuqi was definitely not going to back down anytime soon. Soyeon pursed her lips, before taking the card, not missing the way Yuqi’s smile grew at her victory. 


“How’s Soojin by the way? She should be out of her cast by now, right?” Shuhua asked once they sat at a table, trying to sound casual so she could avoid the teasing from the two bullies. 


“Yes. She’s quite happy about that actually. Says the boot and crutches made her look weak.” Soyeon chuckled, shaking her head in amusement. 


“How exactly did she get into that situation?” Shuhua questioned, suddenly remembering the fact that they haven’t asked about what led to that point, and how it happened. 


“Soojin….. sometimes, she can’t control her emotions very well. When someone makes her angry, she will do something about it.” Soyeon said, shrugging like it was the most normal thing to say. 


“Ah, she’s a feisty one.” Yuqi commented, a smirk evident in her lips. Shuhua rolled her eyes at her best friend’s unnecessary comments. 


“Why are you so interested in my cousin anyway, Shuhua. Got a crush?” Soyeon teased, and Yuqi grinned towards her, anticipating her answer. 


Shuhua scoffed, “no. I’m just curious.” 


Soyeon chuckled and her voice dragged, “righhhhtt.” 


“I think she’s hot. Uptight, but quite the looker.” Yuqi said, absentmindedly. Soyeon raised a brow at the taller girl, sitting right next to her, then turned towards Shuhua, also giving her a look. 


“What? Did I say something wrong? You agree with me.” Yuqi said, pointing to Shuhua, who in turn, scoffed. 


“Do not bring me into your ual tendencies,” Shuhua raised her hands, and hearing her words, Soyeon turned to look at Yuqi again, who looked quite offended at the amount of judgment given to her at the moment. 


“So I can’t innocently appreciate another woman’s beauty? What happened to women being able to spread positivity to one another? Is it so wrong?” Yuqi said, throwing her hands up in a bit of an over exaggerated fit. She was always a bit dramatic, but it was done solely for the purpose of humor. 


“You can’t. Not around me, no.” Soyeon says playfully, and Yuqi gaped at the sudden boldness of the older woman, not that Soyeon was never bold. She was always just that, probably even bolder than Yuqi was, but only with her actions. Yuqi was unfiltered with her words, but always needed a second push when it came to romantic gestures. 


Shuhua raised her brows, in her lips in hopes to not grin too much, as she watched her friends interact. She knew she made Yuqi promise to not make Soyeon one of her casual hookups, but it was too obvious to Shuhua that Yuqi saw Soyeon as more than just a girl she wanted as a casual hookup. Yuqi hadn’t even tried to rush to get into Soyeon’s pants, she was genuinely enjoying the moments they’ve had the past month, and even though neither of them made a move to ask each other out yet, they still did more than what friends do. They enjoy not rushing into anything, and just being. No labels yet, but there was definitely a type of protectiveness for each other. 


“Geez, babe. Didn’t peg you for the jealous type.” Yuqi teased, grinning once she regained her composure to make a retort. 


Soyeon smirked at the word of endearment. Babe. She knew Yuqi’s history of never having a serious relationship, courtesy of Shuhua who freely answers any questions Soyeon had on the other girl. Soyeon has thought about asking Yuqi out many times the past month, but she wanted to take things slow, maybe let Yuqi take the initiative to ask her first, just so Soyeon knew that Yuqi absolutely wanted it. 


“I didn’t peg you for the type that uses cliche pet names,” Soyeon said, wanting to put to light the word babe, in hopes to fluster the taller girl. 


Yuqi shrugged, “What can I say, I’m a very mainstream kind of girl, and I think it’s cute. Do you not?” She questioned. 


Soyeon chuckled, “I didn’t say it wasn’t cute.” 


They continued to talk, the main focus of their conversation turning to Shuhua’s troubles at medical school. Apparently, she was paired up with a total douche in one of her labs, and he happened to be friends with her ex. He was quite the smartass, and enjoyed degrading Shuhua and her ability to do her part of the work, when in reality, Shuhua is probably much more smarter than him. He was quite… ist. 


“He’s the one that stained the―,” Shuhua’s mouth suddenly stopped moving, and the two girls in front of her looked at her, dumbfounded, waiting for her to continue. 


“What? What? What happened?” Yuqi looked frantic, wanting the story to continue, and again, a bit over dramatic. 


Shuhua closed , and she bit her lip from smiling when certain eyes met hers for a brief second. Soojin. She was here. She was out of her cast, walking freely in ripped denim jeans, a simple plain white top that was slightly baggy, and clad in black combat boots. Black sunglasses laid on top of her head, and her hair was let down with small waves at the bottom. She looked so soft, and it was kind of weird not to see her wear so much black from top to bottom.  


After ordering, Soojin started to make her way towards their table after messing up Yoon’s hair from across the counter, much to the younger girl’s dismay.


“Didn’t expect to see you guys here.” Soojin said, not aware that the two have literally been visiting every other day, sitting down next to the empty seat next to Shuhua. 


The two girls finally understood why Shuhua had suddenly gone quiet, and Yuqi silently snickered. 


“Nice to see you’re out of the cast.” Shuhua said, greeting the older girl with a small smile. Soojin lifted the leg that was once wrapped around a white cast, and said “yup.” letting the P in the word pop. 


“I’m hoping there won’t be a next time.” Soyeon said, giving her cousin a warning, eyebrows raised, and eyes expectant for a response of a promise. 


Soojin simply waved her off, making no promises whatsoever. 


“Did your recovery go well?” Shuhua  asked, wanting to know if it did or if there were complications. She hasn’t seen the girl for a whole month, not after that day she took Soojin to the hospital to get her cast. Shuhua would be lying if she said she hadn’t thought about paying the other girl a visit just to make sure she

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